‘POWER’ power Rankings: Season 5 Episode Five

‘POWER’ power Rankings: Season 5 Episode Five

POWER Season 5 Episode Five: Happy Birthday

This week we are going to switch things up a little bit from the six biggest takeaways of episode 4. I have discussion questions and the POWER power rankings for all the characters.

Enjoy the greatest theme song on television right now while you read the six biggest takeaways from episode 5.

1. Kanan

Kanan is in the #1 spot and it’s not even close. He has everybody’s head messed up. He is ruining Dré’s business, starting a war with the Italians, moving in on Tommy’s organization, and back in with Tariq all at the same time. It’s almost like Kanan has one of those Men in Black mind erasers. Everybody forgets he is untrustworthy and will stab them in the back at the first opportunity to get back on top of the drug empire. The smartest thing that Kanan does is he cleans up his messes. He does not leave loose ends to expose his deceit.

2. Rashaad Tate

Tate is in a major power position but he’s playing with fire. He has put himself in the middle of two men fighting over money and a dead child. Tate believes his status is his protection from Ghost and Dré. It’s not! We know that art imitates life. Life says that no matter how much fame, power, or status you can be touched! Famous people used to believe street dudes wouldn’t touch them, this has been proven to be false time and time again. Tate is going to get his head busted. The question is by who?

3. Tommy

I’m proud of Tommy. He had great moments in episode five. Tommy got real smart. He figured out Tariq was a rat,  realized that Angela has nothing on him, and is using that relationship to hurt Dré. Tommy might have gotten the #2 spot, but he hasn’t figured out Teresi is a rat. He knows the only way out of this mess with the feds is to take the target off of his back and put it on Dré. At some point in time Tommy will find out Teresi is a snake who is using him. We know Tommy will kill his girlfriend for being disloyal, but will he be willing to kill his father?

4. Teresi

Teresi finds himself so high in the POWER power rankings because he has options. He can either fully betray Tommy to secure his freedom or he can play the feds and try to find a way to stay out of jail and not send Tommy to jail. Teseri has a helluva choice to make. Choosing Tommy means he will have a son and a lifetime ally. Hopefully, he makes the right choice.

5. Angela

Angela has fallen back into the ghost trap. The anti-power couple is back! They have both taking L’s, but at least they have each other again. Angela took a major loss when the DEA blew up the Jiminéz bust. He is like a bull seeing red right now. Somebody is going down and she doesn’t care who (unless is Jamie). She really believes Ghost is out of business with Tommy, so she can pursue the NY case without fear of putting her love in jail. It was a smart move by Angela to let Tommy know about the tracker. That gives him a heads up on the feds but also gave him the opportunity to point her in Dré’s direction. She had to know Tommy wouldn’t take the bait on immunity but would give her something.

6. Proctor

Proctor didn’t get the win her so desperately needs, but he did get some hope. Angela gave him an opportunity to get his law license back and he jumped on it. Smart move by Proctor. He has to be instrumental in whatever move Ghost makes to take down Tate.

7. Dré

Dré took a major power tumble from last week. In episode 4, he escaped getting busted with the Jiminéz and got protected by the publicity and spotlight of working with Tate on the Queens Child Project. Now, he is fired from his club, Kanan is wrecking his drug business, Diego crazy ass pulls a gun on him, and he has to lie to Alicía. That’s too much to deal with. The only positives for Dré in episode five were Tate’s protection and the fact that he is still alive. I know Dré is slicker than a can of oil, but he has to take a loss soon. I’m getting frustrated.

8. Tasha

I don’t feel bad for Tasha. She is partially responsible for everything that has happened to her. Ghost was trying to live his best life and get out of the drug game. Tasha put up so many roadblocks. Then she slept with the Kanan’s son who worked for Ghost. I have to give her props for holding is down for Tariq, but she always so nervous when the detectives come by that it’s suspicious. Real talk… When is Ghost going to find out Terry Silver has slid up in his wife’s bed.

9. Tariq

Per the usual, Tariq is on the verge of doing some dumb shit. Why did he take Tasha’s pills? What is he going to do with them? And now he is hanging out with the master manipulator Kanan. Tariq is a liability to himself and everyone around him. Tasha and Ghost are trying their best to keep Tariq out of jail, but now this dude is trying to confess. In real life, it is always right to do the right thing, but we are watching POWER. Self-preservation has to be the #1 priority.

10. Terry Silver

Terry Silver is the kind of guy Tariq grows up to be. Aside from giving Tasha the “D”, Terry Silver is adding no value to anyone on the show. In episode five he again is trying to pin the murder on Ghost. I do have to give him credit for not speaking up about Tasha’s gun in front of the detective, but that’s the least he could do.

11. Ghost

It looked like was going to make a comeback after the pep talk from Simon. He immediately responded by getting Dré fired and the fundraiser moved back to Truth. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Ghost may have finally hit rock bottom. Not only are Tate, Dré, and Kanan owning him right now, Tariq humiliated and disrespected him. I don’t care how drunk I am; my son ain’t doing me like that. There is nowhere to go but up from here. I am begging for the old Ghost back. He has been broken down too much. He has been a shell of himself for almost two seasons. I believe this weak version of Ghost is hurting the show. With the moves, Kanan, Dré, Tommy, and Teresi are making it looks like a long way back to the top for Ghost.

QUESTIONS: I need answers.

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What dumb shit is Tariq going to do next? What the hell is he going to do with those pills?

How is Angela going to explain her involvement with Ghost again to her folks at work?

Will Tommy be willing to kill Teresi when he realizes he is a snitch?

Ghost has found his way back to Angela. Nothing has ever gone right for them, but now that Ghost wants to be a “better man” will the odds now be in their favor?

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