Week 6

This weekend of football is EXACTLY why I don’t and would never bet on sports (also I don’t wanna be Pete Rose’d). NFL games are one of the most unpredictable things, but everyone tries to predict them. Every week there are no shortage of office pools, fantasy leagues, and sports books taking bets. This week on paper looked like it would have a few good games, Giants v. Saints, Ravens v. Vikings, and a few locks like Eagles v. Raiders and Bills v. Jets, but “That’s why they play the game”.

I can never just watch 1 game at a time so I’m frantically station hopping trying not to miss anything. I need more TVs!!! I’ve never been home to watch this much football and I don’t want to miss a minute of it. I have friends on nearly every team and I hate missing plays. I loved watching Mike P get a sack on Jay Cutler, I cringed when Brian Williams came down wrong & hurt his knee, seeing “Baby” aka Marcus Stroud bouncing on the sidelines makes me laugh because I know that means he is about to go out there and ball. I must start playing soon or get more TVs.
Week 6 Recap:
I thought the Saints would beat the Giants simply because they were playing at home, but I didn’t expect the game to be so lopsided. The Saints were having a party in the end zone and everybody with a fleur de lis was invited. Every time I changed the channel someone new was scoring a TD.
The Vikings/ Ravens proved to be a very good game. Favre has the keys to a high powered sports car of a team. The Ravens used to have the most feared defense who at times would win games by out scoring the other team without help from its inept offense. Boy have the tables turned. Blame it on whatever you want, the D just ain’t what it used to be! Flacco still managed to lead them back from a big hole to have and opportunity to win the game, but they had a Ray Finkle (Ace Ventura) moment, wide left.
Bills v. Jets- The T.O. show has not gotten off the ground and they have scrapped the “no huddle” offense but some how managed to win in OT. The top passer in the game was Mark Sanchez with 119 yards. LOL seriously? Thomas Jones almost single handedly had more offense than both QBs combined. The Jets defense is looking real good this year (boy do the Ravens D miss Rex Ryan and Bart Scott). Sanchez threw 5 ints (Wow, welcome to the NFL) and they still held the Bills to 16 points. Wait, is the Bills offense that bad or Jets D that good? On the heels of back-to-back weeks of shaky play by Sanchez the Jets know they better find a way to simplify things and slow the game down for him or they will be watching playoff games at home.

Detroit v. Green Bay- I honestly did not watch 1 second of this game! Who did?
Kansas City v. Washington- I did not watch 1 second of this game either. I knew KC would win because the Redskins just have too much extracurricular stuff going on there right now. Coaches, owners, and players are all going in different directions. Washington has way more talent than KC but we all know talent alone does not win games. And anytime you hand your play calling duty over to a guy who was making Starbuck’s runs, you are in trouble.
I had no clue what to expect from the Jacksonville v. St Louis game. I was not sure if the Jags would rebound from the bruising they took last week or let the win less Rams come into D-U-V-A-L and get a victory . Mark Bulger made his return this week, but the Jags got the win. It was not impressive at all considering they were playing the Rams, who after Avery went down early were down to 2 receivers that you have never heard of. The Rams were left with Stephen Jackson, who the Jags couldn’t stop, even though he was the only weapon on the field. The Jaguars players and coaches have been quoted numerous times this year saying “We are looking for our identity as a team”. I Know the Jags Identity! From now on they will be known as the “Hyphens”, because their most effective weapons are Sims-Walker and Jones-Drew. The Jags will only win if they get the ball to the “Hyphens”.

Titans v. Patriots- To the delight of “Hyphen” fans everywhere the Titans where DESTROYED by the Pats during intermission of the Ice Capades. That’s about how long this game was competitive. The Titans lost Haynesworth and went from last seasons penthouse to this years outhouse. I think I saw Jeff Fisher at Snyder’s door trying to write him a check for Haynesworth.

Eagles v. Raiders- How, Why, What Happened??? Russell has a quarterback rating on the season that looks like Albert Pujols batting average, and the Raiders have a pigeon playing special teams defense, but they still managed to win . This game is exactly why I would never bet money on sports. The Eagles have looked brilliant at times this season and made you think they could possibly make a run. How can you possible explain this? Maybe it was the Cali weather.
The Monday Night Football game proved to be a good matchup. The “Uniforms”(Broncos) v. Chargers. FYI, I really like the Uniforms throwbacks, especially the socks. My two standouts of the game were Tony Scheffler and Eddie Royal a.k.a. Eddie RoyaleMc Cheese” (in Paris the 1/4 pounder at McDonald’s is really called that), had a spectacular game. He had a stellar rookie year but has been virtually invisible this season until Monday night where he made special teams “Special”. Scheffler made a couple big time catches. If you didn’t know who he was before this game, you do now. Very impressive. Darren Sproles is not one to be left off the highlight reel and he showed exactly why with his very own special play, a punt returned 71yds for a touchdown. This was a Great Game to watch.

Week 7 is on the way and what did we learn this week about this season? Absolutely Nothing and I can’t wait for next week’s games. I’m looking forward to watching the Terrible towels take on the Unbeaten Purple-people eaters, Bears vs OchoDiablo’s Bengals & Drew Brees vs Miami’s wildcat offense. It should be another great week of football.

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    hey George,

    Great take on the games, but the socks? You like'em! Wow. What are you doing to stay in game shape these days?

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    Every time I see the Broncos play in them, I get fooled into thinking it is my beloved Steelers for some reason. Especially a pic a saw the other day where #92 was laying on top of the QB. Thought for sure it was Harrison!

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    Did you watch the Jags game? Steven Jackson had what? 50 yards rushing, you have no clue!

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    George has no clue? You've got to be kidding me. He's played football in the NFL, which I doubt you've ever done.

    Steven Jackson did manhandle the Jags(and I'm a Jags fan). He might not have gotten over a 100 yards, but he did get plenty of receiving yards from all those screens.

    Keep on making this blog, GW! And I hope you get back into the league soon. Keep truckin

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    You obviously did not watch the game or you do not know football. It took 3-4-5 people to tackle him every time. He didnt have a lot of rushing yards but he had plenty off all purpose yards. Stats dont always tell the whole story.

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    I thought the Jags played pretty effectively against Jackson. Reggie Nelson dropped him in the backfield for a short loss, just to dispute the 3-4-5 player theory. Jackson is a A++ RB, I think we did a pretty good job containing him considering we were missing our leading tackler. However if I happened across the highlights and saw the him school us on that looooong screen play, I would probably have thought he ran all over us.

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    Will we ever see teal socks?

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    GW, nice blog. We miss you in Jax.

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