The Giants Go Green…Size Matters

So many actors have gone to hybrids and are spokespeople for conservation and clean efficient living, but us athletes have been slow to get on board. I’m here to inform you that we at the New York Giants are “Going Green”, or at least one of us has. Danny Clark is a 10 year veteran and he loves his smart car!!! It looks small (ok it is small), but you have just as much room inside as you would have in any two seat sports car. I commend Danny for getting out of the trap of “Bigger is Better” but it’s funny. He is a big guy in a little car! He has rims, custom lights, it’s convertible and has a Brabus kit on it (“they 10’s, but he keeps ’em clean though”…LOL). All for a recession special… under 20k.

Players tell him they are gonna “pick his car up and put it in the back of their pickup trucks”. Osi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck, and Chris Canty all think they can not only pick up his smart car but if it were a running back coming through the hole they could tackle it. I know it’s not possible because it’s a car, but there’s a small piece of me that feels the same way.

I wanna be cool like Danny. I’m really thinking about getting one of these things.

Be a Blessing Tuesday

“Give and it shall be given unto you…”- Luke 6:38

Get ready for the inaugural “Be a Blessing Tuesday”! We know that there are millions of people that make this world a better place through their day-to-day actions. So starting next week, we will use each and every Tuesday to celebrate and bless people that use their time and energy to be a continual blessing to those around them. From parents, to co-workers, to kids; if you know someone that deserves to be blessed for their special efforts, we want to know about it!

Send an email of 200 words or less describing what makes your candidate so special, the ways in which they bless others, and how we should be a blessing to them.

Each Tuesday, we will select a different person that we can highlight and be a blessing to in a unique way. We look forward to hearing your wonderfully inspiring stories and thanks ahead of time for making “Be a Blessing Tuesdays” a success!

Email your candidates’ story to Entries must be received each Monday before 6p est.

Updates will made on twitter @curiousg87

“The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped.” – Proverbs 11:25 (The Message)

Hate is UGLY!!!

You know you are doing the right things when people are hating on you!!! The Lakers are the only NBA team that people just say they HATE, and for no reason. How do you get joy from seeing the demise of someone else? I don’t get it!!! The worst thing is people who don’t even have a team of their own and say “I don’t really have a team but I just want the Lakers to lose”. It is different if you have allegiance to one of our rivals. But to have no passionate affiliation with another team and just want the Lakers to lose is ridiculous. I just know that if so many people “HATE” the Lakers why does everyone watch them when they are on TV? Sounds like jealously of a winner!

Last year when we (Yes WE!!!) lost in the Finals it was amazing how many phone calls, emails, and text messages I got from people who I didn’t even know watched basketball and who had never cheered for the Celtics. Last year it was all these Boston fans who magically appeared when they got KG and Ray Allen. That number multiplied when they made the Finals.
This year it is even more incredible how wishy-washy people are. In the beginning of the the season they wanted Boston to repeat, then LeBron was gonna get it done, now they all say, “I been on the Orlando Magic”. LOL!!! Yeah Right!!! I like Dwight Howard, LeBron, Tim Duncan, Yao, Chris Paul, Carmelo, and the Birdman just as much as everyone else, but my allegiance is clear. I understand the hate because everyone wants to live in L.A. or a be Laker; the most important franchise in the NBA who consistently provides “SHOWTIME”.
ACT NOW!!! On behalf of Laker fans we are offering you a chance at redemption. It is time to first, ADMIT you have a problem with hating. Then realize you really wanna be a part of a big time winner. We are attaching extra room on the bandwagon for people to jump on. Face your fears and don’t look before you leap, we will be there to catch you! You will even get high fives at the parade!
I understand that one post by me cannot change those people with deep rooted Hater issues. We love you people, fuel for our fire! But those who are 1st generation Haters this is your opportunity to stop the cycle before you pass that ugly trait on to your kids, family, and even pets!!!

Video: I Destroyed Ramses Barden Bowling Yesterday

About a month ago Ramses Barden (Rookie for the NYG who also works out with Travelle Gaines) was popping off on Yardbarker with these allegations that he beat me bowling. Well, the rubber met the road yesterday and I have video evidence of the outcome. I will give Ramses some credit, he did win 1 out of 3 games. All day he had been bragging about an alleged 226 he bowled a couple days before, but it was no where to be found when the cameras were rolling.
This guy showed up fully equipped with all the equipment necessary to play in a PBA television event. He had a gigantic roller bowling bag complete with two balls, two pairs of shoes, towels, powder, and all kinds of other gadgets that only professionals know how to use. I will admit I do have my own bowling bag and balls but I didn’t have them yesterday, so Ramses was at a distinct advantage and I beat him down!!! I BEAT HIM DOWN!!!

P.S. Another NYG rookie Travis Beckum also beat him down!

The sun came out!!!

Today I awoke to heaven!!! 80+ degrees and sunshine! I love it. I’ve been in NY for 2 weeks and today is only the second sunny day. Time to put my space suit on and go exploring NYC.

I’m just sitting outside getting educated. Check me out! You can catch me with a book, it’s going down!!! Until the game comes on.

Me and D

Thursday I was driving my 3 year-old son to school and it was amazing.
He was in the backseat talking and talking and talking about everything from the fire engine driving down the street to “his song” that came on the radio. He has thoughts, opinions, likes, dislikes, and QUESTIONS. So many questions. LOL! He is a blank slate just craving knowledge and answers. I realize how important it is to instill the right values in your children and teach them right from wrong, and the right way to do things.

My first tight end coach Alfredo Roberts said he teaches his kids, “There’s no right way to do the wrong thing, and there’s no wrong way to do the right thing”. That stuck with me and I believe it fully.

The last few days I have been taken back and in awe because the most mind blowing sight is watching your child grow. I don’t know if this has happened to other fathers like it happened to me yesterday. I had an “epiphanous experience of pure religiousity” (-Don King). I love my son so much and he wants to follow me around and do what I do and beat me up everyday. This little person that I helped bring to life is a walking, talking, breathing me. I love being a father.

It’s so amazing how much he has grown and how smart he is in only 3 years. I look into his eyes and I see how he is full of joy and “wonderment” (-Ricky bobby.) I can’t wait to see him grow further and see him get older. But I know one day I will wake up and he will be going to college, so I am doing my best to enjoy it now. My life is even better than I thought.

Ankle Insurance

Kobe Bryant, my favorite player offers basketball players security for their ankles!!! Many people have had to stuff their feet in ice buckets because of him, and players like him. Don’t be a victim.


1st Visit

I’m on my first visit! I just got to the hotel in East Rutherford, NJ. I can see the new and old Giants stadium from my hotel. I have a 6 am wake up for a physical tomorrow. This will be an exciting and busy week, plenty of frequent flyer miles. I have a few more visits lined up for this week, but you never know, the process could end quickly. I will keep everyone updated on the process.

March Madness… I’m MAD.

This is one of my favorite times of the year. I love College basketball, and I love filling out my bracket and seeing how well I do, but it’s driving me “MAD”. I have had my eyes glued to the television for 4 straight days. I even bought the NCAA package so I can watch all the games at once. The games are so close and there is so much good competition between under dogs and favorites, big schools and small schools that I’m getting confused. I know who I picked, but while I’m watching the game sometimes I get confused about who I want to win. For example, I have Pitt making it to the Final Four, but while watching their games against East Tennessee State University and Oklahoma State University I wanted them to lose. Am I the only person who does this? Am I the only person who watches the game and wants someone else to win other than who they picked? I feel like something is missing… Where are George Mason, Gonzaga (before they were top 25 every year), Davidson, Valpo, Princeton in the Sweet 16? No where to be found 2 years in a row. I’m getting a whole lot of March, a whole lot of MAD, but no Madness!!!

I guess it’s just when you see the underdog small school David playing so hard and being successful against the big school Goliath, that you can’t help but respect that and root for them to win. Maybe I just want drama regardless of who wins, I want Valparaiso to win on a last-second shot, Christian Laettner to hit an improbable turn around, or Tyus Edny to drive the length of the court and break my heart. Between last year’s tournament and this year’s tournament, I’m feeling cheated! All of the number one and number two seeds are still alive. It’s like if you pick the higher seed to win you will be right.
I remember watching games in the good old days and you didn’t have a clue who was gonna win. One minute you wanted to pull your hair out because it seemed like it would take a miracle for your team to win, then when the horn blew to end the game you were jumping for joy. At the end of the tournament we should be able to watch “One shining moment” and get chills down our spines from the excitement and heartache we have felt from watching the NCAA tournament. I’m enjoying watching the games, but I miss the good old days!!!
Now I’m just MAD from March Madness. I’m MAD because the teams I picked are winning. I’m MAD because I haven’t seen a last second half court shot to win the game. I’m MAD because I’m confused. I’m MAD because the underdog keeps losing in games that I picked them to lose but watching the game makes me want them to win. I’m MAD because Wake Forest lost. I’m Mad because I know the tournament is half over and that makes me sad.
And to top it all off… I’m MAD because I had to turn to the last seconds of the Heat-Pistons game and watch the Pistons get cheated out of a win to get the drama I was craving. I can’t stand the Heat. Go Lakers!!!!

This Guy Drinks Diet Sprite

Do you remember the “Grant Hill drinks sprite” commercials, where the guy tries to dunk and gets the ball caught on the rim? Well this guy doesn’t even drink regular sprite, he drinks diet sprite because this is just embarrassing. He hits his face on the rim because he had NO business on the court attempting that dunk. Rasheed Wallace rightfully throws the towel at him in disgust. I know all fans want to be “part of the game”, but please leave the stunts to the professionals.