Steve Nash Journey to ‘The Finish Line’ Episode 1

Every professional athlete wants to leave the game on their own terms, but reality is no one ever gets to do that! Most athletes retire because their body gives out due injury, or diminished skills. Even Hall of Famers get traded, or pushed out the door at the end of their careers. Try to name a player who retired wasn’t old and lost a step, could no longer play every night, or had a dispute with management. Either way, those are not your terms.

People do not see the work athletes go through to get back. But most importantly, they don’t understand the mental and emotional struggle athletes go through when the lights are being turned out on your career. There are not enough accolades, records, or recognition that can soften the pain of the loss of your love.

Steve Nash knows the window is closing on his Hall of Fame career. If you want a little insight into what is really going on watch Episode 1 of ‘The Finish Line’. Nash documents the struggle to get back on the court and see his career finish the way he wants it to.

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