Week 6 Review: They are who we thought they were

Well, well, well, what do we have here. The Eagles won ugly, Cowboys game didn’t end well… for them, the Lions reality check has started, Bills lost, 49ers continue their run to the playoffs, and the AFC South is still weak. Don’t be mad at me… Facts are Facts!

The Giants are a dangerous team
How do these guys keep winning? They had players dropping like flies in the beginning of the season but they have not missed a beat. Eli has been Eli… good but not great. With 3 TDs vs Buffalo, Ahmad Bradshaw has emerged as the featured back now that he has stopped fumbling. Nicks is clearly one of the best young wide outs in the league. He combines nice routes with an excellent pair of hands. While the Giants are winning they are not doing anything special. One player steps up each week and has an amazing game and they pull out wins. I still cannot buy them as Superbowl contenders. The G-mens defense gives up a lot of explosive plays. Buffalo had a couple LONG touchdowns. The Giants are a team that is not dominant, but if they get hot in the end of the season could be a nightmare out in the playoffs.

The Aluminum Foil Curtain

The Steelers defense is not what it was. They are giving up more rushing yards than usual and were embarrassed against Baltimore. Big Ben is a good quarterback but without a defense to clean up his mistakes I’m afraid Pittsburgh is no longer a Superbowl contender. Roethlisberger is a 2 time Superbowl winning QB, but he can hardly carry the team with his arm. Unless they find a fountain of youth, the Steelers are going to have a tough time getting into the playoffs this year.

Yea… So… Uh… About the Raiders!

Remember last week I said the Raiders would make the playoffs. That’s probably out the window now. Kyle Boller is my guy and I’ve known him since high school, but I don’t think he can lead the Raiders in the same fashion as Jason Campbell. All you Raiders fans thinking that Terrell Pryor will be Cam Newton part 2, I got some ocean from property in Wyoming to sell you too. Darren Mc Fadden has emerged as one of the top backs in the league. The defense is playing great, but without a good QB not even the ghost of Al Davis can save them.

Is it 2000 or 2011?

The Ravens defense is playing lights out right now. They are fast, physical, rough, tough, and nasty! This defense looks like it has the makings to be even better than the 2000 Superbowl winning team. Haloti Ngata (Go Ducks!) is the engine that makes this aging defense go. I’m not sure what is in the water in Baltimore but Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are 100 years old and still playing great. Ray Fried Rice went over 100 yards for the 25th time in his short career which makes him tops in the league during that time. This running game plus this defense are making the Ravens frontrunner’s in the AFC. If Flacco can manage the game, and make the occasional big play, you could be looking at one of the teams to play in the AFC Championship game.


The Green Bay Packers are scary. Normally teams this good you say, “if they can stay healthy”, but not the Packers, they won the Superbowl without some of their best players. There’s nothing to say about them good or bad they blew out the Rams.

It’s gotta be the coach

What a difference a year makes. Jim Harbaugh has Alex Smith looking like the player the 49ers expected to get when they spent a 1st round pick on him. San Fran is running the ball well, playing good/tough defense, and making plays on special teams. As a fan of the game of football I really appreciate watching good football. The 49ers are impressive right now, but the jury is still out. Their potential and growth will be judged as the season grows longer.

The Monsters of the Midway are back…Not so fast they were playing the Vikings
Why is Matt Forte never in the discussion for the best running back in the league? This guy is just the 2011 version of Marshall Faulk. I’m rooting for him to reach 1000 yards rushing and receiving. No matter how well Forte plays, the Bears will only go as far as their QB allows them. Jay Cutler aka Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, is a walking time bomb. The Chicago offense may be shaky and unreliable but this defense sure isn’t (except last week against the Lions). Julius Peppers, Israel Idonije, Urlacher, and Briggs could be part of the best front 7 in football. Lovie Smith benched his starting safeties this week. If they can get the safety play together they could make a run at the Ravens for the best defense in the league. 
On a side note, Devin Hester returning kicks is nothing short of breathtaking. Every time he catches a return all eyes are on him. Every man, woman, and child holds their breath because they know a touchdown is likely to happen. He is appropriately nicknamed “Anytime”

The Cowboys will start this segment. The good news for Dallas fans is Tony Romo did not throw the game away. The bad news is he didn’t win the game either. The Cowboys defense forced Tom Brady into mistakes and stoned the Patriots high powered offense, which is more good news. The defense only lasted 58 minutes and surrendered the game winning TD, which obviously is the bad news.

The New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton broke his leg and tore a ligament and could not finish the game. They proceeded not to “Win one for the Gipper”, and lost a divisional game to the Bucs. Obvious bad news. You are probably wondering where the silver lining is. The good news is next week they play the Colts and advance to 5-2.

Weakest division update

AFC South… 0-3… Still the weakest division. Jaguars, Texans, and Colts all had a rough Sunday.

Power Rankings will be out on Wed.

The much maligned Patriots defense actually showed up when it mattered this week. It was about 3:30 on the clock and they had to force a three and out to give Tom Brady a chance to win the game.  The Pats defense got the stop and Brady took his team down and scored without a hiccup.

I don’t know why I am mentioning the Colts for the second straight week. Call me crazy, but for some reason I can’t see them going 0-16.

Just when you started to believe the Redskins were for real Rex Grossman had a flashback to his days in Chicago. If he doesn’t get this under control quick there will be a permanent John Beck sighting.

The NFC East is the hardest division to pick a winner. The Individuals (Eagles) are still down even after a victory, but will come off their Bye and string together a bunch of wins. The Cowboys have the talent to beat anyone, but they rarely play four quarters. The Redskins, at the end of the day, just don’t have it.

The Cincinnati Bengals could have a promising future with the Dalton-to-Green QB/WR combo.

The Detroit Dougies (Lions) have started their “reality check” I predicted. They just lost to the 49ers and the trend will continue this week when the Falcons come to town.

Too many injuries to key players for the Houston Texans right now. Unless the Titans lose a few games this season will be like every other, no playoffs.

Ladies and Gentleman… Those are the facts!

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