Fear and John Carter

The “Good-Bad Movie” is a special piece of art. Sometimes, a movie can be so bad that it’s actually good. Other times, it feels as if you’re the only person in the world who loves and appreciates the true meaning of the film. In fact, these movies may not bad at all and receive unnecessary hate.

Not every movie can be The Godfather and that’s okay. I love plenty of movies that people hate. I call these my guilty pleasures. There’s no better feeling than flipping through the channels and picking up one of these movies during a great scene. This is exactly why I love cable and haven’t cut the cord. Loving certain movies that most people hate makes me feel part of an exclusive club. It’s like wearing a badge of honor, or from the opposite viewpoint, a badge of dishonor.

It’s more fun to embrace hatred than join the crowd. Here are some of the movies I love that people hate.

We Are Your Friends

I will go to battle for We Are Your Friends. In fact, I’m going to write an entire article on this film for its five-year anniversary next week. I’ll only touch on the “Zac Efron DJ movie.” I rewatched this movie for the first time the other night and I had an absolute blast. The first hour is so funny and enjoyable. From the soundtrack to the core group of friends, this film made me want to book a flight to California and eat sushi in the San Fernando Valley. Efron is such a charismatic guy. We know he’s A-list but still seems like an approachable and relatable guy. I’m arguably one of the only humans to see We Are Your Friends, one biggest box office bombs ever, in theaters. I had the same reaction in the theater as I did last Friday night. Once this movie decided to take itself seriously, it lost its magic. Killing Squirrel was the film’s downfall. Take out Squirrel’s death and the film becomes a staple in every college house in America.


Before Mark Wahlberg became the guy who does his job, he was an up-and-coming actor trying to distance himself from a rap career. After playing the bad boy in Basketball Diaries, Wahlberg went full stalker and pyscho in Fear, one of my guilty pleasures. Wahlberg plays David McCall, the mysterious older boy who dates Nicole Walker, played by a young Reese Witherspoon. Fear is a teenage erotic thriller that steals a few pages from Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct. As evidenced by the gif, the film gets pretty ridiculous at times. However, Wahlberg’s over-the-top performance is why I keep coming back. At the very least, you can watch a film with two actors, Wahlberg and Witherspoon, who would dominate Hollywood in the future. My only advice: Do NOT watch this movie with your parents. If they stick around, tell them to walk out of the room when David and Nicole go on the roller coaster. You’ll never hear “Wild Horses” the same way again.

John Carter


Do you remember John Carter from 2012? It was supposed to be the next big franchise from Disney. It was supposed to be Taylor Kitsch’s entry into movie stardom as the Friday Night Lights alum traded a helmet and case of beer for superhuman strength and jumping. If the main character in Avatar stayed in his human form while receiving alien powers, the result would be John Carter. Not only did John Carter become one of the biggest box office bombs ever, but it nearly killed Kitsch due to the strenuous filming schedule. The only similarity John Carter has to Avatar is its price tag with a rumored cost of $350 million. The plot is flimsy, and frankly, loses its way especially in the second act. John Carter is not Citizen Kane, but it’s not as bad as its reputation makes it seem. Kitsch unfairly received the majority of the blame for the movie’s failure when in actuality, he gives a believable performance as a grieving war veteran who accidentally becomes a hero to a new world. Our guy Tim Riggins deserves better from us. Next time you have a chance to watch Kitsch save the kingdoms of Barsoom, give it a shot.

Dances with Wolves

Hear me out. If Dances with Wolves doesn’t beat Goodfellas for Best Picture, fewer people hate it. Goodfellas is the defining moment of Martin Scorsese’s illustrious career. It’s my favorite mafia/gangster movie ever and Scorsese should have walked away from the Oscars with Best Director and Best Picture. Instead, Kevin Costner’s directorial debut took home the top prizes of the night. Dances with Wolves is very long. There are multiple scenes that showcase Costner’s ability to shave and tidy up around the house. But, it’s an astounding epic western with beautiful cinematography. The plot is simple, but Costner’s attention to detail and visual direction elevates the film to grand heights. At a time when westerns were nowhere to be found, Dances with Wolves helped revitalize the genre. If you’ll excuse me, I have some buffalo to catch.

What movies do you love that people hate? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or tweet us, @unafraidshow.

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