Open Letter to Willie Taggart:

Open Letter to Willie Taggart:

I was extremely excited when I knew you would be named Oregon’s head coach.

First of all, I want to say thank you and congratulations. Thank you for bringing excitement and passion back to the Ducks. You brought a fractured team back together and showed them how to love each other and play for one another. You also proved to the college football world that the myth that you can’t recruit to Oregon is a lie.

When you came, you made big and grand promises of longevity, greatness and national championships. Now that you are gone, some may doubt your sincerity. I do not. I believe you meant every word you said. I believe that you thought there wouldn’t be a set of circumstances that could pry you away from Oregon so quickly. I know the decision for you to leave Oregon was extremely difficult for you. However, God granted you an unbelievable and completely unexpected opportunity at Florida State.

Most people don’t realize the sacrifices that coaches make to achieve their dreams. You uprooted your family four times since 2007 to achieve your head coaching dreams of getting a big-time college football job. You stood strong and pressing forward with the Ducks even through one of the hardest times in your life. I can’t imagine how hard it had to be for you to be so far away from your family after your dad passed. The draw to get back to your roots, mom, and childhood dream school was too strong.

Congratulations. Congratulations on finally having the stability, financial security, and the job that seemed unlikely. I know that your decision to leave Oregon was not easy for you or without MAJOR reservation. Oregon is a special place with special people that will always hold a special place in your heart, even though you may not hold a special place in theirs. Ducks fans wish you didn’t have to leave so soon, but most of us would make the exact same decision in the situation.

I will be rooting for you to be the first African American coach to win a national championship… right after Oregon wins theirs.

Good Luck, you MUST schedule a home-and-home with the Ducks, and never forget to #DoSomething.

“The dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately”.

George Wrighster

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    Liar and traitor.

    The dude is 41. He would have another chance.


    Hope he fails completely and is out of coaching soon. He deserves it.

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    Quit saying African American. You're either an American, or your not.

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    It happens guys but we're happy to have our Coach!!! Go Noles lol revenge

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    What's up crybabies we got your coach he didn't won't to fly but you only offered him quack offer 1 more year if you wanted him to stay you shouldn't have slap him in the face

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    Ya sure Noles can have him, he is a liar and not good for mentoring kids. Look at his history he is known for lying and another thing is wait till he fails you on calling plays.

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