Jaguars possible blackout: Move to LA?

As a NFL player one of the worst feelings is when you have a big game and the stadium is not full or when the other team has more fans than you. When I played for the Jaguars this was a frequent occurrence. Once the Pittsburgh Steelers came to town for Monday Night Football (MNF) and there were so many ‘Terrible Towels’ waving that it looked like we were in Pittsburgh. Even when we were winning and went to the playoffs (2005, 2007) there was still frequent blackout talk. Los Angeles is in the process of building a stadium to bring a NFL team to the city. The naming rights to the stadium have already been solidified by State Farm. There probably won’t be any expansion from 32 teams due to the current divisional format, so someone has to move. Guess what Jacksonville, it’s looking more and more like you every day!

It’s Friday, and if the team does not buy roughly 3000 tickets there will be a local blackout on MNF. A local blackout on Monday Night? That would be embarrassing. The Jaguars fans say they do not want the team to move but don’t support the franchise. Wayne Weaver has always been vocal about his desire to keep the Jags in Jacksonville. I wonder how much longer he can withstand the pressure of the big city calling with its big dollars. If the Jaguars do move to LA I wonder what the new nickname will be? Cougars? Blaze? Ligers (Napolean Dynamite would be happy)? Spiders? Sabers? Or maybe this will be the first team with a full corporate takeover, the Los Angeles State Farms?

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    you obviously know very little about the LA situation… maybe do some research before commenting next time? you make yourself look so foolish…. what a bad read…

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    sound like a bitter former jaguar player who sucked when he was here in our city. Ur career was a waste and good riddence that they replaced your sorry butt.

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    I have no bitter feelings toward the Jaguars. The Jags gave me an opportunity to live my dream by drafting me. I had 6 memorable years in Duval!

    This topic of Jags moving to LA is not new. I know die hard Jaguar fans hate to hear it but if people supported the team better this would not even be a topic of discussion. Wayne Weaver wants to keep the team in Duval. Help Him and stop getting mad at me for pointing out a problem.

    Im thinking about making people sign in to leave comments because leaving rude comments anonymously is cowardice. If you have something to say, stand by it the same way I do.

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    Lmao, sounds like a bitter baby mama leaving anonymous negative comments.

    Interesting point of view with the story. Please keep the blogs coming! Thx

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