Tim Tebow’s Mets Baseball Career is Nearing the Merciful End

Tim Tebow's Baseball career with the mets is coming to an end

I’ll open with this: hitting a baseball is hard. It’s a round ball hurtling through space – usually, over 90 miles per hour – with all kinds of movement on it, thrown by someone whose entire livelihood depends on you not hitting it. That’s not easy. However, it’s pretty clear that former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow has been particularly bad at it for the Mets, at least by the standards of minor league baseball.

Tebow recently suffered a lacerated hand, which will cause him to miss potentially the rest of the 2019 season. He has been playing for the Syracuse Mets – a Triple-A affiliate of the New York Mets.

Prior to Tebow’s unfortunate injury, which apparently happened in the field, he was slashing an abysmal .163/.240/.255 with four home runs, 19 RBI, two stolen bases and 25 runs scored.

He possesses a solid ability to draw walks, doing so at a respectable 7.6% clip, but his 37.1% strikeout rate is horrific, even in a league that doesn’t seem to mind the spike in strikeouts.

Is Tim Tebow Done With the Mets?

Tebow’s return is up in the air, and while having him in the minor leagues has been good publicity for the Mets – which is rare these days – it’s going to be hard to justify giving him a roster spot over some other more deserving players.

A quick look in their minor league system shows multiple players, including Sam Haggerty and Barrett Barnes, who deserve a promotion to Triple-A over Tebow.

Haggerty is hitting .278 with 17 home runs as a 25-year-old, while Barnes is hitting .235, but with 12 home runs, at age 27. Both players are losing an opportunity to advance as long as Tebow is taking up a roster spot.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully support Tebow’s decision to try to play professional baseball – I’m not in the business of laughing at someone pursuing a dream. But that dream is dead, and even when his hand heals it is probably best for the former star quarterback to hang up his spikes – again – and pursue a career in broadcasting.

Time to give someone else a chance.

Hot Takes House: Drake Curse, Fire NFL QBs and Coaches, Tim Tebow Tears

Tim Tebow

It’s Monday, and the Hot Takes House is open for business. These are hot takes and fun from the weekend. Send us your hot takes to ImMad@unafraidshow.com, and they may make the next week Hot Takes House. Do not read any further if you are easily offended, especially if you are a Tim Tebow fan. If you do, share with a friend.

Send us your hot takes to ImMad@unafraidshow.com, and they may make the next week post.

Winner of the Weekend

  • The curse of Drake is real. He has cursed the Toronto Raptors, Kentucky Wildcats, Serena Williams, and Connor McGregor. If I ever end up on a big stage in competition keep Drake’s ass away from me.

  • It is time for the Oakland Raiders, New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, and Jacksonville Jaguars need to drop their pride and sign Colin Kaepernick.


1. Derek Carr has the worst interception of the 2018 NFL season.



2. We did not ask for a new Sunday Night Football song. The old one was just fine.

3. Jason Garrett is the best thing that ever happened to the Giants, Eagles, Washington, the entire AFC, and NFC.

4. It’s time for the Cowboys to break down and text Dez, “You Up”?

5. The Cleveland Browns have a better winning percentage than the Dallas Cowboys. Welcome to 2018.- @JakeBrownRadio

6. Only Bad Blake Bortles could 1-up Derek Carr’s terrible interception!

7. Nick Foles is not better than Carson Wentz. Eagles twitter needs to stop with the nonsense.

8. Packers kicker Mason Crosby may be in the process of cutting himself. He missed 5 FGs in a dome against Detroit.

9. Odell Beckham threw the best deep touchdown pass of the Giants’ season. He is their best wide receiver and quarterback.


  • Last week Colts’ coach Frank Reich went for it on fourth down in overtime and didn’t get it; Texans won in overtime.
  • This week Cowboys’ coach Jason Garrett punted on fourth and shorter; Texans won again in overtime.
  • Two different coaching approaches, the same result, only one looks cowardice.

College Football

1. In my unbiased opinion, Wrighster is right! Tim Tebow and Nick Saban need to quit crying about fans not showing up!

2. Mike Stoops was actively sabotaging the Oklahoma Sooners defense. We all knew he was getting fired!

3. The jig is up! Utah figured out how to stop Stanford’s jump ball on the goal line. I’ve never seen anybody play it like the Utah cornerback. I bet the conversion percentage goes down from here on out

4.  Florida State quarterback Deondre Francois is the toughest quarterback in the country. He gets his ass kicked every week, doesn’t down his teammates, and signs up for more. 

5. “Dicker the Kicker” is the best nickname in college football! Texas Wins.

6. The AP Poll is biased for ranking Georgia so highly when they have played nobody. The Unafraid Show Top 10 are the only rankings I acknowledge.


1. Ridiculous that the cameras pulled away on a PPV event. We paid the money. We get to see what happens! #UFC229

2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Should we tell Connor or no?


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