Unafraid Show’s 2020 Super Bowl Prediction: Ravens Over Saints

Donald Trump vs Bubba Wallace, NFL Problems

A different-looking NFL Season will start this season, as 2020 will feel a sense of normalcy. The regular season will begin on its scheduled day of September 10, as the Kansas City Chiefs will start their title defense against the Houston Texans. Super Bowl 55 is scheduled to take place in Tampa, Florida on February 7, 2021.

As with the MLB Season prediction, this NFL prediction was used with the aid of NFL Playoff Predictor. Anyone can input their prediction for who will win and predict their champion. However, there can only be one team that lifts the trophy at the end of the season.

Why the Baltimore Ravens Will Win the Super Bowl

The Baltimore Ravens were the story of the NFL last season until they weren’t. They are led by Lamar Jackson, the reigning NFL Most Valuable Player. However, Jackson and the Ravens’ regular season success did not translate into postseason success, as they lost to the Titans in a 28-12 clunker.

Many have criticized Lamar Jackson’s two postseason performances. The Ravens fell behind early in both games, which they did not experience a lot of, especially during the 2019 regular season. Some may label this team as frontrunners, but they made some adjustments in the off-season.

The Ravens had an eventful off-season because of one player: Earl Thomas. The team released him after he punched defensive lineman Chuck Clark in an altercation during practice. It will be interesting to see how the Ravens as a team respond to this, but they have the pieces to possibly make a championship run. If Lamar Jackson shows even more improvement in his throwing abilities, the Ravens will have a chance and should be the favorites to win the Super Bowl. My prediction is that they will beat the New Orleans Saints in Tampa Bay.

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Why the New Orleans Saints Are Too Easy of a Pick to Make the Super Bowl

It may be hard for fans to be confident in the Saints to win big games in the playoffs. They will be judged on their postseason performance this year. The past three years, they arguably should have gone at least one round further. It’s Super Bowl or bust in New Orleans.

However, the NFC has been an arena of unpredictability the past few seasons. The 49ers ended up making the Super Bowl last year, which was a surprise. While they had dealt with injuries, their running game proved lethal and almost vaulted them right to the top of the league. Some teams get to go from a losing record to the mountaintop, like the Eagles did in the 2017 NFL Season.

Others, such as the Saints, have to play the long game of making the playoffs every year and being disappointed. A Super Bowl has to happen for this era of Saints football, right? They have been among the NFC favorites for three seasons running now. This year may be the last chance with Drew Brees to win the championship.

Overall Standings Prediction For 2020 NFL Season

Here were the overall standings in the prediction:

AFC North

(1) Ravens 12-4

Steelers 8-8

Browns 7-9

Bengals 3-13

AFC South

(4) Titans 11-5

(5) Texans 11-5

Colts 8-8

Jaguars 2-14

AFC East

(3) Patriots 11-5

(6) Bills 10-6

Dolphins 5-11

Jets 4-12

AFC West

(2) Chiefs 12-4

(7) Broncos 9-7

Raiders 7-9

Chargers 4-12

NFC North

(3) Vikings 11-5

(7) Packers 10-6

Lions 5-11

Bears 5-11

NFC South

(1) Saints 12-4

(5) Buccaneers 12-4

Panthers 8-8

Falcons 4-12

NFC East

(4) Eagles 10-6

Cowboys 7-9

Washington 5-11

Giants 4-12

NFC West

(2) Seahawks 12-4

(6) 49ers 11-5

Cardinals 9-7

Rams 7-9

The Two Teams People Are Underestimating for 2020 NFL Season: Patriots and Cardinals

Apparently Bill Belichick is not the greatest coach of all time. All I am hearing is that the Patriots will not be as good this year. While on paper their roster is not necessarily scary, Belichick and his staff always get the best out of their players. They have simply made the Super Bowl too often to be counted out already.

In 2016, when Tom Brady was suspended, the Patriots went 3-1 with quarterbacks Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett making their first career starts. Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is one of the best in the league at maximizing his talent. Cam Newton is going to make the Patriots running back corps a bigger threat. While James White is no Christian McCaffery, he plays similarly. Also expect Sony Michel to have the best season of his career. If Cam Newton stays healthy, the New England offense will be a threat.

Another team that no one will want to play is the Arizona Cardinals. Kyler Murray is going into his second season and now has DeAndre Hopkins to throw the football to. Having both Hopkins and Larry Fitzgerald will help Murray build upon his first season. While the Cardinals may not make the playoffs due to a packed NFC conference, they will be a tough out every week. Their offense will be lethal.

Cowboys Among Mediocre Teams Looking to Break Through

The Cowboys might have four wins already against the Giants and Washington this season. However, they will still struggle to win their division. Expect their offense to be better, but the x-factor for them will be how the defense does under first-year head coach Mike Nolan. Everything this team does is scrutinized. It is hard to evaluate Dak Prescott as a quarterback because of the team he plays for. New head coach Mike McCarthy will be able to get more out of him this season. However, Prescott is not the type of player who can carry a team.

Did we get the prediction right? What team’s prediction did we butcher? Let us know by tweeting us @unafraidshow. Here’s to a safe and successful 2020 season.

Hot Takes House: Dallas Cowboys, AP Poll stinks, Patriots Shame, Mo Bamba Speaks

Dallas Cowboys

The Hot Takes House is open for business. These are hot takes and fun from the weekend. Send us your hot takes to ImMad@unafraidshow.com, and they may make the next week piece. Do not read any further if you are easily offended.

Fun Fact: The MD on MD 20/20 alcohol does not stand for Mad Dog. It stands for Mogen David.

1. Why on earth does the AP Poll have Georgia ranked #8? They have ZERO quality wins and the only good team they played DEMOLISHED him?

Georgia was inexplicably ranked #2 in the nation with wins against Austin Peay, South Carolina, Middle Tenn State, Missouri, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt. None of those wins were against teams currently even in the top 35. Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Clemson all had better resumes. So, how on earth do they play their first good game, get destroyed and fall to #8?

Georgia is a talented team, and they made it to the CFB Championship game last season. But that was last season. With a loss to LSU and their soft schedule, Georgia is now eliminated for the College Football Playoff unless they make it to the SEC championship and beat Bama.

I am continuously puzzled by the obvious bias of the AP Poll towards the SEC. I understand their bias toward Alabama because they are the champs and look better than last year. The Top 10 for Week 8 should look like this.

2. Find somebody to believe in you the way Jerry Jones believes in Jason Garrett. Jones said, “[Garrett] is an asset that I think will get us to where we want to go, and that’s a championship.”

Jerry Jones is the new Al Davis. I am not calling for Jason Garrett’s job, but I am questioning Jerry Jones’ judgment. In 8 full seasons is there anything that points to Jason Garrett leading the Cowboys to the Super Bowl? I like the Dallas Cowboys, but the fact remains that Garrett only has two double-digit win seasons, two playoff births, and one playoff win. I know teams get hot and strange things can happen, but I can confidently say the Dallas Cowboys will not win the Super Bowl this season.

3. It never ceases to amaze me how little interest there is for regular season baseball compared to playoff baseball.

I am a baseball fan, but regular season baseball is not must-watch television. I catch at least part of a couple of games per week, but I don’t schedule events around baseball. However, I do schedule events around College Football. The numbers say I am in the majority here. I realize this is a function of scarcity. There are 12 regular season college football games compared to 162 MLB games. But, when playoff baseball comes around, the games can do amazing numbers like the RedSox-Astros game on Sunday night. It got almost 21 million viewers. Those aren’t NFL primetime numbers but very respectable!

4. Patriots fans flipped off Tyreek Hill and poured beer on him after his TD, but he is supposed to keep his cool.

When you buy a ticket to a game, you do not get a license to do and say whatever you want to the players. There is an expectation of trash talk and occasional obscenities, but there are common sense lines you shouldn’t cross. There are a lot of people who could not keep their cool after such a disrespectful violation. The NBA’s Malice at The Palace escalated over fans throwing beer at players. The leagues have to ensure the players’ safety and a family-friendly environment. I must applaud the Patriots organization for banning the fan from future games. There is no place for that behavior.

Here are Fan Rights at games: Seat, Cheer, Boo, Be Entertained, Say anything you want as long as you would say it locked in a bathroom with the player, and you could not sue or press charges for whatever happens.

We saw where trash talking goes too far in the McGregor vs. Khabib fight. The moral of the story is, “Don’t let your mouth write checks that your ass can’t cash.”

5. This clip from “The Shop” got me thinking about my life.

When people have said to me, “OMG you are so articulate. I wasn’t expecting it.” I’m always confused about whether I’m offended and enraged as an athlete, black man, or both.

What do you think? Leave a comment or email your thoughts to immad@unafraidshow.com.

6. Does Tom Brady’s success after the age of 40 make you wish you had taken better care of yourself?

This question resonated in my bones. Most of us all look back on our twenties and early thirties and realize we could have treated our body a lot better. Imagine how much better you would feel if you took care of your body better when you were young. I’m 37 years old and just getting myself back together from an NFL career, and a lot of long nights with early mornings.

Tom Brady is 41 years old and still one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL. Some of his success and longevity is a result of taking very few hits compared to a typical football player. However, we cannot discount what his the role his nutrition and workout plans have played in prolonging his career.

7. Bills quarterback Nathan Peterman has replaced Matt Schaub as the pick-six GOAT. Nobody has ever done it worse.

Even people who hate Colin Kaepernick believe he should be in the NFL after seeing Nathan Peterman play. I have no clue how Bills coach Sean McDermott ever thought Peterman was good enough to bench Tyrod Taylor for. Decisions like that make me and all Bills fans question his judgment.

8. Who are these idiots who say Pat Mahomes is just a “hot” quarterback and will cool off and be an average quarterback?

This take is even too much for the Hot Takes House. Pat Mahomes is on earth right now. He lives on the street with all the other elite quarterbacks. When you have seen greatness, you don’t need 10 years of evidence to identify guys who are built out of the same stuff!

About halfway into LeBron James’ rookie season in the NBA, you knew he was different. When you saw Aaron Rodgers take over for Brett Favre, you knew he was special.

9. If Oregon wins out to finish 11-1, they will make the College Football Playoffs.

The Ducks are generating serious buzz on the national scene. After 7 weeks of football, they are within striking range of the top 4. Ultimately, the SEC will only get one team in because Alamaba will hand whoever the champion in the East is their second loss in the SEC Championship game. After that Oregon only needs any one of these things to happen: Notre Dame loses a game, Clemson lose late, ACC Champion be anyone but Clemson, eventual Big XII Champion lose one more game, or Big Ten champion finish with two loses.

See, it is pretty simple. I know the media will tell you something else, but Wrighster is never Wrong!

10. Washington Huskies fans… Now that you have had a chance to sleep. Do you want to talk about it?

Too soon?

Hope you enjoyed Hot Takes House. See you next Monday! Send us your hot takes to ImMad@unafraidshow.com, and they may make the next week post.

Hot Takes House: Drake Curse, Fire NFL QBs and Coaches, Tim Tebow Tears

Tim Tebow

It’s Monday, and the Hot Takes House is open for business. These are hot takes and fun from the weekend. Send us your hot takes to ImMad@unafraidshow.com, and they may make the next week Hot Takes House. Do not read any further if you are easily offended, especially if you are a Tim Tebow fan. If you do, share with a friend.

Send us your hot takes to ImMad@unafraidshow.com, and they may make the next week post.

Winner of the Weekend

  • The curse of Drake is real. He has cursed the Toronto Raptors, Kentucky Wildcats, Serena Williams, and Connor McGregor. If I ever end up on a big stage in competition keep Drake’s ass away from me.

  • It is time for the Oakland Raiders, New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, and Jacksonville Jaguars need to drop their pride and sign Colin Kaepernick.


1. Derek Carr has the worst interception of the 2018 NFL season.



2. We did not ask for a new Sunday Night Football song. The old one was just fine.

3. Jason Garrett is the best thing that ever happened to the Giants, Eagles, Washington, the entire AFC, and NFC.

4. It’s time for the Cowboys to break down and text Dez, “You Up”?

5. The Cleveland Browns have a better winning percentage than the Dallas Cowboys. Welcome to 2018.- @JakeBrownRadio

6. Only Bad Blake Bortles could 1-up Derek Carr’s terrible interception!

7. Nick Foles is not better than Carson Wentz. Eagles twitter needs to stop with the nonsense.

8. Packers kicker Mason Crosby may be in the process of cutting himself. He missed 5 FGs in a dome against Detroit.

9. Odell Beckham threw the best deep touchdown pass of the Giants’ season. He is their best wide receiver and quarterback.


  • Last week Colts’ coach Frank Reich went for it on fourth down in overtime and didn’t get it; Texans won in overtime.
  • This week Cowboys’ coach Jason Garrett punted on fourth and shorter; Texans won again in overtime.
  • Two different coaching approaches, the same result, only one looks cowardice.

College Football

1. In my unbiased opinion, Wrighster is right! Tim Tebow and Nick Saban need to quit crying about fans not showing up!

2. Mike Stoops was actively sabotaging the Oklahoma Sooners defense. We all knew he was getting fired!

3. The jig is up! Utah figured out how to stop Stanford’s jump ball on the goal line. I’ve never seen anybody play it like the Utah cornerback. I bet the conversion percentage goes down from here on out

4.  Florida State quarterback Deondre Francois is the toughest quarterback in the country. He gets his ass kicked every week, doesn’t down his teammates, and signs up for more. 

5. “Dicker the Kicker” is the best nickname in college football! Texas Wins.

6. The AP Poll is biased for ranking Georgia so highly when they have played nobody. The Unafraid Show Top 10 are the only rankings I acknowledge.


1. Ridiculous that the cameras pulled away on a PPV event. We paid the money. We get to see what happens! #UFC229

2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Should we tell Connor or no?


Hope you enjoyed Hot Takes House. See you next Monday! Send us your hot takes to ImMad@unafraidshow.com, and they may make the next week post.


Why 2nd Amendment supporters need to support NFL players kneeling!

Gun owners and 2nd amendment rights people who don’t support NFL players right to kneel are short sighted. This affects you in a way that you do not even realize. You should be terrified by the propaganda/PR stunt that Vice President Mike Pence and President Trump orchestrated on Sunday. Kneeling during the anthem in protest of equality and police brutality is protected under the 1st amendment. If you allow people to be fired, exiled, or ostracized for exercising their 1stamendment rights, you are opening Pandora’s box. Nearly all 2ndamendment rights people say they refuse to allow the government to control gun ownership and trample on their individual rights. I understand that many people don’t like, care, or believe what the NFL players are protesting. However, the principle remains the same despite the amendment. If you allow the President to influence you to shut people’s rights down then it will happen to you sooner than later.
Many people will argue that there’s no way the NRA would allow gun control. I would respond by saying that has been said about a lot of issues: civil rights, abortion, prayer in schools, etc. Look at where taking prayer out of schools has led. Kids, teachers, administrators, have been suspended or fired for bringing a bible to school or praying together. Coaches have been fired for kneeling in prayer after games. People get upset about people praying at school or in public, but then want to “Pray” for Las Vegas, Orlando, and Puerto Rico.
All these things go down a slippery slope. And the arrival destination is never where the intended destination was. Many people are frustrated with public sensitivity that has caused restriction on free speech and infringed on their beliefs. I will guarantee you that, if you support any amendment right being stepped on, a right you care about is in line and will be up for grabs soon enough.
The President has convinced us that attacking ourselves as Americans over flag worship is a good idea. There is no NFL player or media person that does anything except honor and support our military. Kneeling is about bringing awareness to police brutality, and inequality in our country. Patriotism is love and support for your country. It is also the honesty to recognize our faults and fix our issues to be the greatest country in the world.

This divisiveness debating patriotism and flag worship is nothing more than propaganda. Today it is about “shutting down disrespect” that is protected under the 1st amendment. If you allow or condone the suppression of people’s amendment rights, the guns and 2ndamendment rights you love will be infringed upon as well.

Chip Kelly New Eagles Head Coach: Biggest Winners and Losers

This morning it was announced and confirmed the Oregon Ducks head coach Chip Kelly would be the new Philadelphia Eagles head coach. The news was very surprising being that he announced he was staying with the Ducks less than two weeks ago. Kelly is leaving Eugene, Oregon after piling up a very impressive 46-7 record in his 4 seasons as Oregon’s head coach. He also led the Ducks to a record tying 4 consecutive BCS appearances. Kelly now inherits an Eagles team that is low on confidence and hope, but has an abundance of weapons. The Eagles team quit on their 2012 season. Philadelphia fans should be happy with the effort and execution they get from their team in the 2013 season. Expect a new high powered offense and a shift in power in the NFC East. Now to the important part. The biggest winners and losers of the Chip Kelly hire:

Nick Foles: Loser with Winning Potential

This is the obvious choice, but don’t count Foles out just yet. With Vick out this season, Foles proved he can be a quality starting quarterback in the NFL. Chip Kelly is big on competition and playing the best player. So there could be an open quarterback competition, even with Vick’s $15.5 million 2013 salary. If Foles ends up behind center except a Kelly to run a system very similar to that of Bill Belichick in New England. Before you say, “Yea, but Nick Foles is no Tom Brady”, remember nobody could have imagined Brady would be good before Bledsoe got hurt.

Eagles offensive line: Loser… No place to go but up though

This much maligned group was mediocre at best this season. Michael Vick took the lions share of the blame for the Eagles terrible season. But when Foles got in and was running for his life just the same, it was evident the Eagles had a much bigger problem of their hands. Chip Kelly likes to his lineman to do more moving than usual so he needs lineman who are athletic and can run. So guys like King Dunlap, and Dennis Kelly could end up back on the bench or out the door.

Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants: Losers

This season the Giants and Cowboys did not have an answer for RGIII. With the success of the fast break offense in the NFL, it is safe to assume the innovator of the fast break offense will also be successful. Last offseason Bill Belichick spent time learning from Chip Kelly. Now we see a significant difference in the Patriots. When you add Kelly to the Eagles weapons, you end up with a problem for the NFC East. The Giants vaunted pass rush was pedestrian this season, and Eli was back to his mortal self. With the Redskins and Eagles poised to be much better, the immediate future is bleak. “America’s Team” instantly fell to the fighting with the Giants for the 3rd spot in the NFC East. Expect some sort of reaction in free agency by Jerry Jones. Sorry Cowboys fans, but you will not make the playoffs or the Super Bowl next sea on either.

Jeremy Maclin/DeSean Jackson: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

This could be the fastest wide receiver duo in the NFL. In 2010, you saw the Eagles wideouts as the most dynamic and duo in the NFL. The last 2 season these two guys have been like Ferrari’s driving in New York rush hour traffic in winter time, worthless. Expect a resurgence of the big play in Philadelphia in 2013. No team in college football scored more points in less time than Chip Kelly’s Ducks. The majority of the success was due to the ability to run the football. As soon as the Eagles can run the ball effectively again with McCoy, you will see the DeSean Jackson backpedaling into the end zone again.

Michael Vick: Winner… Maybe a loser though

Just when it looked like the Eagles would be giving Michael Vick his walking papers, Chip Kelly walks in the door. The Michael Vick era has been nothing short of a catastrophic disappointment since the ink dried on his $100 million deal. Based on the offense Chip Kelly ran at Oregon it would be very hard to imagine Vick not being an Eagle next season. Kelly’s offense has featured a quarterback who can run the football. Barring a change in philosophy, who would be a better fit for his system than Vick? The biggest question is: Will Kelly be able to turn Vick into the player we expected to see after the 2010 season?

LeSean McCoy: Big Winner

McCoy is a scat back that catches well, but also run between the tackles. He followed up his All-Pro 1,300 yard, 17TD season with an 800 yard, 2TD campaign. Chip Kelly’s running backs at Oregon have averaged over 1,600 yards per season. How big do you think the smile is on McCoy’s face is right now? Expect McCoy to put up some Marshall Faulk like numbers over the next few season.

Oregon Ducks Moral: Loser… Temporarily

The Oregon Ducks Football program should remain intact as a national championship contender every year. However, nobody like uncertainty. Questions are arising amongst the Oregon faithful. Who will be the next head coach? Will the assistant coaches leave? Will our recruits decommit? Will we have a shot at the National Championship in 2013?

Although there is a lot of uncertainty around the Oregon program expect order to be restored pretty quickly. Many people were uncertain about Chip Kelly taking over for a very successful Mike Bellotti, but that worked out very well. The program has enjoyed a continued assent over the last 18 years, there is no reason to think things will change under the new head coach. The new head coach is expected to be offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich, so there won’t be a change in style of play.

Eagles Fans: Biggest Winner

After 2 years of disappointment, Philadelphia fans have hope. The team that was coined the “Dream Team” ended up more like the “Scream Team”. Congratulations Eagles fans. You have a winner and an offensive juggernaut.

NFL is back: Cowboys vs Giants

Dun, dun, dun, dun… It’s a celebration! The NFL is back. Do not forget to set your fantasy football teams! Fans have been clinging to preseason games in an attempt to get their football fix. Preseason games can only “wet your whistle”, there is NOTHING like the real thing. The NFL is the most popular game in America for many reasons: it is physical, anyone can win, and it’s NEVER short on drama. Last off season the lockout was the topic, this season it is the officials. If there wasn’t already enough drama with questionable calls and replay; the NFL will start the season off with replacement referees.

Who better to start the season the season than two of the most drama filled teams in the league? The defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants vs America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys. No love is lost between these bitter division rivals. The Giants have a coach Tom Coughlin who is on the verge of being fired every year, a quarterback who has won two Super Bowls than no one believes is elite, and player/coach drama. On the other hand, there is the Cowboys who are now the Chicago Cubs of the NFL. Next year is “their year”, every year, and they disappoint. This is a team that has only won 1 playoff game in the last 15 seasons, but people consider them to be contenders every year. Dallas features owner Jerry Jones, who spends more time on the field than the press box, a big money quarterback who doesn’t win playoff games, and a wide receiver that the team had to provide rules and a chaperon. Who needs a game when you have great reality television surrounding the teams?

The final score… 34-24. This will be a close game but GIANTS win. The loser of this game will NOT make the playoffs this season. Sorry Cowboys fans, but I will leave you with a present.

Week 12: Playoff Push

Thanksgiving Day games have not been good recently, but I expect different this year. There are three good match ups. TheLionsPackersCowboysDolphinsRavens, and 49ers are all respectable teams. This week, divisional races will become more convoluted. Especially the NFC East. No one wants to win, so the Eagles will come and snatch it.

Green Bay vs Detroit–  The unstoppable Packers roll into Detroit for Thanksgiving dinner. Aaron Rodgers is a human. Last week vs Tampa Bay he looked frustrated at times, but then he was spectacular when it counted. The Lions looked terrible in the beginning of the game but thanks to three Cam Newton interceptions they came back and won by 14. Detroit’s offense is iffy at best. Stafford has to play better for this team to make the playoffs. The Packers will leave Detroit with two dinner plates. Their own and the Lions.


Miami vs Dallas– Do not adjust your television, the Miami Dolphins are a good football team. They play 10 different running backs but they get the job done. Matt Moore is not playing break but he is not turning the football over. The Cowboys were a missed kick away from losing to the Redskins last week. This game will not need snow or Leon Lett for the Dolphins to win. Upset.


San Francisco vs Baltimore– For all you people who do not think the 49ers are for real, we will find out this week. The Ravens are a good football team and will be a good barometer to judge the 49ers. These two teams are a near mirror imago of each other. Great linebacker, great running back, and, decent wide receivers. They both want to run the football and play great defense. This game will be about who executes the best.

Winner: 49ers

Minnesota vs Atlanta– The future of Christian Ponder is still up in the air. At times he look like he may be a franchise quarterback, but other times he looks like he is back at Florida State. No Adrian Peterson. Big problem. The Falcons got a gift with this game, rookie quarterback and no running game. If the Falcons cam keep Jared Allen away from Matt Ryan this will be an easy win.


Carolina vs Indianapolis– Superman has been Clark Kent for the last few weeks. These are the breaks of a rookie NFL quarterback. He started off cooking with Crisco, but hit the rookie wall. I think Cam will get some of momma home cooking this week and rebound for the end of the season. It does not hurt they are playing the Colts this week. There is nothing good happening in Indianapolis right now. Well, Pat Anger is leading the league in tackles.


Tampa Bay vs Tennessee– Tampa Bay was very impressive even with loss to the Packers last week. LeGarrett Blount decided he didn’t need any blockers to run to the ball last week. He easily broke 20 tackles in the game. If he runs like that this week the Bucs have a chance to turn their season around. The Titans will be very motivated to win this week because they still have a chance to win the AFC South with Matt Shaub out in Houston. Chris Johnson had what we thought was a breakout game two weeks ago. Then, last week he was under 15 yards. Expect another low output from him.


Arizona vs St Louis– This is a NFC West showdown. Yes I said that with a straight face. Kevin Kolb should be back this week for the Cardinals. Hopefully his time off helps him play better. I expected the Cardinals to have a few more wins at this point in time. Boy are they disappointing this year. The Rams expected to have a couple more wins too, but injuries have been mean to them.


Cleveland vs Cincinnati– I told y’all Cleveland was going to max out at 14 points last week. Where did they end the game?…14. Please listen to the Cleveland radio host go crazy on his Browns. That is 10 minutes audio that will make your day better. The Bengals lost to the top two teams in their division (Ravens, Steelers), but they are still for real. They have a chance to pick up another game of their division leaders and possibly sneak in the playoffs.

Houston vs Jacksonville– I picked Jacksonville last week and they let me down. This week, they play a better team with a question mark at quarterback. I worked out this summer with Matt Leinart and I think he is ready for his opportunity this year. The Texans control their own playoff destiny, and won’t fall short. I think Jaguars fans are wondering if Blaine Gabbert is really the answer at quarterback. They are also wondering where is the pro bowl tight end they gave 35 million to this offseason. Maurice Jones-Drew cannot win games on offense alone.

Winner: TEXANS

Buffalo vs New York Jets– Am I the one who said the Bills had 9-7 written all over them? I was wrong. Make it 7-9. Now that they have lost their bell cow Fred Jackson, their playoff chances are out of the window. The Jets just came off losing a game everyone expected them to win. New York should rebound this week vs the exploding Bills. The only person who can change the outcome of this game is Mark Sanchez. If he plays terribly, the Jets may lose.

Winner: JETS

Pittsburgh vs Kansas City– Pittsburgh is a good football team and potential Super bowl team. Even though the Chiefs have added Kyle Orton, this game will be a mere speed bump for the Steelers.

Denver vs San Diego– Do you believe in Tebow yet? John Elway isn’t sold long term either. The Broncos defense is fierce and fast right now. Rookie Von Miller is a nightmare off the edge and has been a force against the run and pass. WTH is going on with Phillip Rivers? Seriously, he is awful right now. He leads the league in interceptions and is the main reason for the Chargers struggles. Ryan Matthews gets hurt every game so if Tolbert is out they are down to a guy they didn’t expect to get more that 20 carries on the season. I believe in Tebow and definitely do not believe in Rivers (this year).

Washington vs Seattle-The Redskins put Rex Grossman back at quarterback, and guess what happened? They played well and would have beat the Cowboys if Gano could make a FG. They have to make a long trip to the West Coast and home of the 12th man. Seattle has been playing well they last couple weeks and should continue this week.


Chicago vs Oakland– The Bears were looking like the second best team in the NFL. For weeks I have been saying I was waiting for Cutler to lose games and blow the season. Well he is going to indirectly do both now that he is out for the season. The Bears front seven can’t play quarterback. Haine will have a chance to prove himself and save the Bears season. Carson Palmer looks like the QB who took the Bengals to the playoffs. Oakland is running the ball well and playing great defense.


New England vs Philadelphia– Philadelphia is likely entering a second game in a row without Vick at quarterback. Can Vince Young win 2 games in a row? Not throwing three picks again he can’t. The Patriots do have the last rated pass defense in the league so that should help him out. Expect the Phily defense to press across the board and blitz Brady anytime they line up in empty. That recipe was successful for the Steelers. Another good sign for the Eagles is that the Patriots don’t have a real running game so they should be able to pin their ears back and get after Brady some.

Winner: EAGLES

New York Giants vs New Orleans– This is a great matchup for Monday Night. This game means so much to both teams. They are both leading their closely contested division. A loss would muddy divisional waters and open up the door for chaos. I still have the Eagles making the playoffs. So that is influencing my pick for this game. New Orleans is getting hot at the right time. Brees and the offense are becoming the high powered team we are used to seeing.

Winner: SAINTS

NFL Week 10 WInners/Losers

If you are a fan of the Cowboys, Jaguars, Ravens, Bears, or Jets be prepared to throw your hat on the ground in disgust. Week 10 will be headlined by upsets. Can Ben Roethisberger fend off the young Bengals? You cannot argue against facts, and these are the facts. Leave a comment!

New York Giants vs San Francisco– I am still a huge skeptic of the 49ers. Alex Smith is playing like Trent Dilfer. He is not winning the games, but more importantly, he is not losing it. The 49ers are playing good offense, good defense, and good special teams. When you don’t have an elite QB,you win football games by playing great defense, running the ball, and not turning the ball over. Eli Manning is having what could be his best season. With no Ahmad Bradshaw, the Giants won’t run the ball well against this defense. Eli won’t be able to pass his way out of this pickle. San Francisco is going manage the game to a tee. 49ers

New England vs New York Jets– What is going on with the New England pass defense? They are terrible. What is going on with the Jets run defense? They are terrible? We are so used to seeing Tom Brady playing like there is no defense on the field that we are calling his play bad right now. He is still rated one of the top QBs in the league. He is only a man, he cannot shatter the record books every season. The guy he is facing, Mark Sanchez, is never confused with an elite QB. Even if the Jets allow Sanchez to throw the ball 40 times, he still cannot shred the Patriots defense. The Jets will try to run and control the game, but it won’t happen. The Patriots are going to score early and get a few picks off Sanchez passing to catch up. PATRIOTS

Denver vs Kansas City– The Chiefs pulled to 4-4 and fooled some people with a win over the Chargers. I didn’t fall for it. They only have wins over the Vikings, Colts, Raiders (week after losing Jason Campbell), and Chargers. Last week they showed their true colors against winless Miami. I am rooting for Tim Tebow, but in 3 starts it has been a mixed bag. 2 wins, but less than stellar play at the same time. At the end of the day the NFL is judged in wins. I give you the baby “Tebowing”. BRONCOS

Arizona vs Philadelphia– When this season started, the Cardinals thought the trade for Kevin Kolb would be what they needed to make a playoff run in the NFC West. The Kolb-to-Fitzgerald combo is not producing wins right now. This game will be open season on the Cardinals meager defense. If the Eagles can keep from shooting themselves in the foot with turnovers, they will win going away. The Eagles will still finish 10-6 and make the playoffs. EAGLES

Pittsburgh vs Cincinnati– When the season started no one could have predicted this game would actually have playoff implications. Cincinnati has piled up wins due to a favorable schedule and great play. Now in the home stretch of the season it’s time to play the big boys. It’s put up or shut up time for the Bengals. The AFC North is a tough division headlined by the Ravens and Steelers. Pittsburgh just came off a heartbreaking loss against the Ravens and looks to rebound against the new look Bengals. This game has upset written all over it. I will say, in big games the Steelers have done the exact opposite of my prediction. So… BENGALS

New Orleans vs Atlanta– This is another huge divisional game this week. Barring injury to their quarterback, the winner of this game will win the NFC South. Drew Brees has to stop throwing the other team the ball. Matt Ryan has to win a big game against an elite QB. The Saints have a couple players out on defense so the Falcons should run the ball pretty well. FALCONS

St. Louis vs Cleveland– This is the game we have all been waiting for all season… not so much. This game will come down to playmakers. Cleveland has virtually NO offense playmakers except Joe Thomas. Unfortunately for the Browns he plays left tackle. St. Louis on the other hand has a few at running back and receiver. RAMS

Buffalo vs Dallas– The Bills ruined a golden opportunity last week against against the Jets to prove they were for real. Buffalo still has 9-7 written all over them, but are a good team. Fitzpatrick has to play better for them to continue to win. The Cowboys are schizophrenic. They are good and terrible at the same time. In the first half they look like Super Bowl contenders, but in the second they look like the team that is going to miss the playoffs. The up and down trend will continue this week. BILLS

Jacksonville vs Indianapolis– What a difference Peyton Manning 

makes. 3 years ago, this game was critical in deciding who would win the AFC South. 1 year ago, this game was critical to the Colts getting a first round playoff bye. This year, this game is critical in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. The Colts pass rush is going to give young Blaine Gabbert all he can handle. If the Jaguars can’t get Maurice Jones-Drew going the Colts are actually going to look like a good team and ruin their perfect season. COLTS

Detroit vs Chicago– The Lions march into soldier field to further prove they are ready to take the next step and make the playoffs. Detroit’s offense has been inconsistent all season. To make the playoffs and actually win a game, they have to be consistent. The best thing Chicago has going is their defense. Jay Cutler is inconsistent and erratic. He has played too many good games in a row. A disaster is on its way. LIONS

Tennessee vs Carolina– Cam Cam Cam. Cam Newton has shown up in impressive fashion every week this season. Sunday will be no different. If Chris Johnson gets off the bus with his game face on, this game could be full of big plays and superstars. Matt Hasselbeck is playing at a high level, but without Kenny Britt their passing game has lacked a go-to receiver. If Chris Johnson shows up, Titans win. If not, the Carolina Cams will win. TITANS

Houston vs Tampa Bay– Last year, the Bucs ran the football to a 10-6 record , and Josh Freeman looked like the next best thing. This year Freeman looks like he ate the same thing Phillip Rivers did. He just does not look like the same guy. On the other hand, Matt Shaub looks like Matt Shaub, one of the leagues better quarterbacks. Arian Foster is running wild on the league again. No Andre Johnson, No problem. TEXANS

Baltimore vs Seattle– Good news Ravens fans… You are coming off two consecutive emotional comeback wins. Bad News… This week they face the Seahawks in Seattle. Every time I look at this game I see Baltimore vs Jacksonville on Monday night. Upset. SEAHAWKS

Washington vs Miami– Washington has dropped 4 straight. With no running back or quarterback the Redskins are on a paved road to nowhere. Reggie Bush was a couple yards away from his second consecutive and third career 100 yard game. He should get 100 yards this week and Miami pull out back to back wins. MIAMI

Minnesota vs Green Bay– The best team in the NFC North and best team in the NFL faces the worst team in their division. Guess who is going to win this one? PACKERS

NFL Week 8 Facts

Finally, we are here, at the meat and potatoes of the NFL season. This is the point in the season where the cream rises to the top, and the rest fall by the wayside. In the first few weeks of the season, the standings are muddy. All the teams are separated by only a game or so. Now you will see glaring differences between contenders and pretenders. There is a lot of football left. I will let you in on the key match ups to watch out for, and players who will have a direct impact on the playoff picture. If everything about your team or favorite players is not flattering, don’t be mad at me. Facts are Facts. Leave your comments below.

New England vs Pittsburgh– The game of the day! This game will rest on the shoulders of both teams defense. There have been serious questions raised about both defenses. The much maligned New England run defense will get a test this week when they visit the steel city. Old, long toothed, aging, and gray haired are just a few of the adjectives used to describe the Steelers defense. The Patriots defense showed up tough at the end of the Cowboys game, so I know they can play D when they need to. Since their week 1 shellacking by the Ravens, the Pittsburgh defense has ranked 3rd in the NFL. They are giving up 107 yards per game on the ground which is not typical, but the Patriots are not exactly rushing juggernauts. The Steelers defense is great but the Patriots have the great equalizer… Tom Brady! I’m excited to watch this game, but I think we will see a rematch in the AFC Championship game. PATRIOTS
Dallas vs Philadelphia– Big rivalry games in college football have nicknames. Dallas vs Philly. The Individuals were supposed to become a team and make the playoffs! Asante Samuel is making me doubt everything I said. There is an obvious fracture between him and the front office and coaches. I’m afraid his issues will spill into the locker room and destroy my prediction of the Eagles being the first 1-4 team to make the playoffs. I have Dallas missing the playoffs this year and Eagles making it, but who knows now. I will not pick the winner of this game, but I will say, whoever wins this game will make the playoffs. Since I didn’t pick a winner, I gave you a Cowgirl instead!

New Orleans vs St. Louis– Sean Payton will be coaching from the booth but don’t expect this game to be a repeat to Jaguars/Ravens on Monday Night. The Saints will cruise to victory. Which player playing in this game has 45 rec 674 yards 5 TD? I’ll wait… Tight End Jimmie Graham. SAINTS

Detroit vs Denver– I wish these two teams weren’t playing this week. I have been very vocal on my twitter about being a Tebow supporter. I also said that Detroit Dougies were in for a reality check after all that dancing on Monday Night Football. The Dougies dropped two games in a row, and I think they rebound this week. So if Detroit wins, I’m right, but Tebow loses. Ugh! If Stafford plays… Detroit wins. DETROIT
Minnesota vs Carolina– Cam…Cam…Cam! I did not expect this at all. The Panthers have had an opportunity to win every game this year. In the preseason, it looked like Cam would lean on his tight ends more and his receivers could struggle. Wrong! Newton is throwing for a lot of yards, and Steve Smith is on pace for a career year. Reality is, for now, Cam is a rookie and middle of the road passer.  He has only 8 touchdowns vs 9 ints, but to his credit, he is 2nd in the league in rushing touchdowns. With the exception of Adrian Peterson, where are the running backs who got paid this year (i.e. Chris Johnson, Deangelo Williams)? 
I’m really excited about this game, Christian Ponder vs Cam Cam Cam. Neither team will make the playoffs this year, but there is hope for the future in both places. I will watch this game and won’t care who wins because I know I’m in for some excitement from Cam, Peterson, and Harvin. Superman is in the building! PANTHERS

San Diego vs Kansas City– This a battle between one of the most explosive offenses in the league vs one of the NFL’s worst. The Chiefs had the potential to be a very explosive offense, but the loss of speedy running back Jamaal Charles and tight end Tony Moleaki have put a dent in the Chiefs offense. With wins over the Vikings, Colts, and the blowout of Oakland last week, 3-3 KC is very deceiving. San Diego already beat KC in week 3, but neither team had any outstanding performances. Fantasy owners: Vincent Jackson, Phillip Rivers, and Dwayne Bowe will produce this week. CHARGERS

Indianapolis vs Tennessee– I can only give you one good reason to watch this game: Chris Johnson. He has to get going soon… right? This could be the game. Johnson is on pace to rush for a whopping 716 yards on the ENTIRE season. This is why he is not on the top running back list right now. Back to the game. If tennessee hass any chance to win the division and make the playoffs, this is a must win. The Titans were looking good before Kenny Britt got hurt. They are now playoff pretenders. Indy is in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes vs Miami, but this is a game they could accidentally win. TITANS?

Jacksonville vs Houston– Andre Johnson may play against the Jags. Fantasy owners wait to start him until next week even if he does play. Jacksonville played their best game of the season against the dismal Ravens offense. Even though the Jags have a good defense, expect either Matt Shaub or Arian Foster to have a big game. The Jaguars have a really good defense, but the Texans offense will be too much. The Texans will have the inside track to the playoffs in the AFC South after a win Sunday. TEXANS
Arizona vs Baltimore– This is the perfect game for the Ravens to bring their offense back to life. Expect Ray Rice to have a big game vs the Cardinals 26th ranked defense. Larry Fitzgerald got the QB he wanted, the contract he wanted, but did not get the results he wanted. With no real running game, and no #2 receiver, the Cardinals are not looking good this season. Hopefully they draft well. With all that said, I’m not sold on Joe Flacco as an elite NFL QB. If the Cardinals can get a couple turnovers and Kolb can have a good game vs Haloti Ngata (Go Ducks) and company, this could be another shocker. RAVENS

Good News Seattle, you have one of the toughest stadiums for opposing teams in the league. The 12 man is serious. After a 6-3 “shoot out” loss to the Browns, this seems like exactly what you need to get a win. Bad News, Seattle does not have a quarterback. Last week, your running back Marshawn Lynch didn’t even make it out of warmups. Cincinnati is a young team with a nice schedule that could end up 10-6 with a wildcard spot. Yes I said it… but don’t quote me just yet. Expect AJ Green, Andy Dalton, and Gresham to all have a nice game. CINCINNATI 
Remember planking? New trend! #Tebowing
Miami vs New York Giants– Ill watch the highlights. GIANTS
Washington vs Buffalo– For some reason, I do not believe in the Bills yet (Don’t be mad at me Drayton). Buffalo has 9-7 written all over them. Compared to the recent past, that is a drastic improvement and fans should be proud. The Redskins look a mess. Quarterback issues, runningback issues, and injuries are piling up. BUFFALO
Cleveland vs San Francisco– With the combination of being in the NFC West and a schedule like this, it would take a major meltdown for the 49ers to miss the playoffs. 49ers

Week 6 Review: They are who we thought they were

Well, well, well, what do we have here. The Eagles won ugly, Cowboys game didn’t end well… for them, the Lions reality check has started, Bills lost, 49ers continue their run to the playoffs, and the AFC South is still weak. Don’t be mad at me… Facts are Facts!

The Giants are a dangerous team
How do these guys keep winning? They had players dropping like flies in the beginning of the season but they have not missed a beat. Eli has been Eli… good but not great. With 3 TDs vs Buffalo, Ahmad Bradshaw has emerged as the featured back now that he has stopped fumbling. Nicks is clearly one of the best young wide outs in the league. He combines nice routes with an excellent pair of hands. While the Giants are winning they are not doing anything special. One player steps up each week and has an amazing game and they pull out wins. I still cannot buy them as Superbowl contenders. The G-mens defense gives up a lot of explosive plays. Buffalo had a couple LONG touchdowns. The Giants are a team that is not dominant, but if they get hot in the end of the season could be a nightmare out in the playoffs.

The Aluminum Foil Curtain

The Steelers defense is not what it was. They are giving up more rushing yards than usual and were embarrassed against Baltimore. Big Ben is a good quarterback but without a defense to clean up his mistakes I’m afraid Pittsburgh is no longer a Superbowl contender. Roethlisberger is a 2 time Superbowl winning QB, but he can hardly carry the team with his arm. Unless they find a fountain of youth, the Steelers are going to have a tough time getting into the playoffs this year.

Yea… So… Uh… About the Raiders!

Remember last week I said the Raiders would make the playoffs. That’s probably out the window now. Kyle Boller is my guy and I’ve known him since high school, but I don’t think he can lead the Raiders in the same fashion as Jason Campbell. All you Raiders fans thinking that Terrell Pryor will be Cam Newton part 2, I got some ocean from property in Wyoming to sell you too. Darren Mc Fadden has emerged as one of the top backs in the league. The defense is playing great, but without a good QB not even the ghost of Al Davis can save them.

Is it 2000 or 2011?

The Ravens defense is playing lights out right now. They are fast, physical, rough, tough, and nasty! This defense looks like it has the makings to be even better than the 2000 Superbowl winning team. Haloti Ngata (Go Ducks!) is the engine that makes this aging defense go. I’m not sure what is in the water in Baltimore but Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are 100 years old and still playing great. Ray Fried Rice went over 100 yards for the 25th time in his short career which makes him tops in the league during that time. This running game plus this defense are making the Ravens frontrunner’s in the AFC. If Flacco can manage the game, and make the occasional big play, you could be looking at one of the teams to play in the AFC Championship game.


The Green Bay Packers are scary. Normally teams this good you say, “if they can stay healthy”, but not the Packers, they won the Superbowl without some of their best players. There’s nothing to say about them good or bad they blew out the Rams.

It’s gotta be the coach

What a difference a year makes. Jim Harbaugh has Alex Smith looking like the player the 49ers expected to get when they spent a 1st round pick on him. San Fran is running the ball well, playing good/tough defense, and making plays on special teams. As a fan of the game of football I really appreciate watching good football. The 49ers are impressive right now, but the jury is still out. Their potential and growth will be judged as the season grows longer.

The Monsters of the Midway are back…Not so fast they were playing the Vikings
Why is Matt Forte never in the discussion for the best running back in the league? This guy is just the 2011 version of Marshall Faulk. I’m rooting for him to reach 1000 yards rushing and receiving. No matter how well Forte plays, the Bears will only go as far as their QB allows them. Jay Cutler aka Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, is a walking time bomb. The Chicago offense may be shaky and unreliable but this defense sure isn’t (except last week against the Lions). Julius Peppers, Israel Idonije, Urlacher, and Briggs could be part of the best front 7 in football. Lovie Smith benched his starting safeties this week. If they can get the safety play together they could make a run at the Ravens for the best defense in the league. 
On a side note, Devin Hester returning kicks is nothing short of breathtaking. Every time he catches a return all eyes are on him. Every man, woman, and child holds their breath because they know a touchdown is likely to happen. He is appropriately nicknamed “Anytime”

The Cowboys will start this segment. The good news for Dallas fans is Tony Romo did not throw the game away. The bad news is he didn’t win the game either. The Cowboys defense forced Tom Brady into mistakes and stoned the Patriots high powered offense, which is more good news. The defense only lasted 58 minutes and surrendered the game winning TD, which obviously is the bad news.

The New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton broke his leg and tore a ligament and could not finish the game. They proceeded not to “Win one for the Gipper”, and lost a divisional game to the Bucs. Obvious bad news. You are probably wondering where the silver lining is. The good news is next week they play the Colts and advance to 5-2.

Weakest division update

AFC South… 0-3… Still the weakest division. Jaguars, Texans, and Colts all had a rough Sunday.

Power Rankings will be out on Wed.

The much maligned Patriots defense actually showed up when it mattered this week. It was about 3:30 on the clock and they had to force a three and out to give Tom Brady a chance to win the game.  The Pats defense got the stop and Brady took his team down and scored without a hiccup.

I don’t know why I am mentioning the Colts for the second straight week. Call me crazy, but for some reason I can’t see them going 0-16.

Just when you started to believe the Redskins were for real Rex Grossman had a flashback to his days in Chicago. If he doesn’t get this under control quick there will be a permanent John Beck sighting.

The NFC East is the hardest division to pick a winner. The Individuals (Eagles) are still down even after a victory, but will come off their Bye and string together a bunch of wins. The Cowboys have the talent to beat anyone, but they rarely play four quarters. The Redskins, at the end of the day, just don’t have it.

The Cincinnati Bengals could have a promising future with the Dalton-to-Green QB/WR combo.

The Detroit Dougies (Lions) have started their “reality check” I predicted. They just lost to the 49ers and the trend will continue this week when the Falcons come to town.

Too many injuries to key players for the Houston Texans right now. Unless the Titans lose a few games this season will be like every other, no playoffs.

Ladies and Gentleman… Those are the facts!