I was informed a couple days ago that I’m on the trading block. The Jaguars are trying to trade me. Professional sports is a business and no one is exempt from the business aspect, not Hall of Famers, not star players. Fred Taylor, Derrick Brooks, Marvin Harrison are just a few household names who were let go by teams they had spent 10+ years with.

I have already been very fortunate. I am living the dream. I just finished my 6th year in the NFL (Not For Long) with the same team and I’m on my second contract. The average career is only 3 years. So far I have had a few seasons cut short due to injury but I am 100% healthy now. I am committed to maximizing my potential and being one of the best tight ends in the league, now that I am healthy, that is very possible. 
I want to thank the Jaguars fans and all of the people who have supported me and followed my career through college and NFL. So many people have supported me when things were going well, but most importantly when they weren’t. Thank you so much.  I’m excited to get a new opportunity and a fresh start but nervous to leave the only team and fans I know. 
Looking forward…I have prayed about this situation and I have peace because everything will work out for the better. I am healthy and I will give everyone more highlights, more catches to cheer about, and continue to be a good role model, just in a different uniform.

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  1. It’s good to hear you’re back to full strength George. Good luck wherever you end up!

  2. That’s rough man. I’m sure it will all work out. If you get traded, it just means another team wants you even MORE. Sucks though, I was gonna rep your jersey at a Duck game this year…

  3. man im hoping they dont trade you. i love your game and its perfect for our offense.

  4. You were a good player for the Jaguars George. I really feel like before you got hurt in 2007 you were having a solid year. Best luck in the future and who knows, you could end up on the Jags this season again. We’ll be rooting for you.

  5. what are you worth on draft be honest 4-5 maybe where were you drafted i forgot any way you caught the ball most of the time but the league is full of just dang good football players why are they thinking of trading you i dont see this happening for many diff. reasons you been hurt to trade for a young draft pick doent look good unless someone has their eye on you from college or somethin. i also think you fit with us show mercedes how to catch

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