Taking Back Wins? Child Please!!!

I want to start off by saying I’m Cali raised (it’s CA all day), but I was born in Memphis, TN. I had no choice but to be a Memphis State (now known as University of Memphis) fan. My entire family is from Memphis. My grandmother, aunt, and uncle all went to Memphis State. I watched Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway play HS basketball. My All-Time favorite basketball players are: 1) Michael Jordan 2) Penny Hardaway 3) Kobe Bryant. I had the chance to meet Penny at the NBA All-star game in Houston and he gave me a pair of my favorite Penny Hardaway shoes. I grew up wanting to play basketball for the Tigers. To say I’m a fan is like saying Tiger is good at golf. I even drove down to AZ this year with my family to watch Memphis take on Missouri in the Sweet 16.
If this ain’t throwing salt in the wound I don’t know what is. 07-08 was supposed to be our year! The sting of losing the National Championship because of free throws is still there! Now we go from 38-2 to 0-40 in an instant, or at least however long it took for University of Memphis to receive a fax saying they were being stripped of all wins from the 07-08 season. I’m really confused about the concept of taking back wins and retroactively declaring Derrick Rose ineligible. The NCAA has a lot of rules and a book thicker than War and Peace, full of tedious regulations and procedures, but those are the rules that govern collegiate sports and rules must be followed. When teams break rules there are consequences.
I understand that the record books will be changed, but you can’t “undo” the fact that we won 38 games and played in the Nat’l championship. Since we now won 0 games who played in the NCAA tournament in our place, and who played in the championship game? Derrick Rose was declared ineligible, so did he not play college basketball? It makes no sense. Taking wins back is kinda like a lawyer saying something in a courtroom and the judge saying “the jury will strike that from the record”. Too late, they heard it already! Good thing we didn’t win the Nat’l championship game because this would be even more convoluted. The NCAA gets a big “Child Please” from me!
There was obviously some wrong-doing by the University, SAT, and countless others but taking back wins. Impossible! For Tiger fans the immediate future looks bleak. Kentucky stole our players and our coach, NCAA took away all our 07-08 wins, we have to pay the NCAA tournament money back, Derrick Rose never went to Memphis (so essentially he was drafted straight out of high school), CDR has no comment, and first 48 keeps making Memphis look really really bad. We have nothing left, you can take all these things but YOU LEAVE ME MY WINS!!!

Plaxico Burress aka Cheddar Bob gets 2 years

I get that if you commit a crime, however stupid, you have to be punished, but this punishment just doesn’t match the crime. There are pedophiles, drug dealers, and drunk drivers that get less time than Cheddar Bob (if u haven’t seen 8 mile, please do so). Plax didn’t have any intentions of committing a crime and probably didn’t even realize he was committing a felony just by carrying, whether the gun was ever fired or not. I know ignorance is no excuse, but don’
t you think the humiliation he suffered was enough! I mean, he shot himself in the leg and is now going to jail because of it. There has to be another punishment we can give stupidity w/o intent. The justice system is too busy trying to make an example out of people and it’s ridiculous. We have more black men in prison then we have in college, and now Plax becomes just another statistic.
Logic does say, if he was dumb enough to shoot himself he was dumb enough to shoot someone else or get himself killed, and I agree, but thankfully he didn’t shoot anyone else. Plaxico is now going to have 2 years, 730 days, 17,520 hours, to sit and think about the fact he is in a cell because he wasn’t smart enough to not only know the laws of weapons carrying in NY, but also for not being capable of working a saf
ety. I guess that plea deal he was offered in the beginning is not looking so bad.

My final thoughts are this, yes as athletes, sometimes we wanna go out and have a good time. Alot of us like to be the life of the party, pop bottles in VIP and party the night away, but going to a place where I feel I have to carry a gun to be safe, is not fun for me, and probably a place I don’t need to be. If it’s my life vs some hot chicks and bottle poppin’, I’m gonna take my life everytime!! I’m with my man Esteban Ocho Cinco, from now on, the only partying I’m doing is at Club G3, aka, my house!!!

Pull down the runner’s shorts: Gender Test

Just read a crazy article on espn.com http://sports.espn.go.com/oly/news/story?id=4409318. Apparently, there is an 800 meter runner in South Africa, by the name of Caster Semenya, who is having a gender dispute. A test is being done that consist of reports from endocrinologist, psychologist, and all types of doctors and specialists, because of Caster’s recent times in the 800. The World Track and Field federation has doubts that Caster does not fit the requirements to compete as a woman. Call me old-fashion, but shouldn’t a gender test be as simple as pulling down Caster’s pants??? Maybe I’m confused, it should be either a pole or a hole right? Not so fast; this is 2009 when men live as women and women live as men. No matter what you cut off or attach, you are born either a man or a woman and cannot change it. Men are bigger, faster, and stronger than women so competition is not fair. As if Track and Field doesn’t have enough problems with ‘Roids, now gender switching is a concern?? Please I need you guys to help me out. I’m not well-versed on this issue and I’m clearly confused.

Leave Vick Alone!!!

I really wish that everyone that has something bad or negative to say about Mike Vick would just shut up. This man served every last bit of his sentence, he had everything taken from him and ya’ll are still out for blood. You have got to be kidding me. Everyone deserves a second chance, EVERYONE!! He hasn’t done anything wrong since he has been out of jail and it’s like you guys still want to burn him at the stake and stone him.
I don’t just hope Mike Vick keeps making rosters. I hope he has a Hall of Fame of career. I am now a Mike Vick fan and one of his biggest supporters, not because of his prowess on the field, but what he has overcome off the field. No one is perfect, we have all made mistakes and hurt people and needed forgiveness. Maybe you didn’t run a dog fighting operation and were responsible for the slaughter of animals, but maybe you cheated on your taxes, or cheated on your wife with your hot assistant, or maybe you were a kid with no real parental guidance and got into trouble and all you needed was a mentor and a second chance.
Everyone, especially journalist are quick to pile on and act like judge and jury when things happen to people in the limelight. No one judges them for their sins or wrong-doings because no one cares about what they do. The same people crucifying Vick are the same people cheating on their wives, cheating on their taxes, getting in an accident with a parked car and not leaving a note, popping “prescription” pills just to get through the day, and stepping on anybody they need to, while climbing the corporate ladder. But they get on their soapbox, behind their veil of “I’m a normal person so no one knows my dirt”, and just kick a man who is down and has already fallen about as far a you can and is doing his best to rise above it all.

Free Agency

I’m back!!! Did you miss me?? Man, free agency has been crazy. I’m not used to this. 6 years in the league and this is my first offseason experiencing the wait and see game. I just got 2 WI yesterday. I’m here at UW- River Falls for the Chiefs training camp. When I tell you they had me checked out, they had ya’ boy checked out. I got 18 x-rays!!! Do u realize how many that is? I mean they wanted to know if anything was messed up and if so where, when and for how long. But I’m finally 100% healthy and thanks to my trainer Travelle Gaines at Elite Athletics, I’m also in the best shape of my life. Due to my injuries I really haven’t done a full training camp in almost 3 years. I just thank God for continuing to heal me and allow me to keep playing the game I love.
So I get here and I’m happy, because I get to workout today and just excited to be doing football again. I’m thinking cool, show me to my room, I’ll get a quick 20 minute power nap on my nice bed (i’ve only stayed at a hotel during training camp). I had no idea about this dorm life experience. I get to my room and I swear my bed is as small as my little nephews bed. What am I supposed to do with this, sleep on it?? How we ever slept on these little beds in college is beyond me.
One thing this free agency experience has taught me is to not take life’s blessings for granted. I guess some part of me had taken this NFL life for granted. I just expected it to always be there at least as long as I wanted it to be. I wouldn’t say this experience “humbled” me, but it did allow me the opportunity to rededicate myself to being the best.