And The Oscar for Best Dramatic Actor Goes To…. Brett Favre

He got y’all again. I refused to fall for it the 3rd time again. You didn’t really think Brett Favre was gonna let us off easy this year, did you? Compared to the last 3 off seasons, this year was quiet with Favre talk so everyone assumed he would just quietly come back. “Not so fast my friend” (Lee Corso voice). You have to think about the reason Favre gave us a pass until now; he couldn’t dominate the news all summer because of the LeBron sweepstakes. He knew he couldn’t compete with the LeBron drama. Maybe Favre should have a two hour special on ABC called, “The Decision 2”. But now it’s August and the spotlight is his alone. All he had to do was pull his cell phone outta his wranglers and send a couple text messages to teammates and he was alone at the top! Every news channel and social network is focused on him. I imagine Brett is at home sitting on his couch, with his feet propped up, drinking a beer smiling inside and out while he is listening to “Encore” by Jay Z.

I don’t know if he will retire, but I won’t believe it until he is not under center week 1 of 2011 season. Yes 2011. That’s a long way away but Favre has a flair for the dramatic.

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