24 hrs and counting

It’s official!!! I was informed today by GM Gene Smith that I will be released by the Jaguars tomorrow. I’m excited to see what the future holds and where I will end up this season. Teams have already expressed interest since being informed that this will happen. Ill be taking some trips to teams as early as this weekend, so I’d assume my situation will be resolved in the next week or two. I have never been a free agent so it’s pretty exciting!!!

I just again want to thank my friends, family, and fans who have supported me throughout my career. The past was bright, but the future will be incandescent!

White Men Can Jump, Just Not Good Though!!!!

This is hilarious. If you can’t complete a dunk without this happening then you need to play below the rim!!! How did he manage to do this? The funniest part is after it happens, he gets up and runs back down the court like nothing ever happened. I would think his ego would be bruised, but this guy doesn’t look like he has an ego.


At what point did she think this was a good idea? She was so into the song I think she forgot where she was and thought she was performing in from of a packed Madison Square Garden.


I want a trophy wife that has everything I want and need to raise a family, and will love me and stay with me until death do us part.

Athletes and entertainers are held to a high standard when it comes to fashion and style. But another talked about area is wives and girlfriends. I was in the barbershop a couple days ago and regular barbershop chatter was going on about sports; and the topic of players wives came up and I heard a comment that bothered me: “Man, I saw PLAYER X and his wife during the all star weekend and she is not an NBA wife.” That’s not the first time I’ve heard a comment like that. I don’t understand why so much emphasis is put on athletes wives appearance. In this certain instance, the player has been married to his wife for a long time, so I look at it like his wife may not be Halle Berry, but shes doing something right to keep a marriage going 10+ years in 2009.

When a man is looking for a wife, hes supposed to be searching for a woman of high moral character who will take good care of him, turn his house into a happy home, and be there to support him and help him and the family grow mentally, physically, and spiritually, and is attractive to him. (Because these qualities are very important,) While you are looking for all that, you may not get a beauty queen but a great woman with a great heart. Would you rather have eye candy on your arm that may leave you in 5-7 years, or a good woman that may not have the look of the stereotypical “athletes wife” but will be your best friend for a lifetime? 

Reality is, it’s possible to have both, a beautiful woman that is down for you and loves you till the end but it does not always work out like that. My point is: why should how pretty an athletes wife is define who she is as a woman or a wife? After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Cattle Call

Imagine this…

There are 100s of NFL coaches and front office executives sitting in big comfortable chairs facing a stage like they are gonna watch a concert, equipped with note pads in hand, waiting for the show. On the sides of the stage are men who have been doing nothing but getting their bodies in shape and preparing themselves for this week.

One by one the men await their chance to parade across the stage with nothing but spandex on. As each man takes his turn, you see whispers among the crowd and occasionally you hear loud commotion as an unusual herculean man walks across the stage. Its the most bizarre thing you would ever see. Men who coach such a macho sport and teach toughness basically drooling and wooing over men with their shirt off. LOL!

The funniest thing is when its your turn to walk across the stage you look into the crowd and its the most uncomfortable feeling ever. You think…”this is wierd, why, why, why are these men looking at me like I’m a woman walking in front of a construction site or like I’m a gazelle and they are lions on the pride lands”.

But that’s the combine. 5 days of being poked, pulled, prodded, xrayed, MRI’d, measured, drilled, and timed. This year 328+ college players are vying for about 224 spots in April’s NFL draft. After playing football for most of your life, it is one of the most important weeks of your life and little of it has to do with playing football. Sometimes players dont perform as well as they can or as well as they thought they would. Therefore, dreams come true for some players with a good showing but sometimes lifetime dreams are broken with a bad one. And the only way to recover is to hope you are picked up as a free agent and get an opportunity to show you can play.

Millions of dollars are at stake, jobs and livelihoods are on the line, and millions of dollars go into the process of finding the best players. After all this, plus watching tape, coaches still manage to draft players who cant play. You can do all the measuring and timing and interviewing you want, but the combine cannot measure the size of a mans’ heart, his will to win, or his commitment to being the best.

Naked Skin

I have naked skin!!!! I am one of the few professional athletes with no tattoos. Lately Ive been thinking about getting one, but then I wont be able to stand up as one of the people bucking the trends and being an individual. (I cant wear skinny jeans cuz my knots don’t fit!!!)

Me and my sisters agreed to get a similar tattoo as an outward expression of our bond and love. This was a couple years ago. They both have theirs already so now they are looking at me out of the corner of their eye so I’m feeling the pressure. LOL. I want to get it but then I feel like ill be like everyone else then, but I told them I would do it. Tough decision! But if I do get the tat it must be top notch so I need help with designs. GAM with a little 3 either super/subscript on the G.
There has been a dramatic increase in the number of people with tattoos and the number of tattoos those people have in the last few years. So many people, especially athletes have full sleeves, half sleeves, one sleeve, necks, backs done. Are people who have so much of their body tattooed at 18-29 gonna want those same tattoos when they get 40-50 and they get wrinkled or will they regret having all of them?
What’s with all the tats?!!!

Traitor/ Don Cheadle

Don Cheadle is one of the best actors of our time. If you have seen the movie Traitor it is a masterful performance. He embraced the role totally and the movie is just great. Did anyone like this movie as much as I did or think he did a great job like I did?