Dillon Brooks

Dillon Brooks Is The NBA’s Lamest Villain

We need to talk about Dillon “The Villain” Brooks. The NBA has always been more fun when there are heels involved. Some heels are specific to just one city. For example, ask any Sacramento Kings fan how they feel about Big Shot Bob. While some legendary NBA villains are heels toward every single team in […]

Mavs Tanking and Scrubs Stat Padding- Easter Was a Disaster for the NBA

We went into Easter with several playoff seedings still up for grabs, and what should have been one of the most exciting days of the NBA season turned into a slop-fest of tanking, scrubs having career games, and literal physical infighting.  Bones Hyland tried to fight Mason Plumlee. Rudy Gobert tried to fight Kyle Anderson.  […]

Bronny James

Like It Or Not, Bronny James Is A First Round NBA Talent

We need to talk about Bronny James.  I tried to tell you. I’ve had a front row seat to the evolution of LeBron James’ oldest son as a basketball prospect. And when I say front row seat I mean literally. Our kids were classmates. He’s good. And while I don’t always agree with what a […]