The Fact Is: Week 6

It’s Week 6, and Facts are Facts!

Eagles are still The Dream Team… In your dreams!

There is no ‘I’ in team, and there’s no ‘D’ in Philly either. This collection of Individuals called a defense “can’t stop a nose bleed” (Bart Scott voice). Even with the horrendous play by The Individuals defense, Philly still could be 4-1, or 5-0. Dropped passes, poor pass protection leading to interceptions, fumbles, and bonehead plays are the headlines for Eagles highlights. With all this said, call me crazy but The Individuals still have a good chance to make the playoffs. They will scrape a couple ugly wins together and make a serious playoff run.

The Eagles locker room is in disarray right now. There are a lot of people talking and not a lot of people listening. Everybody wants to stop the underachieving, but they have only been together a short period of time. With the whole off season missed due to the lockout, the leadership they need to pull themselves out of this funk has yet to emerge. You have players yelling at each other, cussing, and talking under their breath. They all want to win and have ideas on how to win, but until they establish a leader and buy in to the plan the Eagles will be The Individuals.

This week: at Redskins – Individuals win

I want to give Detroit a nickname but I refuse to contribute to foolishness!

I predicted Detroit would take a huge leap and make the playoffs this year. So far I look like a genius, but I saw something on Monday Night Football that concerns me. When you heard Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson, and Suh talking in the off season they expected to play well and make the playoffs. I understand most of the players on their team are used to losing, and were excited to win on MNF, but did you see all the dancing after the game? It was ridiculous! Players were doing the dougie, the running man, and cranking that soulja boy. You won a regular season game in the beginning of October, that’s all it was. This reminded me of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic a couple years ago. A bunch of young talents…All Flash…No Finish. Detroit fans, buyer beware. These guys should still make the playoffs, but are in for a reality check. Hopefully it doesn’t cost them the season when it happens.

Ok I changed my mind, the Lions are now the Detroit Dougies

America’s Economy > America’s Team

The US economy is more stable than the Cowboys. One half it’s high fives and elbows and the second half it’s tears and tissues. I hate to blame 1 person for all of a teams struggles, but Romo has to take blame for this. He has literally thrown 2 games away (Jets, Lions). Watching a Cowboys game with a fan is a hilarious experience. I liken it to watching the day trader analyze the Dow Jones ticker for 3 hours. My sisters fiance’ is a Cowboys fan and he swears Romo is a Top 5 quarterback and the Cowboys are a Top 5 team. He thinks they should blow everyone out and it’s hilarious to watch his hopes and dreams crushed every week. It’s virtually impossible to predict the Cowboys games or seasons, but they are must see TV. You would be a fool to turn a Cowboys game off early. Whether they are up by 24 or down by 17, the game is NEVER over.

The Cowboys are the most consistent team in the NFL. They are consistently inconsistent!

This week America’s team travels to Foxboro – Patriots win (this won’t end well)

What is going on with the Bills and 49ers? Good News/Bad News

I hate to be the barer of bad news…. but, the Bills are going to finish 9-7 or 10-6 and miss the playoffs. The good news is this is a step in the right direction, and Bills fans finally have hope for the future. They have played from behind in every win, and that’s not a good sign. You cannot keep winning games with a young team playing from behind. Fitzpatrick is proving himself a quality QB but don’t drink the kool-aid until the ink is dry on his new deal.

Good news 49ers fans, unless you have a major injury you will make the playoffs! This will be the best season since Jeff Garcia to T.O. was the go-to combo. Keep your Superbowl dreams in your dreams for now though. The NFC West is still the NFC West.

Is the NFC West really the worst division in football?

As a former member of the AFC South it really pains me to say the NFC West is no longer the worst division in football. The AFC South is not very good right now, an 8-8 or 9-7 team will win this division. We all now know Peyton Manning is the most important player on his team. When Brady went down a few years ago the Pats still won 10 games. The Colts will be LUCKY (pun intended) if they don’t go defeated (0-16). Jack Del Rio has imploded the Jags again and with no WRs and a rookie QB they don’t stand a chance. The Tennessee Titans are looking ok right now with Hasselbeck at QB but the Chris Johnson who wanted a huge payday is nowhere to be found. I think the loss of Kenny Britt for the year is going to be this teams achilles heel. At the start of the year my money was on the Houston Texans to win this division, but injuries to Mario Williams and Andre Johnson have opened up the door for the Titans to steal.

It’s really scary how good Cam Newton can be. I hope he continues to work for years because I want to watch!

Green Bay Packers are the best team in the NFL. #ThatIsAll

Indianapolis Colts- trying to figure out how they are going to draft Andrew Luck without making Manning mad.

New York Giants- have a ton of talent but too many injuries to make a serious run at a championship.

New Orleans Saints- least talked about 4-1 team in the league and we will keep it that way for now.

New York Jets- Rex Ryan has some serious work to do with that defense. They were talking Superbowl at the beginning of the year, now they talking about “Playoffs…playoffs…” (Jim Mora voice)

Ladies and Gentlemen… Those are the Facts!

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