The NBA Let Us Know Their Real Values With Robert Sarver’s Suspension and Fine

We need to talk about the NBA’s suspension of Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver One year. Ten Million Dollars.  That’s the penalty for the Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury’s managing partner after an 11-month investigation that revealed 17 years of Robert Sarver acting cringier than the Scott’s Tot’s episode of the Office. One year. Ten Million Dollars. […]

Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets / NBA

NBA: Kevin Durant Wants Out And More Free Agency Thoughts

We’re not even 24 hours into NBA Free Agency, and the drama is at an all-time high. Kevin Durant dropped an atomic bomb on the NBA community by requesting a trade out of Brooklyn. The Knicks somehow signed Jalen Brunson a week ago. The Pacers traded Malcolm Brogdon to the Celtics for a bag of […]

RJ Barrett of the New York Knicks.

Breaking Down What The New York Knicks Should Do In The NBA Draft

With the 11th pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, the New York Knicks select… That’s what we’re going to find out during tonight’s draft. After last summer’s free-agent debacle and a disappointing 37-win season, the Knicks must shake things up. The time to be bold is now. With plenty of future first-round picks and young […]

Luka Doncic flexing in a game for the Dallas Mavericks.

NBA Playoffs: 3 Biggest Questions Right Now

I don’t want to brag, but I’m locked into these NBA Playoffs. My wallet may beg to differ, but I haven’t missed a game. The league is so damn talented right now. There are emerging stars left and right. On any night, so many guys can give you 20 points a game.  Here are the […]

Joel Embiid and Danny Green celebrating against the Toronto Raptors

The NBA Should Create A Postseason MVP

I’m tired of the MVP debate. As great as NBA Twitter can be, this year’s MVP discourse on the bird app has been nothing short of insufferable. I haven’t chimed in the debate so I’ll try to keep it under three paragraphs. Heading into April, three names had legitimate claims for the MVP. In order […]