2020 NFL Week 16 Power Rankings: Four Up and Four Down

Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers

2020 NFL Week 16 was a week where the top four teams clearly showed themselves. It was also a week where some teams saw their playoff hopes fade or even disappear. Nonetheless, there are still four teams that are above the rest, and four teams that need to make New Year’s Resolutions. Without further ado, here is Four Up and Four Down for 2020 NFL Week 16:

Kansas City Chiefs Clinch Top Seed in AFC After 2020 NFL Week 16

The Chiefs had an uneven performance against the Atlanta Falcons. That being said, they were able to get away with the 17-14 victory. Kansas City has simply found ways to win games the past few months. Not exactly world beaters, the Chiefs have not won a game by more than six points since their Week 8 victory over the New York Jets. Yes, the Chiefs have been the best team in the NFL to this point. But there may be minor deficiencies that a better team may be able to expose against them. Miami forced them into mistakes in Week 14, for example. They could not score touchdowns against Denver in Week 13. It will take an opponent forcing multiple mistakes to beat the Chiefs. Nonetheless, there is more and more reason to believe that this team is beatable.

2. Buffalo Bills

Buffalo completed the final part of usurping power in the AFC East from the New England Patriots by destroying them 38-9 on Monday night. Josh Allen may get some MVP votes, deservedly so. Stefon Diggs has probably been the second best receiver in the NFL this season after Green Bay’s Davante Adams in terms of impact on a team. The defense has kept opponents in check the past few weeks.

The Bills had four straight primetime games, which could be seen as a barometer for if they are ready for the big stage. They passed that test with flying colors, as they won by an average margin of almost 20 points. Their urgency to get the job done against their past two opponents, both of whom are inferior, shows that this team has matured since their playoff debacle against the Texans last year. Buffalo should be a trendy pick to go far in the playoffs this year. However, it will be interesting to see how this team responds once the postseason actually starts.

3. Green Bay Packers

Green Bay put together their most complete performance of the season in their 40-14 demolition of the Tennessee Titans at Lambeau Field Sunday night. Aaron Rodgers was near-perfect, minus an interception. It seems like no one in the league can stop Davante Adams either. Whenever Adams was matched up against Titans cornerback Adoree Jackson, it was impossible for Jackson to stop Adams. Malcolm Butler did not fare much better either. Nonetheless, the Packers can clinch the number-one seed in the NFC. Their opponent: a desperate Chicago Bears team that they beat 41-25 in Week 12. A team fighting for the number-one seed versus a team fighting for a playoff spot should produce a great Week 17 game.

4. New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees may not have to do as much for the Saints to be successful this postseason. They easily have the best offensive and defensive line combination in the NFC if not the NFL. New Orleans can run the football down other team’s throat. Alvin Kamara is such a versatile player that he can beat teams on his own, like he did to the Vikings on Christmas Day with a six-touchdown performance to start 2020 NFL Week 16. After the 52-33 victory, the Saints have positioned themselves for a top-two seed if they can beat the Panthers this weekend.

They will be rooting hard for Chicago against Green Bay, as playing in the snow would be a huge disadvantage for the Saints. Tennessee is a prime example of how teams that do not play in snow normally struggle mightily in the snow. However, a run game and a defense that can pressure a quarterback can travel, and it will be interesting to see (if the Saints play Green Bay) if they can live up to that challenge.

Four Down: Jaguars Win The Trevor Lawrence Sweepstakes

29. Houston Texans

The Texans lost to the lowly Bengals at home 37-31 on Sunday. I could write some stuff about this team, but JJ Watt summed it up perfectly:

30. Philadelphia Eagles

When a quarterback you drafted in the second round accounts for over 400 yards of offense and your team still lost by 20, maybe you can figure out there were other positions you had to address in the offseason. Carson Wentz has contributed to the Eagles’ downfall for sure. Head coach Doug Pederson did not do Wentz any favors with play-calling while he was in. Howie Roseman has made questionable draft decisions the past few seasons. The roster as it is currently constructed cannot get the job done. Carson Wentz’s trade value has plummeted, but the Eagles probably should trade him at this point. Jalen Hurts, at this point, will probably be the starter for Philly next season.

31. New York Jets

Well, the New York Jets have effectively played themselves into the number two pick. They lost their first thirteen games. Then they won two games so they would not be the worst team in the league. The fact the Jets have won their last two games shows the players did not quit on Adam Gase. Some teams in the Jets’ situation would have phoned it in. The fact that they showed their will to win and have shown they are consummate professionals. A lot of respect should be given to the players for keeping on despite the team’s struggles this season.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars won the “Tank for Trevor” sweepstakes thanks to the Jets finally becoming a competent football team the past few weeks. There have been talks about former Giants GM Jerry Reese becoming Jacksonville’s new leader of their front office. Also, Urban Meyer has been rumored to possibly make the jump to the NFL after saying he retired from coaching two years ago. The former Florida Gators coach would be a popular choice. Meyer would probably want the opportunity to coach Trevor Lawrence in the NFL (a lot of coaches do). There are talented pieces at skill positions for Lawrence. If the right pieces are put in place, Lawrence will have a chance for early success. However, he may struggle if he is not given adequate time to adjust to the NFL game.  

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Pac-12 Football Seasons: 2020 Colorado Buffaloes Game 5 VS Utah

Sam Noyer Colorado Buffaloes 2020

The Colorado Buffaloes came into their matchup with the Utah Utes with Pac-12 Championship aspirations. Injuries and poor scheming would contribute to the Buffs falling short to Utah 38-21 in the cold at Folsom Field.

Colorado Buffaloes Come Out Flat Against Utah With Chance at Pac-12 South Title

As an undefeated team, the Buffaloes were looking to get more national exposure. They got this by having a 10 a.m. game on national television. However, Utah looked like the team that was ready for the big stage.

Utah came into a game with a 1-2 record. They looked eager to get to .500 on their first series after they returned the opening kickoff to the 40-yard line. They went right down the field, and the Buffs found themselves in a quick 7-0 hole right away.

On offense, the Buffaloes came out throwing for some reason. It was an interesting decision to come out throwing in the cold. Jarek Broussard, who had 301 rushing yards last week against Arizona, has been the team MVP so far this season. He did not touch the football on the Buffs’ first two series.

Broussard finally got his first touch of the game on the third possession, a run that went for no gain. Sam Noyer fumbled two plays later. After last week, it was head-scratching why the Buffaloes were not taking a run-first approach. It has worked for them all season.

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Noyer, Offense Get Going, Look Like They Will Have Halftime Momentum

Because the offense stagnated, the defense had to hold serve. They did just that, and the Buffaloes’ offense came to life. Sam Noyer found La’Vontae Shenault for 41 yards. The Buffs finally made it into Utah territory. Six plays later, Sam Noyer threw an absolute dime of a touchdown pass to wide receiver Maurice Bell. The Buffs were in a fight of a 7-7 ballgame.

The defense was still playing well, but linebacker Nate Landman was injured late in the second quarter. Landman has been the best linebacker in the nation this season. His leadership was sorely missed by the Buffs the rest of this game. Landman should still be considered for the Butkus award.

Colorado needed something to lift their spirits entering the locker room. It looked like they got that, as freshman Brenden Rice returned a punt 81 yards for a touchdown with 1:30 remaining in the second quarter.

However, after Utah went three-and-out, the Buffaloes could have kneeled the football. They ran the football instead, which never turns out well. Jarek Broussard fumbled and the Utes recovered in Buffs territory. They were able to get enough yards to set up their kicker, Jadon Redding, for a field goal as time expired. Colorado still had a 14-10 lead, but it was a precarious lead at best.

Brenden Rice Gives Colorado Boost to Start Second Half, But Utah Takes Control

Brenden Rice was the MVP for the Buffs in this game. He took a screen pass for a 61-yard touchdown in the first offensive play of the second half. The Buffs led 21-10 and looked in control. However, the defense missed Nate Landman greatly in the second half. They could not stop Utah running back Ty Jordan and were having trouble defending Utah receivers in space. These trends were a recipe for disaster on defense, as Utah scored two straight touchdowns.

Up 24-21 against Colorado, Utah could have scored again. Despite not having Nate Landman, the Buffs defense was still playing with pride. They were able to get a fourth-and-goal stop. The offense punted on the next possession. However, the defense held Utah, and they could only muster a field goal. Colorado was roundly outplayed to this point in the second half, but they were only down 27-21.

Sam Noyer got injured on the next possession, but he was only out a few plays. It looked like he could be having his signature drive of the season. However, once the Buffs got into Utah territory, the Utes’ defense tightened. The Buffs were forced into a 4th-and-5 at the Utah 34. They called timeout to make sure they had their best play call. It did not look that way though, as Sam Noyer’s pass was batted down.

Utah’s Ty Jordan would get a 66-yard touchdown run on the next play, and the game was all but over. The Buffs would turn the ball over on downs a few more times as Utah would eventually widen their lead to 38-21. As the clock hit zero, the Buffs had to look at a result they were not expecting against the Utes: a 17-point loss.

Colorado Could Not Get Out of Their Way Against Utah

The Buffaloes could not get out of their own way in this game. They cannot do anything about injuries, but their scheming was bad in this game. In their wins this season, the Buffs have established the run early. It made zero sense that they went away from it. Because of this, Sam Noyer was put in tough positions throughout the game.

On defense, we could not defend against Utah’s skill players in space for the second consecutive season. Tyson Summer’s defensive game plan looked a lot like the same one employed in the Buffs’ 45-15 loss to Utah last year. People that do not know Colorado football will say it is because we do not have as good of athletes. Athletically, the Buffs have proven that they can play with anyone in the Pac-12. However, they did not show that ability on Saturday against the Utes.

Looking Ahead: Buffs Unsure of Opponent This Upcoming Week

The Buffaloes sit at 4-1. They are basically the alternate for the Pac-12 Championship next week if either Oregon or USC cannot field enough players to play. It makes no sense why the Pac-12 used divisions this season. However, the Buffs have been dealt a hand where they have to hope at this point. If they had beat Utah, the Pac-12 would have been put in a spot where they had to put the Buffs in the conference championship. Colorado simply did not hold their end of the bargain.


Despite losing to Utah, this season for the Buffaloes has been a resounding success. They have succeeded basically every outside expectation this season. The Buffs will play in a bowl game for the first time in four years. More recruits are starting to realize that Boulder is a pretty nice place to play college football and to get their education. No matter who the Buffs play next week, there is no question that Karl Dorrell will have his players ready to play.

Pac-12 Football Seasons: 2020 Colorado Buffaloes Game 4 VS Arizona

Colorado Buffaloes fans’ excitement for the season should be turned up after their game VS Arizona. The Buffs improved to 4-0 after last Saturday’s win against the Arizona Wildcats. The 24-13 saw the Buffaloes obtain spot number 21 in both the AP Poll and the College Football Playoff Rankings. The Karl Dorrell era has started off better than anyone could have predicted.

Colorado Did Not Look Like 21st-Ranked Team At First VS Arizona

However, the game on Saturday did not start off great for the Buffaloes. The past three seasons, the Buffaloes lost to Arizona due in large part to the Wildcats running all over the Buffaloes’ defense. Arizona’s speed has been a killer for the Buffaloes’ chances in games against them in years past.

Arizona running back Gary Brightwell, a senior, scored to give the Wildcats a 7-0 lead. The Wildcats were able to capitalize on the Buffaloes playing undisciplined football. Buffs quarterback Sam Noyer had a huge run in the first half that would have given the Buffs a first down after a third-and-13. Down 10-0 after a Wildcats field goal, the Buffaloes also were not taking care of the football. Freshman wide receiver La’Vontae Shenault also fumbled later on in the first. Undisciplined football and this turnover contributed to the Buffaloes staring at their first multi-score deficit of the 2020 season. Early in the second quarter, Arizona capitalized on Shenault’s fumble and got another field goal. 13-0, Wildcats.

The game did not start out the way Karl Dorrell would have hoped. In his postgame comments, he said there was no panic on the sideline. He saw being down 13-0 as an opportunity to problem solve and find adjustments.

The offensive play-calling early on in the game for the Buffaloes was also questionable. La’Vontae Shenault’s fumble was the same exact play call as the first play of the game. The Buffaloes were predictable, as they were running screens that were simply not working. They needed to switch to more of a ball-control or run-based attack to slow the game down.

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Jarek Broussard Starts March Towards 300-Yard Rushing Performance

The Buffaloes switched to a run-based attack, but it wasn’t a ball-control running attack. It was better. Jarek Broussard started his journey towards a 300-yard rushing performance. His two big runs in the second quarter set up two touchdown drives. True freshman Ashaad Clayton would wind up having two rushing touchdowns in the second quarter. All of a sudden, the Buffaloes had found a winning formula against the Wildcats. Colorado took a 14-13 lead into the halftime locker room.

Jarek Broussard has had to wear a knee brace the entire season. In Dorrell’s opinion, that is why Broussard did not score three touchdowns on three big runs he had in the game. Despite that, Dorrell stated that no one on the team is surprised by Broussard’s production.

Despite Broussard’s great running, the Buffaloes were still in a dogfight against the Wildcats due in part to the play of Sam Noyer. He would have two second half interceptions that kept the game close. Noyer’s legs were helping out the Buffaloes, however. A 55-yard run by Noyer set up his only touchdown of the game, giving the Buffaloes a 21-13 lead.

Chance Lytle Suffers Gruesome Leg Injury

Noyer may have scored on this play, but it came with a cost. Junior left guard Chance Lytle was lost for the season, as he injured his left leg on the play. It will be interesting to see how the offensive line situation develops, as Dorrell mentioned senior guard Kary Kutsch was not able to play due to COVID-19 protocol.

Despite Mistakes, Colorado Showed Mental Fortitude VS Arizona

The downfield passing game did not work at all for the Buffaloes in this game. Sam Noyer threw another interception with 9:19 left in regulation, and it was not his best throw to say the least. Noyer and Dorrell got into a sideline yelling match after the play. However, Dorrell stated in his postgame comments he will not let mistakes slide.

“If I see something wrong, I’m going to address it right away,” Dorrell said.

Having this mindset is great for a young team. Dorrell has told them that none of these altercations are personal. This mindset can help contribute to the team figuring out how to problem solve, as they did during this game.

Up 21-13, the Buffaloes’ defense was bending considerably. However, they did not break. Even when Arizona’s run game was still giving the Buffs’ defense problems, they got an interception. When the secondary was playing undisciplined, they forced Arizona into fourth down situations they could not convert. Mekhi Blackmon forced a huge pass breakup on a fourth and goal late in the game. Arizona could have tied the game there, but the fifth-ranked Pac-12 cornerback, according to Pro Football Focus, was able to break the pass up.

Jarek Broussard, Nate Landman Stars of Game In Victory

Once the offense got the football back, Jarek Broussard had one last long run in him. An 85-yard run got him to 301 rushing yards total for the game. He had this performance on the 4th anniversary of Buffs’ Heisman Trophy running back Rashaan Salaam’s passing. Broussard actually has more rushing yards through the first four games this season than Salaam had in that season, per CU Sports Information.

Despite Broussard’s huge run, the Buffaloes could only muster a field goal. That would be enough for this game, however. Nate Landman got a sack on the last drive to go along with 10 tackles. Landman is a frontrunner for the Butkus Award as the best linebacker in college football. Landman has simply been a game-wrecker for the Buffs’ opponents this season.

Colorado 4-0 And Ranked 21st After Win VS Arizona


4-0 is a huge accomplishment for Karl Dorrell and the Buffaloes. They are 21st in the newest AP Poll, and they are being considered in the College Football Playoff rankings.

The Buffaloes have a chance to play for the Pac-12 title, but they do not control their own destiny despite being undefeated. They need USC, who has played one more conference game than the Buffs, to lose to UCLA this weekend along with a Buffs win against Utah on Friday. Colorado has not beat Utah since 2016, and the past three games with the Utes have not been competitive. Despite that, there is a new mindset with this Buffs team under Dorrell. They have stayed composed throughout the season. They needed a more composed mindset after their wildly inconsistent play last year under Mel Tucker.

Colorado should be able to continue their composed and consistent play this Friday against Utah. However, the Buffs will need help from UCLA to make the Pac-12 Championship. Expect Buffs fans to wear black and gold on Friday, then wear blue and gold on Saturday. Nonetheless, excitement for the 2020 Colorado Buffaloes has been turned up.

2020 NFL Week 12 Power Rankings: Four Up and Four Down

The longest week in the history of the NFL, 2020 NFL Week 12, is over. Some teams bolstered their playoff hopes, while others took steps back. Nonetheless, the three top teams in the league are pretty obvious, and the musical chairs for the fourth best spot continue. Familiar teams are still stuck at the bottom end of the NFL totem pole. Here is Four Up, Four Down for 2020 NFL Week 12.

Pittsburgh Steelers, Despite Uneven Performance, Retain Top Spot

Some may think it would have been easy to give the Kansas City Chiefs the number one spot over the Steelers this week. However, the Steelers have found ways to win every week, even when they have not played their best. Both quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and Coach Mike Tomlin (who should be Coach of the Year) were critical of the team’s performance in their 19-14 victory over the Ravens on Wednesday. They did look uneven on offense, but they did their job on defense. When plays were there to be made on Wednesday, the Steelers made enough of them. Roethlisberger’s completion on third down to James Washington to basically seal the game was one of the prettiest throws a quarterback can make.

2. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs got the best performance from a wide receiver this season from Tyreek Hill. His 203 receiving yards in the first quarter showed up the Buccaneers’ secondary. Hill would end up with 13 catches for 269 yards and three touchdowns, but it was Patrick Mahomes who closed out the game. Teams have to wonder how they can stop him. He was able to finesse his way to first downs on the game-clinching drive as Kansas City won 27-24. The Chiefs play the Broncos on Sunday night this week, so Mahomes and Hill will be able to carry their momentum into primetime.

3. New Orleans Saints

Taysom Hill and company were able to take care of the Broncos 31-3. Obviously for Denver, they had to start practice squad wide receiver Kendall Hinton at quarterback due to their other quarterbacks being declared ineligible for the game. The Saints’ running game was led by Latavius Murray and not Alvin Kamara this game. New Orleans can smash teams in the mouth, and they have a serviceable defense. They arguably have a better defense than fellow NFC contenders Green Bay and Seattle, which gives them the upper hand to play in Tampa in February. Drew Brees will have a chance to get ring number two once he comes back from injury.

4. Tennessee Titans

Derrick Henry would have been the storyline for NFL offense this past week if it was not for Tyreek Hill. Henry’s 178 yards and three touchdowns were the catalyst for the Titans in their 45-26 drubbing of the Colts. This score line was shocking, considering the Colts beat the Titans 34-17 in 2020 NFL Week 10. Running the ball will be a strength for Tennessee in cold weather games in December and January. Because of this, they could beat a Kansas City or Pittsburgh team. The Chiefs and Steelers both have the upper hand, but the Titans could theoretically win based on time of possession.

Four Down: It’s The Same Story for The Worst NFL Teams After 2020 NFL Week 12

29. Philadelphia Eagles

Doug Pederson loves his analytics. With a chance to lessen the Seahawks’ lead to 20-12 on Monday Night, Pederson was feeling audacious and went for it on fourth down. Carson Wentz threw yet another horrible interception, and the Eagles would end up losing 23-17. Sometimes analytics are a good thing, but Pederson has to know what he is working with. He has a team that needs all the points it can get, even if that is three points. He is going to cost himself his job if his reckless decision making continues.

30. Dallas Cowboys

On Thanksgiving, everything unraveled for the Cowboys after a fake punt miserably failed. They would end up losing 41-16 to the Washington Football Team. Mike McCarthy, the same guy who would make the most conservative decisions in Green Bay despite having Aaron Rodgers, has bought a riverboat in Dallas. His decision-making is baffling considering what he would do in Green Bay. Packers fans remember him kicking all those field goals in Seattle in January of 2015, costing them a chance at getting to Super Bowl 49. The play looked like it could have worked and was, in theory, a decently designed play. However, it was not the right decision to fake it deep inside their own territory. That being said, McCarthy should get a fair shake in Dallas. It will be interesting to see how he does with Dak Prescott next year if Prescott is in a Cowboys’ uniform

31. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars started Mike Glennon at quarterback on Sunday. They were competitive with the Browns, but still fell short 27-25.  Their GM, David Caldwell, got fired after the game. It would be surprising to see Doug Marrone still coaching in Duval County after this season. However, he is keeping his team competitive some weeks with far more talented teams like the Browns.

32. New York Jets

Adam Gase led his team to yet another loss to his old team, this time by a score of 20-3. Ryan Fitzpatrick was also the opposing quarterback to beat his old team. A Dolphins team that is supposed to be in rebuild because of how Gase’s tenure went down there is on track to make the playoffs. The Jets are on track to possibly draft Trevor Lawrence. The beleaguered Jets coach admitted that he has hindered Sam Darnold’s development and said that his left guard, Alex Lewis, may not play this week. It was talked about on the Rich Eisen show that Lewis said he should have left the team when Jamal Adams did. Does this really matter though? It is a foregone conclusion that Gase will probably be let go after the season.

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Pac-12 Football Seasons: 2020 Colorado Buffaloes Game 2 – Stanford

Whenever your quarterback is starting to get nicknames like “Noyer the Destroyer”, you know your team is in a good spot.

The Colorado Buffaloes have already exceeded outside expectations, as they improved to 2-0 on the season with a 35-32 victory over the Stanford Cardinal on Saturday. Even though the final score was closer than the game was for the majority of it, the Buffaloes were able to leave Stanford Stadium with the victory.

Optimism for Colorado Offense Is Great After 35-32 Win Over Stanford

Sam Noyer played well after throwing an interception in the first quarter. He had two touchdown passes to wide receivers Dimitri Stanley and Brenden Rice, and added two scores on the ground. With his receivers, Noyer has showed consistent timing and the ability to involve multiple players in the passing game.

Additionally, the Buffaloes were able to get a lot of their young talent involved on Saturday. The previously mentioned Brenden Rice, a true freshman who is the son of Jerry Rice, caught his first career touchdown in the third quarter. Redshirt freshman La’Vontae Shenault, related to NFL rookie receiver and former Buffs star Laviska Shenault Jr., also caught his first pass of his Buffs career. Freshman running back Ashaad Clayton also saw his first carries in a Buffaloes uniform.

Getting everyone involved on offense was great to see. Even though they were not able to get into rhythm right away, Dimitri Stanley’s 55-yard touchdown reception later in the first quarter jumpstarted the offense. After taking that 7-3 lead, Noyer would add a rush touchdown in the second quarter to extend it to 14-3.

Despite Absences From Top Offensive Weapons, Dimitri Stanley and Jarek Broussard Have Stepped Up

Dimitri Stanley had six receptions for 126 yards and a touchdown. He stepped up big time with the absence of wide receiver K.D. Nixon for the second consecutive week. Karl Dorrell called him a dynamic player. It is vitally important for Stanley to continue his good play if Nixon continues to be out. Sam Noyer called Stanley “fearless” and lauded him for being able to make plays of all sorts.

Another player that has come up huge with the absence of expected starter Alex Fontenot has been redshirt sophomore running back Jarek Broussard. He had 121 rushing yards and became the first CU Buffs running back since 2005 to have 100 or more rushing yards in the first two games of the season (per CU Sports Information).

Colorado Defense Lets Stanford Back Into Game Late

The defense was effective, forcing four Stanford 3-and-outs during the game. They were holding them to field goals until late in the third quarter. Stanford’s passing game led by senior quarterback Davis Mills started to gash the Buffaloes secondary.

The Buffaloes were able to take a 35-16 lead on the first play of the fourth quarter after a Jaren Mangham touchdown run. However, the Cardinal were able to score two touchdowns late. It is frustrating that the defense let the lead get down to three points near the end. They also let UCLA back in the game last week after leading by 28 points in the second quarter.

The run defense was great, holding the Cardinal offense to 70 yards on 21 carries. However, the secondary struggled late, and the Cardinal took advantage of it. Fourth quarter defensive strategy may have had something to do with the comeback, but the Buffaloes simply have not finished effectively despite their 2-0 start.  

A 2-0 Start Is Great For A Buffaloes Team That Had No Outside Expectations


Karl Dorrell stated in his postgame comments that he wished the game finished more so on the Buffaloes’ terms. Despite the team not finishing the game on their terms necessarily, fans should be encouraged by what the Buffs have put on the field this season. “Noyer the Destroyer” has shown doubters that he can play well against Pac-12 competition. He has proven to be a threat as a running quarterback also. The Buffaloes have a ton of talent at the skill positions. Players have been able to show up when they are called upon on offense.

On defense, the Buffaloes have looked good in the early parts of games. If they are able to consistently play good defense, they can play with anyone in the Pac-12. Prognosticators projected the Buffaloes to not be anywhere close to 2-0 after the first two weeks. For Buffs fans, it feels great knowing that they have a good football team to watch in Boulder this season.

2020 NFL Week 7 Power Rankings: Four Up and Four Down

Week 7 of the 2020 NFL Season saw some crazy finishes in numerous games. The Steelers squeaked by the Titans, the Cardinals beat the Seahawks in an instant classic, and Baker Mayfield had some heroics in the Browns’ win against the Bengals. However, the four teams at the top and bottom of the league are what you came here for. Without further ado, here is Four Up and Four Down for 2020 NFL Week 7.

Pittsburgh Steelers Lay Claim to Best Team Label After 2020 NFL Week 7

1. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers managed to edge the Tennessee Titans 27-24 in a game they led 27-7 at one point. They managed to win the game despite three Ben Roethlisberger interceptions. The Steelers are good on all sides of the football, but they have still let teams back into games sans their 38-7 blowout win against Cleveland last week. It will be interesting to see how their defense will do this week against Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. However, getting wins has led to the Steelers being the best team in the league after 2020 NFL Week 7.

2. Green Bay Packers

Talk about a bounce back win. Aaron Rodgers picked apart the Houston Texans’ defense en route to a 35-20 victory with four touchdown passes. Davante Adams caught two of those passes, and the Rodgers-Adams connection looks better than ever. The defense was able to contain Deshaun Watson while the game was still competitive, and they avoided big mistakes that plagued them against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Some may use the Packers’ Week 6 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a barometer of how the two teams match up against each other. However, it is imperative that Green Bay finishes ahead of Tampa Bay in the standings at the end of the season.

3. Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes struggled against the Denver Broncos defense at times Sunday. Nonetheless, the Chiefs still put up 43 points in their 43-16 drubbing of the Broncos. Their defense outclassed Drew Lock and the Broncos’ offense, having a pick six to go along with three other turnovers. Their special teams got a kickoff return, and their running game looked formidable with the addition of Le’Veon Bell. It will be interesting how much the Chiefs will let Bell run all over his old team, the New York Jets, next week.

4. Tennessee Titans

The Titans may have lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers, but they showed fight even though Steven Gostkowski’s kick to tie the game sailed wide right. Derrick Henry should still be in the MVP conversation, and Ryan Tannehill still played an efficient game. However, against comparable teams like the Steelers, the Titans need to have faster starts. They accomplished this against the Bills, but not against the Steelers.

Four Down: America’s Team Cracks the List

29. Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys look lost after 2020 NFL Week 7. They lost to the Washington Football Team 25-3. Andy Dalton left the game with a concussion, which may lead them to starting 7th-round pick Ben DiNucci against the Philadelphia Eagles next Sunday night. The offensive line is definitely not the best in the league anymore. Mike McCarthy has not been calling Ezekiel Elliott’s number enough for him to have a chance to even be a workhorse. This team is a mess, but they are still in contention for their putrid division after seven weeks.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars came back from an early 16-point deficit just to squander the lead once they got it against the Los Angeles Chargers. In what would be a 39-29 defeat for Jacksonville in Week 7, it was their defense that struggled in this game. The Jaguars have promise with running back James Robinson and receivers D.J. Chark and Laviska Shenault, but the team needs a coaching and GM change. It just seems like it has become too stagnant with Doug Marrone and David Caldwell.

31. New York Giants

The Giants should not be number 31 on this list. We should be talking about how they are on a 3-game winning streak right now to be honest. Even though they lost 22-21 to the Eagles, Joe Judge has this team competing, which is a promising sign. They need to start finishing the job though. They could be winning their division if they eliminated a few mistakes from their loss to the Eagles in 2020 NFL Week 7 and their loss to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 5. Once they start learning how to win these games, the Giants’ stay as one of the four-worst teams will be short-lived.

32. New York Jets

Adam Gase
Adam Gase

There is not much else to say here. The Jets succumbed to death by field goals after taking a 10-0 lead against the Bills. They gave up six straight field goals en route to an 18-10 defeat. Adam Gase has overstayed his welcome in New York. I could write it somewhat differently every week, but it is pretty cut and dry. This team is going to draft Trevor Lawrence in the 2021 NFL Draft if he decides to take the likely road of leaving Clemson a year early.

Best Game of 2020 NFL Week 7: Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals

What a game. Seattle and Arizona played a great game Sunday night that featured multiple momentum swings. It felt like the Cardinals were one step behind the whole night. There was D.K. Metcalf running down Budda Baker after Baker intercepted a Russell Wilson pass. It seemed like whenever Seattle made a mistake, Arizona followed with one of their own. However, Kyler Murray rallied the troops from a 10-point deficit with 6:47 left in the game for what is the signature win of his career to this point.

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2020 NFL Week 6 Power Rankings: Four Up and Four Down

Week 6 of the 2020 NFL Season was crazy. The Green Bay Packers fell back down to Earth after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers shellacked them 38-10, and there are questions about coaching in Dallas. Also, the New England Patriots fell to 2-3 after their 18-12 defeat at home against the Denver Broncos. Nonetheless, let’s look at NFL Power Rankings: four up and down four down after 2020 NFL Week 6.

Four Up: Titans and Steelers Top the League After 2020 NFL Week 6

1. Tennessee Titans

The Titans showed once again that they can win close games with their 42-36 overtime victory over the Houston Texans on Sunday. Ryan Tannehill has played great for the Titans, but it is no secret who their team MVP is. Derrick Henry had a 94-yard touchdown run in the 3rd quarter and had the game-winning touchdown in overtime. In a league where the headlines are dominated by the quarterbacks, Henry is a generational running back talent who should be garnering NFL MVP consideration at this point.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers showed the league that while some things change, there are things that remain the same. They beat the Cleveland Browns once again, this time by a score of 38-7. The offense was clicking on all cylinders, and the Steelers’ defense is looking true to form, adding a pick-six off of Baker Mayfield in Sunday’s contest. However, after playing four straight home games they will be put to the test on the road against the Tennessee Titans. Pittsburgh and Tennessee are similar teams, as they have had close victories with one blowout win on their resume. It looks like it will be a very even matchup of two undefeated teams.

3. Seattle Seahawks

Seattle had a bye week this past week, but they are still the third-best team in the league. Russell Wilson is the league MVP to this point, and the Seahawks will have another opportunity to put their stamp on NFC West supremacy this week when they play the Cardinals. Expect Wilson and Kyler Murray to put up great stats in a shootout game.

4. Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs bounced back, thanks to their running game. Their 26-17 victory over the Bills on Monday was due to Clyde Edwards-Helaire rushing for 161 yards. Patrick Mahomes went 21-26, having a very efficient performance. The Chiefs have the best player on the planet, but they still have other ways to win the game. Also, the Chiefs will have Le’Veon Bell this Sunday as they play the Broncos in what could possibly be the first snow game of the NFL season.

Four Down: Jets Further Solidify Bottom Spot

29. New York Giants

The Giants have played well against NFC East opponents the last two weeks. They narrowly lost to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 5, 37-34. They managed to beat the Washington Football Team this week 20-19. A timely defensive score by Tae Crowder was the difference in this game. If the Giants beat the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday night, they will have to be thought of as a serious contender for the NFC East despite their 0-5 start. That being said, they haven’t shown that they are one of the four teams that are down each week.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars lost to the Detroit Lions 34-16 on Sunday. This loss makes it five straight losses for the Jags after beating the Colts in Week 1. That game seems like it was a long time ago. Gardner Minshew has a personality that will sell tickets in Jacksonville, but his play might not. His coach, Doug Marrone, said he will not rule out benching him if his struggles continue. However, it is hard to be successful when the running game only supports him with 44 rushing yards.

31. Washington Football Team

The Washington Football Team lost to the New York Giants 20-19 on Sunday. They went for two at the end of the game. Coach Ron Rivera stated he made the decision because Washington was on the road opposed to being at home. However, would it have made a huge difference with no fans at the games?

32. New York Jets

I do not have a whole lot to say after the Jets’ 24-0 loss to the Miami Dolphins. Adam Gase needs to go. Although Sam Darnold is not playing right now, he has been unable to improve under Gase. Darnold’s lack of progression shows that Gase should not be the coach that mentors possible 2021 New York Jet Trevor Lawrence next season.

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Pro Sports Postponement: Empathy, Not Divisiveness, Is Key With Fans and Players

Giannis Pro Sports postponement protests

This week, the NBA, NHL, MLB, and MLS all postponed games in wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake, a 29-year old black man, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The shooting occurred on Sunday, August 23.

Unfortunately, the issue of police brutality has become so divisive in United States society. Many players have come to the forefront for causes they believe in, such as police reform and voting rights mainly.

Athletes Need Fan Support When Deciding to Boycott Pro Sports

Professional athletes are taking a stand. These athletes will not stand for police brutality and voter suppression, but are being met with push back by some fans. There are people that believe that players should shut up and play. Fans may feel this way because they could not decide to not go to work, for example, and be able to take a stand in a way similar to what professional athletes have done.

However, it is close-minded to think that players do not have a distinct purpose and reason for their actions. Yes, they are in a position where they can afford to protest by not “working” in a sense. But for change to occur in society, there needs to be prominent figures at the forefront. The players made the right decision to postpone games on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday because now there is more attention on issues that US citizens should care about. Whether or not one agrees with some of the positions that players have on these issues, players need fan support in the same way they need fan support on game night.

Decision to Postpone or Play Games Should Be Players’ Decision

There have been many people who have called for pro sports teams for the postponement of their games, while some have decided to play their games. If fans want to truly support their players, they will realize that each player views the situation differently. Some players believe that they can show solidarity by not playing. Others feel like playing gives them a platform to be vocal about these issues. Players have been both praised and criticized for the position they have taken.

In the end, the decision to play or not play should be up to the players. Fans can choose whether to support the players’ decision or not. There are charity events and initiatives that players give their time to for the fans. It is time that fans support players in whatever decision they make about playing, whether or not they agree with it.

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Leagues Had Different Ways of Handling Postponement of Pro Sports

The NHL players played on Wednesday. On Thursday, they made a united decision to postpone games Thursday and Friday. There was backlash from certain people over the decision to play Wednesday. Some, including Philadelphia Flyers coach Alain Vigneault, were so focused on playoff hockey. There simply was not enough time for some people within the NHL’s two hub cities to fully grasp the situation.

NBA players were already thinking about their actions days earlier. That is the main reason they were able to come to their decision quicker. They thought about the potential ramifications of their decision and decided to resume play on Saturday. NBA players have been the most vocal about the issue of police brutality. They are the reason that August 26, 2020, will always be remembered.

However, the way both leagues handled the situation was acceptable. Even though the NHL was late to the party, they are playing their games in another country. It was better for the NHL to fully digest the situation from an outsider’s view and make an informed decision.

Divisiveness a Main Narrative Being Written About the USA Right Now

Some fans do not want to watch sports anymore because they feel that through protesting that politics are being brought into sports. Fans may not agree with the avenue in which players are protesting or the causes they are protesting for. This is okay. But right now, the players need to know they have fan support.

There are numerous narratives being written about what is going on in the United States of America right now. However, when some say blanket statements that single other people out in a negative light, they should not expect a positive reaction from their opponents.

A frustrating aspect of these protests is the partisanship that could be associated with them. For example, Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma tweeted Wednesday night about how momentum would need to continue “even if we get a Democrat in the office.” Someone who supports the decision by the NBA players to protest, but does not necessarily identify as a Democrat, could be put off by this statement. However, the divisive political rhetoric of 2020 is the reason that Kuzma feels this way.

There is rhetoric from people that identify as both Republican and Democrat that is extremely frustrating to see. Kuzma tweeted about his belief that there was fear-mongering from Kimberly Guilfoyle, who was speaking at the Republican National Convention. When the term “lawlessness” is being thrown around by people like Kimberly Guilfoyle when describing protests in communities where people like Jacob Blake lived, of course there is going to be outrage.

Issues are Divisive, and People Not Acknowledging Different Viewpoints Could Be Damaging

Kimberly Guilfoyle fails to acknowledge that the majority of people in the streets are peacefully protesting. The protesters want to see a positive change in society. They also realize how real the problem of systemic racism is in the United States of America. People like Guilfoyle come under fire from so many people is because they have not made a simple acknowledgment to Black people that their lives matter. Guilfoyle and many others spoke at the Republican National Convention. They failed to show any solidarity towards the Jacob Blake shooting or the issues that players care about.

Everyone’s vote matters. Every US citizen should have the right to vote. If people want to go to the voting booth, it should be an easy process. Governments have to aid in this effort, and it seems like this is where part of the player’s protest is coming from.

However, Kuzma’s comment might make one question what the push to get people to vote is really about. Someone could interpret it as certain players having an agenda to help a single party out. People can truly educate themselves about all of the candidates, and realize there are more candidates to choose from than the ones with the D and R next to their name. However, it still has to be the person’s option on who they want to vote for, or even if they want to vote. They are given the right to vote, but voting is not required by law.

Postponement of Pro Sports Being Used to Encourage People to Vote and Empathize With the Black Community

We cannot afford to live in a society that preaches fear. When people go to vote, they need to feel assured that their vote is fair. At this point, it has been assured that citizens do not feel confident in their ability to vote. There are flaws in the voting system, and certain groups are marginalized.

The postponement of pro sports games was sparked by a police officer deciding to shoot a black man seven times in the back. This type of behavior by police officers simply cannot be tolerated, and athletes from all sports have spoken. Try to put yourself in this situation. Should someone have to be shot seven times in the back because they may be holding a knife? Jacob Blake did admit to holding a knife, but does he deserve to be handcuffed to a hospital bed? The answer is no.

The reason these protests are happening is that people are not getting equal treatment. Justice is not happening for all right now. It is important that we listen and validate everyone’s concerns with police relations with all communities, especially the African American community. It is important that all of us – athletes, fans, government officials – show the African American community that their lives matter.

2020 Colorado Buffaloes Season: Tough Start to a Conference-Only Schedule

colorado buffaloes recruiting

The expectations for the 2020 CU Buffs football season are not very high from the outside looking in. Now that the Pac-12 has decided to play a conference-only schedule, the Buffaloes may not be talked about as a legitimate contender. However, there are reasons to think that the Buffaloes may be able to be competitive in a Pac-12 only schedule.

First Four Games of 2020 Season a Tough Outlook In Dorrell’s First Year As CU Buffs Coach

Karl Dorrell Colorado Head Football Coach

There are teams within the Pac-12 that the Buffaloes simply do not have as much talent as. The Colorado Buffaloes have to open up the season on the road against Oregon on September 26. It is not a stretch to say the Ducks are the best team in the conference. The Buffaloes had arguably their most impressive win of the past decade at Autzen Stadium in 2016 but have generally struggled against the Ducks.

This game was originally scheduled in Boulder for the 2020 season, but the conference decided to switch the venue. As a fan, this is frustrating from the standpoint that the Buffaloes had to play in Eugene last year also. The Buffaloes lost that game, 45-3. If there are no future schedule changes due to the schedule changes this season, the Buffaloes will be in year two of a three-year stretch where they have to play AT Oregon every season.

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After playing Oregon, the Buffs will have their home opener against their natural conference rival, the Utah Utes. Utah also made the Pac-12 championship. After playing the Utes, CU will have to travel on the road against Arizona and USC. An optimistic Buffaloes fan may have the team at 2-2 after these games, but CU was not given any favors for their first four games. The Buffaloes most assuredly will not be favored in any of these games. It is very frustrating that the team has to start the season playing against the best teams in the conference. They could possibly be starting a freshman quarterback in Brendon Lewis. Colorado will be forced to find their best football very early in the season if they want to win any games.

CU Buffs’ 2020 Season Becomes Somewhat Easier After Bye Week

The Buffaloes will face Arizona State at home after their bye week on October 31. Recently, the Buffaloes have had their best games against the Sun Devils. In 2018, CU beat ASU 28-21 to improve to 5-0. Last season, the Buffaloes had possibly their best win of Mel Tucker’s one-year tenure in Boulder as they won on the road against the Sun Devils 34-31. Having more time to prepare for this game, along with the confidence of playing a team they know they can beat, should help the Buffs in this game.

The second half of the season for the Buffaloes also includes road trips against Washington and Stanford, and home tilts against UCLA, Oregon State, and Washington State to close out the season. The Buffaloes went 2-2 against these teams last season, as they had home wins against the Huskies and Cardinal in November. The Buffaloes should be able to compete in their home games even though they may not be favored in them. It may not be a stretch to say that the Buffaloes will be able to win the majority of the last six games on their schedule. Having road games against Washington and Stanford is tough, but the team will also have the confidence boost of having beat both those teams in 2019.

Getting to .500 May Be a Stretch for the 2020 Colorado Buffaloes Season, But It Could Be Done

From the outsider’s perspective, Colorado is not on any national radar this season. However, the confidence gained from how the team played down the stretch last season may help them in being able to be competitive early in the season. The Buffaloes will probably have to win one of their first four games to have a realistic shot at getting to .500 this season. Out of all the early games, the most winnable game for them in the early going is probably the road game against Arizona, even though Khalil Tate has posed major problems for the Buffaloes the past few seasons. It will be interesting to see how Karl Dorrell’s footprint on the team affects how they compete against the top teams in the conference early in the season. Even though having a winning record may not be in the cards for the Buffaloes this season, they should be able to build a strong foundation for Dorrell to help this team possibly achieve winning seasons in 2021 and beyond.

MLB, NBA, and NHL: What to Expect From The Return to Sports

Mike Trout contract LeBron james NBA NFL highest paid

Sports have returned, as the return of MLB baseball to television screens occurred last week. The NBA and NHL seasons will resume this week, as the NBA starts their seeding games on Thursday. The NHL Stanley Cup Qualifiers start this Saturday. There is plenty to look for as sports are returning on television screens across the United States.

Fans are interested to see how the gameday dynamic differs between each of the three sports. Players will have to adjust to playing with no fans and new possible distractions during play. In the NBA, there will be giant video screens behind the basket that could impact the game. It will also be interesting to see how people react to the fake crowd noise in these arenas.

What to Look for In MLB Return: Strategy Changes Amid Rule Changes

The MLB has returned, and there have been a few instances of the minor league rule of having a runner on second base to start extra innings. In the Angels-Athletics game this past Friday, Angels manager Joe Maddon decided to go with a five-person infield once the A’s loaded the bases in the bottom of the 10th inning. It did not matter, as A’s first baseman Matt Olson hit a walk-off grand slam to end the game, but it gave a lens into how managers may try to approach extra innings. The A’s won the game, 7-3.

Another rule change that the MLB implemented even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit was that relief pitchers either had to face three batters. This rule change means that managers cannot use pitchers for individual matchups as readily as they would like. It will be interesting to see if relief pitchers do better or worse because of this rule. Managers will also have to manage their bullpen vastly different now.

One interesting tidbit of information from opening weekend is that no team was swept. Every team has already won a game. The gameplay proved to be competitive. Because of the shortened season, look for less sweeps to happen throughout as teams may have more of a focus on each individual game rather than the whole series.

What to Look for In NBA Return: How Teams Mesh Based on Roster Changes

In the NBA, there are certain teams whose rosters will look vastly different. The Brooklyn Nets will not have either Kyrie Irving or Kevin Durant due to injury. They have also had four additional players opt out of the restart. The Oklahoma City Thunder’s Andre Roberson made his first appearance in two years.

One of the interesting teams to watch in Orlando will be the Denver Nuggets. Before the pandemic, Nuggets fans were clamoring for Michael Porter Jr. to get more playing time. Now they will campaign to see Bol Bol get more playing time after his great performances in the Nuggets’ scrimmages together. It would be hard for any team to be able to defend a frontcourt with athletes of the caliber of Bol and Nikola Jokic. The Clippers and Lakers are the two favorites out west, but the Nuggets may force their way onto the national radar more if they can get production out of Bol Bol.

What to Look for In NHL Return: How Much Parity Will Be on Display in Stanley Cup Playoff Qualifiers

In the NHL, the 5-12 seeds will be playing five-game series to qualify for the 16-team traditional Stanley Cup Playoff bracket. These series have the potential to be closer to five games because of the long layoff. Still, expect teams with great individual talent on the offensive end to start off fast in this tournament. Some people believe that the New York Rangers and Montreal Canadiens have chances in their series because of their goaltenders. However, the Carolina Hurricanes and Pittsburgh Penguins, New York, and Montreal’s respective opponents, have better rosters. I think most of the higher-seeded teams will end up winning these qualifying series.

Also, it will be interesting to see how much the round-robin play for the top four seeds in each conference affects how they will play the rest of the way. One of these teams could technically lose all three of their round-robin games and still win the Stanley Cup. It will be interesting to see which of the top teams is able to peak in these early games, and if that will lead to further success in the playoffs.

Grab your popcorn, chips, or whatever you eat when you watch sports, because there is going to be a lot to watch on your TV screens for the next few weeks.