Week 3 Predictions and Preview, Player IV Fluids for Hydration, UCLA Free Tickets

Week 3 Predictions and Preview, Player IV Fluids for Hydration, UCLA Free Tickets

On this episode of the Pac-12 Apostles, George Wrighster and Ralph Amsden break down and dissect all the games Pac-12 football week 3. All twelve Pac-12 teams are in action this weekend. The Apostles believe this could be the most important weekend of the Pac-12 season because all the games are non-conference matchups. The results of these games against Michigan State, Houston, Texas Tech, BYU, and Oklahoma will ultimately be used to judge the strength of the Pac-12 come bowl time.

Player hydration has been a major topic this season. Coaches are talking about giving their players IV fluids before the games. Ralph has concerns about it but George sheds some light on how common they really are.

The Apostles address UCLA’s significant attendance problem. Only about 35,000 people showed up to the 100,00+ seat Rose Bowl to see the Bruins play San Diego State. They have even resorted to giving away 4 tickets to this week’s game against #5 Oklahoma. This is similar to a couple of seasons ago when Michigan gave away free tickets to fans who brought a Coke can.

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