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Stranger Things Season 4 Promises To Be Scarier Than Ever

Is Stranger Things‘ scary? The debate over the show’s scariness dates back to its debut on Netflix in 2016. Stranger Things is arguably more sci-fi than horror, but it’s not something I would show to a kid under the age of seven. Stranger Things perfectly blends horror with sci-fi and comedy. It’s not the scariest […]

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Stranger Things Season 3 Finale: Breaking Down Hopper’s Future

In Jim Hopper’s letter to Eleven in the Season 3 finale of Netflix’s Stranger Things, Hopper wrote, “I know you’re getting older, growing, changing.” Just like Eleven, all of the kids are all getting older and growing (most noticeably, Mike). Just like the kids, Stranger Things is changing. *Warning: This article will include major spoilers. […]

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Stranger Things Season 3: Winners And Losers

Stranger Things makes me happy. That’s the best way to describe this series. Season 3 of Stranger Things was a fun, enjoyable show that successfully combines childhood nostalgia with science-fiction and horror. I was not a child of the 1980s, but I can relate to that feeling of playing with your friends and going on […]

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Stranger Things: Five Questions Ahead Of Season 3

One summer can change everything. From the tagline of the third season of Stranger Things, the kids of Hawkins are in for a life-changing summer. Season three of Netflix‘s hit show, Stranger Things, is set to premiere on July 4. It’s been almost two years since we left our heroes of Hawkins, Indiana. In the […]

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Casting The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Reboot

I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there. I’ll tell you how there’s a drama reboot involving The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Corny puns aside, a drama reboot of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is in the works. However, the show will take a dramatic twist as the series will have a more […]