When I saw Astros fan Sarah Head catch Dodgers right fielder Yasiel Puig’s ninth-inning home run in Game 5 of the World Series I was impressed. I know women are dope and phenomenal athletes but it is something a little extra cool about a woman or kid catching a ball like that with ease. Do you understand what the chances are of catching a homerun game in a World Series game? That was dope.

Buddy’s wife caught a World Series home run ball and his friend STOLE IT AND THREW IT BACK! pic.twitter.com/Maaq8zj8Ia
— Will Brinson (@WillBrinson) October 30, 2017
Almost immediately being impressed changed to disbelief then anger when the dude two seats down from her snatched the ball out of her hand and threw it back on the field. I couldn’t believe this dude really snatched the ball out of her hand. So many fans cheered because in some ballparks, especially Wrigley Field (Cubs), fans are expected to throw opponents home run balls back. The idea is that they are trash and not souvenirs because a homerun is negative for your time.

It turns out that the guy who snatched the ball was her brother-in-law. I’m going to assume the man in between Sarah and the brother-in-law is Sarah’s husband. Do you see the look on his face and his reaction to his brother taking the ball from his wife?

I would have understood if he punched his brother in the face. Sarah said she was going to throw the ball back, but she didn’t get to make that decision. I get more and more irate every time I see this. And no, it’s not because she is a woman. First, he took the ball from her. Second, the husband tries to stop him and he is just so DGF that he threw the ball anyway. The level of disrespect and entitlement it takes to do this is through the roof. I don’t care if it’s a son, best friend, dad, or brother that is unacceptable. I would be willing to bet this not the first time he’s done something like this to his brother or sister-in-law. I believe we all have to agree he’s probably just that guy. He’s the uncle or dad who eats all the kids Halloween candy on the late night and acts like they did it.

Some will tell me, you aren’t supposed to keep the ball but I am not listening to any of that. Home runs and foul balls are a lot harder to catch than many people make it look. So, I don’t care who my team is. If I catch a homerun ball in the World Series it is going home with me, or it is going back to the player in some sort of trade.
I at least draw some comfort in the fact that the brother-in-law agreed to give her his Nolan Ryan signed bat and ball as penance. But then I realized she wasn’t really going to throw the ball back because she is taking memorabilia from her brother-in-law. Sarah bowed to social pressure and just said she would have thrown it back.

I can’t be the only person who feels like this. Right?

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