#250 Kanye, Free Thought, Eric Reid, Boy Scouts, Toronto Raptors

1. Kanye West went to TMZ and said slavery was a choice and he had Liposuction and was addicted to opioids.
2. Is it ok that the Boy Scouts of America is changing their name to Scouts BSA, and will be inclusive to girls?
3. Eric Reid Files Collusion lawsuit against NFL
4. Toronto Raptors are terrified of LeBron James

Man Monday- Face Tatoos, Wife And Kids Gang

Man Mondays: We talk about the things that matter to men and Dads. You ladies are welcome to join in as well.

91% of first-round draft picks were multi-sport athletes in High School
Are you cool with your son/daughter getting a face tattoo?
As a man, sometimes your wife and kids are a gang, just ready to jump you.
I overreacted at Disneyland, and apologies were necessary.

#248 LeBron, Josh Allen, Bill Cosby, Kanye John Legend

1. Does Lebron make the game-winner if he’s down 2?
2. Should Josh Allen fall in the draft for “racist” tweets
3. Kanye loves Trump, makes more than Jordan, posts John Legend texts
4. Bill Cosby Guilty
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Jim Lampley Interview: GGG vs Canelo, Joshua vs Wilder

Unafraid Show interview with boxing Hall of Famer and host of HBO’s “The Fight Game” Jim Lampley.

Was the suspension of Canelo Alvarez stiff enough?
Will the Canelo vs GGG (Gennady Golovkin) fight happen?
Who wins Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder?

#236 Facial Recognition- Biggest Privacy Violation EVER, LeBron – Clarkson, 100yr Old World Record,

1. Whats more believable? LeBron weighed in 7 pounds heavier after a playoff game. Or Jordan Clarkson believing that Giant humans kept dinosaurs as pets, or Jordan Clarkson believes Giants kept dinosaurs as pets?
2. Facial recognition at sporting events threatens all of your privacy!
3. USATF Masters indoor championships featured the most touching moment of the weekend.
4. Black Panther movie has now become so dominant that it’s hurting the movie industry.

#235 #MarchMadness, Sister Jean, Colin Kaepernick, Navratilova Vs McEnroe, Rory McIlroy

The opening weekend was full of upsets. What was the biggest upset of the round of 64 and 32? March Madness.
Tyronn Lue is taking an indefinite leave of absence from the Cavaliers. Does this impact their title hopes?
NFL Free agency is in full swing. It is outrageous that Kaepernick is still unemployed. What happens if he does sign?
Martina Navratilova just found out that John McEnroe is paid 10 times as much to do the same job calling Wimbledon and she is pissed!
Rory McIlroy is crying about unruly golf fans.

#232 WifevsExpert W:@danishaDanielle Blended Familes

Our biggest fear is that parents everywhere will be naming their kids random names after Black Panther movie.
Is it ok for a woman to propose to a man?
How do you discipline disrespectful step kids?
Moms battle over school lunch notes.

#231 Drafting Josh Rosen Is Smart, Josh Allen, No Guns For Teachers, NRATV Boxer Robbed $145k

According to a Sports Illustrated article, some NFL personnel have concerns about Josh Rosen’s ability to be a successful NFL quarterback because he comes from money and is too smart.
Josh Allen is going to a GM fired if they draft him top 10.

Boxer Jermall Charlo was robbed of $145k in cash and jewelry in a club. We have to get out of this NEW MONEY mindset.
After this article I read about a teacher in Florida, I’m further convinced we shouldn’t have teachers carry guns.