Pac-12 Power Rankings Week 5
The Pac-12 had a great week in week 4. The heavy hitters in the conference (Washington, Stanford, USC, Oregon) all had great performances on national television. Stanford vs. Oregon is the game of the year so far. Great performances in prime time go a long way in determining the College Football Playoff top 4. The
Big Ten Power Rankings
The matchup we all have been waiting for has finally arrived. Undefeated Ohio State will travel to undefeated Penn State on Saturday night as the two juggernauts square off for Big Ten supremacy. Not only will this game have Big Ten stipulations on the line, but the winner will have the inside track to the
Big 12
The Big 12 has been a wild ride so far. And with a couple of major upsets over the weekend that led to the removal of potential Big 12 title contenders from the AP Top 25, it’s anyone’s guess how things will pan out the rest of the season. From overtime to upsets, Big 12
Game 163
These are hot takes and fun from the weekend. Send us your hot takes to, and they may make the next week Hot Takes House. Do not read any further if you are easily offended. If you do, share with a friend. Golf If I could wish any professional athlete an eternal prime, it
College Football Top 10 Rankings Week 5
College Football is the only sport that can show you what it’s like to simultaneously feel alive and like you want to die? That is why is it is by far the greatest sport there is! Before we get to College Football Top 10 Rankings Week 5, you can reference the Unafraid Show’s College Football
Baker Mayfield
Baker Mayfield Mania has arrived. For the first time since 2015, the Cleveland Browns were the betting favorite at home against the New York Jets. This was the same Cleveland Browns team that had not won a game since December 24, 2016. Optimism was high, but throughout most of the first half, the execution was
Athlete Activist
Has Nike made it acceptable for athletes to be activists?  It appears so given, the deal that Nike made with former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.  Colin Kaepernick became an athlete activist when he courageously used his platform to protest police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem prior to games.  As a result, many believe Kaepernick
Red Sox must win it all!
EVERYTHING IS PERFECT RIGHT? 2018 AL East Champions. Celebrating on Yankees field. If you are a Red Sox fan like me, this season has been a pure joy to watch! 100 wins for the first time since Ted Williams was knocking balls around in the forties. This team has a little bit of everything, speed,
5 best NFL teams
Five Up  Five Down is where we rank the 5 best NFL Teams and 5 worst NFL Teams. Who really cares about the teams in the middle. As Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights would say, “If you’re not first, you’re last”. The Five Up  Five rankings for Week 3 reflect what we learned in week
Pac-12 Power Rankings Week 4
Week three for college football is in the books and it’s time to get into the heart of conference play. Time to see where everybody lands in the Pac-12 Power Rankings Week 4. The Power rankings are based on three things: quality wins, schedule played, and dominance. The “eye test” and preseason rankings are not factored
Big Ten Football Power Rankings Week 4
Did any team in the Big Ten want to win this past week? Half of the teams lost including Wisconsin, who was upset at home by BYU. This week, many teams will kick off their conference schedules as Big Ten play is set to kick off. Let’s take a look at the Big Ten Week 4 Power
Game 163
Unafraid Show is introducing a new weekly staple called HOT TAKES: These are hot takes and fun from the weekend. Send us your hot takes to and they may make the next week post. Do not read any further if you are easily offended. NFL 1. Enough with the ties in the NFL. We
Big 12
The Big 12 had some major upsets this weekend, but the real storyline was Texas Tech’s offensive dominance over Houston that not only broke records but catapulted the Red Raiders as national stat leaders. Some teams rose, others fell, and there are a few that are shocking the conference–both in good and bad ways. Here’s
College Football Top 10 Rankings Week 4
College Football is by far the greatest sport there is! Before we start, you can reference the College Football Top 10 Rankings for Week 3. The two most frustrating parts of being a college football fan are the biased polls and the terrible non-conference schedules. I cannot change the schedules but I can rank the
The Risk is Paying Off Hiring a 30-year-old offensive coordinator to be the next head coach of an NFL team is rare. In fact, it’s downright risky. The last time a team hired a head coach that young was when the Oakland Raiders hired Lane Kiffin, who was 31 at the time. Kiffin was fired
Texas Tech
Texas Tech fans, coaches, and players alike all have plenty of comments to make about the football program, but regardless of how many wins or losses that mount up at the end of the season, adjustments are made, problems are diagnosed, and everyone moves on with equal parts uncertainty and excitement. Unfortunately, pundits tend to
Khalil Mack
Shocking!  Mistakes happen, its part of life. What the Oakland Raiders did last week was unforgivable.  I scratched my head wondering what the hell the Oakland Raiders were thinking when trading arguably the best defensive player in football. Money? They could have found it.  Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden said, “He (Khalil Mack) didn’t want
Amateurism -Alston vs NCAA
College Athletes vs NCAA – Amateurism is on trial again!  On Tuesday, September 4, the trial for what has become known as Alston v. NCAA commenced in federal district court in Oakland, California. Judge Claudia Wilken is presiding.  She also presided over the O’Bannon case in which the NCAA lost. Per O’Bannon, the NCAA can not
Big Ten Football Power Rankings Week 3
This past week, the biggest surprise in the Big Ten was the loss by Michigan State to Arizona State. Other than that, most of the teams in the Big Ten Football Power Rankings Week 3 took care of business. Ohio State is a juggernaut, Penn State and Michigan bounced back, and Iowa is on the
Pac-12 Football Power Rankings
Week two for college football is in the books, and it’s time to see where everybody lands in the Pac-12 Football  Power Rankings Week 3. Overall the conference had a good week except for loses by Arizona and UCLA. The Power rankings are based on quality wins, schedule played, and dominance. The “eye test” and preseason rankings
Big 12 Football Week Two
Big 12 Football Week Two was very telling in many ways. For some teams, weaknesses were exposed, and for others, promise emerged. Here’s how Big 12 teams stacked up. 10. Iowa State Iowa State had a lot of promise headed into this season, and with good reason.  The Cyclones had one of the more impressive
College Football Top 10
The two most frustrating parts of being a college football fan are the biased polls and the terrible non-conference schedules. I cannot change the schedules but I can rank the college football top 10 teams by the correct criteria: quality wins, schedule played, and dominance. Most polls including the College Football Playoff Committee give college blueblood
Patrick Mahomes
In Week 2 of the NFL Preseason, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes dropped back to pass, avoided pressure in the pocket, stepped up, and threw the ball 70 yards in the air to a streaking Tyreek Hill for the touchdown. .@PATRICKMAHOMES5 TO THE @CHEETAH! 🔥🔥🔥#KCvsATL — NFL (@NFL) August 18, 2018 Patrick Mahomes is going
Colin Kaepernick
Nike almost broke Twitter when it announced that Colin Kaepernick would be the face of their 30th anniversary “Just Do it” Campaign. It has been a polarizing debate that has lingered on for days. Everyone has their opinion about the health and future of the NFL, Kaepernick, and Nike. That debate will continue as the
NCAA Protecting Amateurism or Capitalism
Is the NCAA protecting amateurism more important than protecting the physical or educational well-being of student-athletes?  It appears so, given the variance in the NCAA’s response to scandals involving its self-imposed duty to protect their “bedrock” principle of “amateurism” versus its duty to protect the physical or educational well-being of “student-athletes.” The NCAA quickly asserts its

This Is Your Brain on Football

My Texas A&M football fandom began at a young age, and it’s progressively worsened into a serious condition. Symptoms include irrational beliefs that “this season will be different” (every season); uncontrollable emotion anytime my team scores, recovers a fumble, or intercepts a pass; low-key stalking high school players to learn where they’ll commit; and owning
big 12
The Big 12 Conference is going to be an interesting one to follow this season, and Week One was a clear indicator of that. Big 12 Football certainly had its share of weird in Week One. From a cancelled game due to weather, to an offensive monster in Kyler Murray, and everything in between, the
Big Ten Football Power Rankings Week 2
Michigan fans, I’m sorry. You have probably had a rough couple of days. Other than that, it was a pretty successful opening weekend for the Big Ten. Michigan and Purdue were the only teams that lost, but it could’ve been a lot worse if Penn State and Michigan State didn’t escape with victories. Let’s take
Pac-12 Football Power Rankings Week 2
Week one for college football is in the books, and it’s time to see where everybody lands in the Pac-12 Football Week 2 Power Rankings. Overall the conference had a good week except for loses by Washington and Arizona. I know the Pac-12 wants more national television games, but these 7:45 pm PT kicks aren’t
College Football Attendance
Attendance and Ratings In the 2017-2018 season, college football experienced its most significant decrease in game attendance that it has seen in more than thirty years.  The 129 Football Bowl Subdivision schools experienced an attendance decrease of 1,409 fans per game from 2016.[i]  In 2017 FBS schools’ average attendance was 42,203 fans per game, which
The Big Ten has been in the news for all of the wrong reasons as of late. Urban Meyer is about to serve a three-game suspension for Ohio State after a report from Brett McMurphy said that Urban had specific knowledge of domestic abuse allegations against a member of his coaching staff, Zach Smith, in
Big 12
Big 12 Football is an interesting beast, but non-conference matchups should provide a solid glimpse as to where teams could perform throughout the season. In the world of Big 12 Football, you have a team on one hand that just can’t seem to find its rhythm regardless of athletic dominance in other sports, and on
Most Dominant Pac-12 Team
Who Runs the Pac-12? College football fans love debating other college football fans about hypothetical events. Most fans rely on emotions and feelings instead of stats and facts to drive their arguments and opinions. Conversations are always heated when Pac-12 fans debate the most dominate Pac-12 team. Unafraid Show has indisputable stats to solve these
College football season is so close that you can taste it. In a few short days, the pigskin will be flying and Lee Corso will be putting on headgear. All will be right in the world. College football season also means that gamblers can come out of hiding from the dog days of summer. Before
Let me start by saying this. I have no idea how many games the Cleveland Browns will win this year. I have no idea when Baker Mayfield will replace Tyrod Taylor as the starting quarterback. However, I do know one thing. Bob Wylie is a star. For the first time in awhile, the Cleveland Browns
The 2018 season is just days away, so it is time for the Pac-12 Preseason Rankings. I think we can all agree that it is time for the “Conference of Champions” to finally see another championship in football. This year, the conference has at least three legitimate threats to hoist the national championship trophy. The
Texas Tech Football
Texas Tech Football is notorious for offensive weapons, but the quarterback battle throughout fall camp is presenting some telling storylines. From Rodney Allison to Patrick Mahomes, Texas Tech Football has produced some notoriously potent quarterbacks in program history. The level of talent that’s filtered through the position at Texas Tech has also created a restless
The NBA has Lebron James…The NFL has Tom Brady, but what about the MLB? Think for a second… When was the last time the MLB had what would be considered a superstar? My closest consideration would be someone like Bryce Harper. However, if I walked up to someone on the street and showed them a
honk if you love the ducks
Way before, there was Side note, some people told me the old site name sounded like the name of a porn site. I stood on an island in the middle of the street holding a sign that said: “Honk If You Love The Ducks” and wrote about it. This post is the EXACT
America is a very divisive place in 2018. Well, at least that’s the case on social media. The right hates the left with a passion. The left hates the right with a passion. There are political, socio-economic, racial, and sexual orientation divides. One side tweets out an opinion. The other side attacks the tweet. An argument ensues, and most of
Is President Trump destroying the unifying power of sports?  This is the critical question after LeBron James touted President Trump for using sports to divide the nation in his recent interview with Don Lemon.  Traditionally, sports have been viewed as one of the few arenas where Americans from all walks of life would set aside their
Who is #1 in the ACC Coaching Power Rankings? The ACC is an interesting conference when it comes to the strength of its coaches. There is one king in the ACC, and that’s Dabo Swinney. It’s a no-brainer, and his resume speaks for itself. Every other coach is playing for second. A few names such as
College Football Playoffs Ponzi Scheme
College Football Playoffs Ponzi Scheme – The Scam Schedules are the biggest scam in college football. The College Football Playoff Ponzi scheme, and the SEC is Bernie Madoff, same as the BCS was. All the Power 5 conferences do the work, but the SEC collects the rewards. The SEC (Bama in particular) deserves credit for
“Shut-up and dribble” were words spoken to LeBron James earlier this year after he made comments criticizing President Trump. “Shut-up and dribble” is a sentiment shared by many sports fans who wish to see athletes remain in their athletic box and not use their platforms to facilitate change. James has refused to “shut-up and dribble”
Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer is in hot water. A report by former ESPN college football reporter Brett McMurphy says that Urban Meyer had specific knowledge of domestic abuse allegations against a member of his coaching staff, Zach Smith, in 2015. McMurphy says Courtney Smith, ex-wife of fired Ohio State assistant coach Zach Smith, provided
If your college football team is not coached by Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, or Dabo Swinney, there’s a good chance that things may not go your way in 2018. I’m talking about disappointing seasons. There are bound to be quite a few teams that will have sour tastes in their mouth come December. It’s inevitable.
POWER Season 5 Episode Five: Happy Birthday This week we are going to switch things up a little bit from the six biggest takeaways of episode 4. I have discussion questions and the POWER power rankings for all the characters. Enjoy the greatest theme song on television right now while you read the six biggest takeaways from
Lebron James was on Uninterrupted and said that he regrets naming his oldest son LeBron James Jr. after him because there are so many pressures and expectations on him. I applaud LeBron for being a great dad who is concerned about the wellbeing of his son, but he is wrong here. Most people refer to
Washington Huskies
The Pac-12 media poll is out. 37 of 42 media members who cover Pac-12 football voted Washington as their favorite to win the conference. If you let the media tell it, Washington should run away with the North division and the South will be competitive with USC winning. But, recent history tells us that the likely
carmelo Anthony
When all is said and done, Carmelo Anthony will go down as one of the most polarizing players of his generation. Let’s start with the good. Carmelo Anthony is going to the NBA Hall of Fame. This is not up for debate. 10-time all-star, 6-time All-NBA member, and one of 6 players ever to record at least
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