Plaxico Burress aka Cheddar Bob gets 2 years

I get that if you commit a crime, however stupid, you have to be punished, but this punishment just doesn’t match the crime. There are pedophiles, drug dealers, and drunk drivers that get less time than Cheddar Bob (if u haven’t seen 8 mile, please do so). Plax didn’t have any intentions of committing a crime and probably didn’t even realize he was committing a felony just by carrying, whether the gun was ever fired or not. I know ignorance is no excuse, but don’
t you think the humiliation he suffered was enough! I mean, he shot himself in the leg and is now going to jail because of it. There has to be another punishment we can give stupidity w/o intent. The justice system is too busy trying to make an example out of people and it’s ridiculous. We have more black men in prison then we have in college, and now Plax becomes just another statistic.
Logic does say, if he was dumb enough to shoot himself he was dumb enough to shoot someone else or get himself killed, and I agree, but thankfully he didn’t shoot anyone else. Plaxico is now going to have 2 years, 730 days, 17,520 hours, to sit and think about the fact he is in a cell because he wasn’t smart enough to not only know the laws of weapons carrying in NY, but also for not being capable of working a saf
ety. I guess that plea deal he was offered in the beginning is not looking so bad.

My final thoughts are this, yes as athletes, sometimes we wanna go out and have a good time. Alot of us like to be the life of the party, pop bottles in VIP and party the night away, but going to a place where I feel I have to carry a gun to be safe, is not fun for me, and probably a place I don’t need to be. If it’s my life vs some hot chicks and bottle poppin’, I’m gonna take my life everytime!! I’m with my man Esteban Ocho Cinco, from now on, the only partying I’m doing is at Club G3, aka, my house!!!

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    MAN, can I come 2 the Next G3 function… It looks like it's Poppin'!!! I'll bring the Smart Water!!

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    he got off easy. there's a mandatory sentencing law in New York, i dont see you talking about the same law that effects so many African American men. Cry me a river. Are you seriously saying that he didnt know it was a crime to carry an handgun. LMAO.

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