Costco: A Man’s Grocery Store

I am not a fan of going to the grocery store, I actually hate it. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but my mom always went to the store and I liked it that way. I just want to provide the money and let my wife go to the store and buy the bacon, oh, and cook it, but in a really really nice kitchen, with some extremely nice shoes on!!! I mean, I don’t know what to get. Am I suppose to know the difference between baking soda and baking powder?? I’m not G. Garvin. I’m that guy that stares at the food and hopes the right food just jumps into my basket. When I’m home in Cali I don’t have much say so at my mom’s house. I spend a lot of time with my folks and if my mom needs me to go to the store, I can’t say no. But, there is only one grocery store I choose. The only Man’s grocery store in the USA…..COSTCO!!!!

You can find everything you need here, from snow tires to the best cuts of Prime Rib. I love it!! Every time I go I usually need 3-5 things, but It never fails, I end up with a basketful of stuff (usually products from all the tasting stations), that I don’t need, but really, really want. Those sample stations are like my bad habit, I can’t say no. I bought a 10lb can of Nacho Cheese one time, just because the tasting lady made it seem so good. I believe that can is still unopened.
There are so many wonderful things about the world of Costco, for example, I can catch up on football and sportscenter while I’m shopping. Hey, news is happening every minute. I have to be abreast of what is going on in the world.

And when I get too tired from all of my shopping, sampling and TV watching, I can always take a little nap…. ZzzzZzzzz!!!

We are a water & Gatorade family, so I always have to stock up on those items when I go. You can always find my fridge full of Water and G2. I have 2 stay hydrated and Costco is the only place that understands my need for hydration. They don’t limit me to 6 bottles like the grocery store.
I mean, what is there not to love about this store. And when all the shopping is done and I’m about to leave, there is always a stop at the Costco restaurant. Mmmm, Kosher hot dogs, pizza, churros, and berry shakes!!! U can feed a whole entire family for $7.50!!!!
Well thanks for coming with me on my trip 2 the world’s greatest and only Man’s grocery store, now I have 2 unload all this stuff…. Hmm maybe I can get a Costco guy to come to my house and help me???

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    Hahahahaha you are hilarious!!! I love the blog and the pictures

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    Saw you on Fanarchy… wow – you have way too much time on your hands between shopping at Costco and being on TV. My goodness! 🙂 P

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    well said! we were just there on Sunday. Stefan got his dog, soda, and berry sundae and was off looking at bagel bites and then flat screens 2 aisles down! unbelievable! – Celeste

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    I worked in the bakery at a COSTCO for a little bit. Fun times.

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