Pushing Chip Kelly Out the Door: Open Letter to the “Anonymous Boosters”


I was scrolling through my twitter feed and could not believe my eyes when I saw this post in USA Today… ‘Anonymous Oregon Boosters want Chip Kelly gone.‘ 
This could be one of the more troubling things I have EVER read about my Ducks. Everyone knows I bleed Oregon Ducks green and yellow… and black and gray… and white and carbon fiber and (of course) chrome. I hope I speak for all the Duck faithful when I say to these “anonymous boosters”:   Get on board with the program AND CHIP KELLY or find another team to booster for! 
Have you forgotten where we came from?  We have won 3 of the last 4 PAC-12 titles and been to 4 consecutive BCS bowl games. Oregon was an afterthought in the world of powerhouses in college football. Oregon is now arguably the BIGGEST brand in the NCAA. But you want to get rid of the coach because he doesn’t want to play golf with you or pretend to be your friend?  Get over yourself.  Chip Kelly is 45-7.  That’s over 85%. Find a coach with a better record than that. While you’re at it, find another coach who is revolutionizing the way college football is played.  I’ll wait… You can’t!!! I do understand that Chip can be short and keep things very close to the vest. That can be very frustrating at times but what do you want more?  A football coach building a powerhouse… or a politician?  You are the people that cause empires to fall and potential greatness to be ruined.  There will be a day Chip leaves and we will use our “next man up” attitude but what sense does it make to try and push him out the door now? This is absolutely absurd.

“Anonymous Boosters”:  You are selfish, self-serving, cowardice, and do NOT have the program’s best interest at heart. You must be solely concerned with feeding your own ego and show off to your friends that you are friends with the coach. If you are going to make bold statements that could be damaging to the program, don’t hide behind the shield of anonymity.  Stand behind the words you speak. Before you do, however, be sure to realize that we are in the thick of a recruiting battle for the nation’s best players. As a recruit, the LAST thing you want to think is that the coach may leave. When I was being recruited from high school, the ONLY reason I did not go to Arizona is that I knew Coach Tomey would be fired. 
I LOVE the University of Oregon and I hang on every snap of the game whether we are up by 5 or 55.  You are a booster.  Deep down, you do love the program…  but you have clearly lost your way. I really hope you come to your senses and stop tearing down the program that so many people have spent 2 decades building. Let’s get back on the same page.  Let’s support our coach and commit to doing everything possible to win a National Championship. If you cannot do that…  on behalf of Oregon fans, players (past, present, & future), and alumni… We don’t want Chip Kelly gone. We want YOU gone. #GoDucks
George Fredrick Wrighster, III
TE ’99-’02

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    Amen brother! As a season ticket holder for the past decade (and a student before that) who has watched the Ducks grow from Pac-10 doormat to the dominant team in the Pac-12, I salute the accomplishments of Brooks, Bellotti, and Kelly.

    I'm not a wealthy man. I scrape up the money each year for my tickets because I love my school and I love watching them play football. As well as basketball, track, and baseball. I love to see the guys around me in me section of Autzen Stadium come back year after year to see an exciting team take the field.

    All of these guys are sacrificing SOMETHING to afford these expensive tickets every year, because we're not DONORS who can afford to sit under cover and go out to the parking lot at halftime to get drunk and not come back until the 4th quarter. We're just fans. We bleed green and yellow.

    We don't expect Chip to pat us on the head or buy us a steak at El Goucho. We just want to support the team and see them win.

    That's what every fan should want. Godspeed George.

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    As a Beaver fan, the booster is right. Plus, after the NCAA is done with you, this will all have been a dream. You'll be little brother.

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    lol @ treeater

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    Treeater, in your dreams. You'll be eating Duckfeathers for years. You're not in the same league.

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    Amen brother! Awesome post GWIII!

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    Duck fans and boosters are getting spoiled and need to remember where we came from. Enjoy this now nothing lasts forever …

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    Can we get a response from Jack Roberts in his Oregonian column? Pass the popcorn.

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    If Chip leaves UO, it will be HIS decision not that of any group of disgruntled, big $$ boosters. The vast majority of DAF-paying season ticketholders (as I am) have no illusion that they are entitled to be Chip's golf buddy or dinner guest. We want a coach who will deliver a winning program with a modicum of off-field disasters.
    His accomplishments have placed him in rarefied company within college coaching circles. He most likely will leave the Ducks for the NFL after the Fiesta Bowl as his stock is at an all-time high. Coaching in the pros will afford him the opportunity to focus solely on football; not constantly needing to justify his actions in regard to whining boosters.
    P.S. Treeeater: The Beavs would kill to have a coach like Chip. Mike R. might be a nice guy to fans and boosters but SCOREBOARD, baby, SCOREBOARD…

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    Well put George. Thanks on behalf of all real Duck fans, alums and boosters. This was a Canzano like article where the writer looked far and wide for someone who is upset and when he finally found one or two ignored the fact that the overwhelming majority love and appreciate what Chip has done and is doing. Sad to say, but in our society shock value tends to win out over substance,,,,

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    LOL….tweeker climbs out from under his rock to show his room temperature IQ again… flaming every site there is anything Duck related on. take a hike tweeker, your mothers calling.

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    Personally as long as chip wins, and he runs this program with class and character which we all know he does. I could care less if he ever spoke to the local media, or glad handed with the minor donors. As long as the AD, Phil and Penny Knight, Pat Killkenny, the Pape's, Taylors, etc are happy, who cares about the egocentric rest of em. Not me. Go to hell local media, and take Jack Roberts and some whiny faculty members with you.

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    Win at all costs!!!

    -Signed, George Wrighster

    Maybe those boosters dont want what the NCAA is about to do to your program to happen

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    And your team Snow White?
    P.S. Super syntax by the way. Must be a Beaver…

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    Well said. Thank you for putting that into such powerful words.

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    Whose your daddy now Beaver scum! 5 straight years of being the little brother and it is going to get worse! Your team sucks and speed does win! Oregon is the class of the Northwest and Beaver Bation needs to bow down to the Duck and ask for forgiveness! You would not get any recruits if it was not for the national presnse of Duck Nation!

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    George is 100% spot on.

    The NCAA should be disbanded or be consistent and fair.

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    Wait, you would NOT want your coach to leave if he is personally responsible for the second major infraction in a 5-year period, leading to what will likely be punitive punishments due to violation of prObation?

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    Right on, George! Go Ducks…

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    "…the second major infraction…"? Once again, a Beaver Believer troll chimes in. Hmm, seems to me there's been a plethora of Beavs pinched by the cops this year; certainly no reflection on the coaching staff though. Lighten up Francis…

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    Wait, you would not trade your third rate program, and mediocre, at best, succcees for what is going on down south? Sure thing A$$ Clown

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    I guess what upsets me about this latest 'development' with regard to Chip as the Head Coach at UO, is the failure of any of these "boosters" to even begin to recognize what this man has done BEYOND the football field, to help his players become contributing members of society… WTD goes WAY beyond sport. It's too bad that more people didn't recognize those facts and pay closer attention to comments from the 2010 NC staff in Glendale, those in charge of last years RB, and the fact that more and more of these kids are learning to start their day by making their beds, going to class, taking Victory Runs throughout the campus, etc… My feeling is that when this man does choose to leave, his legacy with HIS PLAYERS will far outweigh the opinions of a few select donors who appear to have their noses out of joint… Mark my words, Chip will land on his feet – regardless of where he ends up in 2013.

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    Thanks GW, you could not have said this better. Let me see whose perspective I will put the most weight on. A loaded booster, who has likely never played the game, and just wants people to tell him how great his golf game is? Or an ex player who has forgotten more about what it takes to have a successful program, than any booster would ever hope to know? Easy answer.
    I for one am also a alum and booster, under no illusions my small donations make acny difference, but I could not care less if Chip ever held another open practice, conducted an interview, or played in some half ass charity golf tourny. Clearly Chip knows exactly what it takes to win fotball games, and if that is not good enough for you, please take your sack of money, inflated ego, and take your silly act to lil bro up state.

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    George, I was so pleased when you chose to become a Duck. You never missed a beat as a player.And, I'm glad to see you still got it!

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    You Duck Diehards don't get it….you can win with class, or you can win with clowns. For the most part, Chippy is just a guy who plays fast (wow…..so brilliant and innovative!) and wins games but he is a cheater at heart (see Lyles, Willie) and a rude clown in everyday life. No class + rude, obnoxious behavior leads to faulty morals. So he's gone (wow…another surprise, way to win the day Chipster!), just like Pete Carroll was when he smelled defeat at USC. Defeat is coming to the Duckies and the NCAA will exact it's pound-of-flesh from you very soon. No matter how much Uncle Phil pays the piper, it won't be enough. Defeat is your destiny!

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    " you can with with clowns." Serioulsy? Uh, ok, please let me know the last time that has ever happened? You win with talent, coaching, and execution. If it was as easy as you tried to play it off " just a guy who plays fast " then don't you think someone would have given this a shot already? You are surely the same guy sitting at work, in the same cubicle, whining about all the other people getting promoted, and moving up. Chip's, and Oregon's success, is not some lucky fluke anyone could do. The dude can flat out friggin coach, and there is no smnall line of great football minds that think the same. Or let me guess, he has fooled all of them with his trickery, and when he gets his pick of NFL jobs, he will again have fooled some poor GM with his gimmick. Get a clue stupid. This has zero to do with being a cheater, or your baseless claims of perceived morality. You and yours have been soundly beaten, and will continue to be, by a superrior program in every facet.

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    dude, you have drunk waaay too much kool-aid! give it up before you really hurt yourself. skippy is simply the new fad and like, bell-bottoms and hula-hoops, his time is pretty much up, which is why he will quit and run to the nfl where he will be exposed as a trickster soon enough. look, i know you want to believe otherwise and i get it. but santa isn't real either. sorry…I know this is hard to take. but the visor's true legacy, once he leaves after the season is over, will be a program on probation and a man who quit when the team needed him the most. truth hurts, but he's used all you fan boys and girls and what did you get in return? jacked up ticket prices again and again…check. awful non-conference games at even more awful start times…check. pretty uniforms in all colors-of-the-rainbow…check. and one BCS bowl win…check and mate!

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    Well put George, We hired Chip to win games not to coddle whiney boosters or the ignorant media. Perhaps the university should hire an Ego Stroker/Back Patter for rich princesses. Chip is the best thing to happen to our program. I hope he stays.

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    Thank you George!!!! I have never been to this website until now. Amazing article and it echos my exact thoughts in a passionate way!

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    Borscht I say. I say I'll have a nice bowl of borscht. No, really — anonymous? I believe that someone wants to get some media attention and or $$. Don't print these flaky stories based on borscht!

    I'm a booster and I say BORSCHT!! Go Ducks!!!

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    I love it, thank you George for saying what many of us season ticket holders and long time supporters have long thought but stood silent.

    As for the beaver and husky trolls, Hah hah…you hate Oregon more than you like your own programs…what a sad commentary on your own sad programs.

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    Wishing you played football for the Ducks. You'd have a great view of the sky.

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    Thank you George. Well thought out and written.

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    I love beaver fan praying for some sort of NCAA sanctions, classy. "Those of us at lunch pail U cant sniff a victory so we need to rely on bowl bans and reduced scholarships to compete" OS fans should worry about golly aw shucks riley getting a win in the 2nd biggest bowl game in 50 years, yeah thats right 50 years


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    George, I am too a Sylmar High grad, and an Oregon Alumni. CK has done more than an exemplary job as head coach of our beloved Ducks, and should not have to answer to ANY criticisms from some anonymous source. I can count the names of the other schools who have gone to four straight BCS bowl games on one hand! But is CK wants to bolt to the NFL, let's give him all the support he needs. CK deserves that much.

    Now, I am well acquainted with Mark Helfrich from my days living in Ashland, where Mark went to college. (My room mate caught passes from him when Mark was competing for a QB position there.) I can attest to Mark's ability to be head coach, and I have NO FEAR the Ducks are going to continue to roll on!

    I FEAR NO sanctions…I FEAR never missing a beat as Oregon presents itself as the model of where college is headed. Sanctions be damned!

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    Thanks George. I just heard about this and was INFURIATED with these smug people embarrassing the University of Oregon. Was looking for an avenue to write a heated letter that would somehow reach them, but this open letter hits everything on the head.

    The University of Oregon is a far better place simply having you on their side.

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    Oregon wins with CK because he is focused on football, not all the other stuff. The players are "ecouraged" to WTD, because that also wins games, and life as an added bonus. That CK is short with fans, alums, big time supporters (also known as jock straps), the media, and any other distractions is a plus in my book. Focus on the goal, or loose. Looks to me like some "jock straps" would rather play golf than win.

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    Go Ducks WTD

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    What is Beaver Bation?

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    I don't want Chip Kelly to leave ever, but I don't think anyone wants to see him leave this program until he has AT LEAST one national championship under his belt. He's got some unfinished business here, so let him finish it. WTD.

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    This is the most entertaining web site I've found. I don't know you George, but you say it the way it is: Good job! No need to bash the wanna be schools, Oregon speaks with it's actions. Everyone has heard them loud and clear. When schools talk this way, everyone else gets jealous but they still have to listen. Yeah, there may or may not be sanctions. Doesn't matter. Sanctions fall on the top schools for getting caught at something that all schools do…yes folks…ALL schools. We'll get through it. "Those" boosters need to get over themselves. Unfortunately, they probably don't know who they are; too self absorbed. Go Ducks!

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