Casino Royale James Bond

Ranking Daniel Craig’s James Bond Films Before No Time to Die

Daniel Craig is my favorite actor to play James Bond. If you just heard the sound of glass breaking, that’s because a brick was thrown through my window on behalf of Sean Connery. This is where I’m supposed to say “with all due respect,” and then throw a backhanded insult at Connery’s portrayal of Bond. […]

2020 Golden Globes Predictions: What Films And Shows Will Receive Nominations?

Awards season is about to kick into high gear this Monday morning when the nominations for the 77th Golden Globes are announced. The Globes are the most enjoyable and entertaining awards show because the biggest film and television stars are under one roof and drink like there’s no tomorrow. It’s my dream to attend a […]

Christoph Waltz

Five Greatest Opening Scenes In Films Of The 21st Century

In simplest terms, stories have three components: beginning, middle, and end. The great stories captivate the audience with each scene and transition smoothly into the next act. However, the opening scene is crucial. This is where you have to convince the audience to stay around and pay attention. Opening scenes set the stage for what’s […]

Movie Directors second films are often their best like Barry Jenkins Quentin Tarentino

The 5 Greatest Second Films From Famous Directors

What is a “sophomore slump?” In film, a sophomore slump is when the second, or sophomore, film or effort from a director falls short or fails to live up to the standards of its first effort. Notable examples of the sophomore slump include Steven Soderbergh’s Kafka and Sam Raimi’s Crimewave. However, not every director suffers […]