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On to the emails:

My friend’s older sister is pretty chill and her bedroom is at the top of their stairs. My friend has even told me that he has seen his sister naked sometimes because she changes with the door open. We were hanging out at his house and he had to use the bathroom. He went to the downstairs one but I had to go too, so I went upstairs. His stairs turn halfway up, so there’s a corner. I turn the corner and I look up. Her bedroom door is open and she is standing inside, completely naked. Her hair was wet so she must’ve just gotten out of the shower. I quickly turned away and went back downstairs before she noticed but I still saw everything. I’ve known my friend since kindergarten, and I don’t want this to be weird now. What should I do?

You boy’s sister is clearly an exhibitionist. If you saw her naked, it’s because she wanted you to see her naked.

If this is my friend, I’m absolutely telling him. This shouldn’t even be an issue with your friend being mad because he already told you what the deal was. I’m an overprotective guy with my sisters and daughters. So, if they were doing something like running around naked with company around I’m putting that to a stop.

I was notorious for making my sisters or daughter change clothes if I thought the outfit was too short, tight, etc. I can’t wait for somebody to say I’m wrong for “shaming” them, but I don’t care. My family. I make the rules.

Now, since you have seen your friend’s sister’s goodies you can’t be trying to get your friend’s sister’s cookies. I’m letting you know up front if you start looking at his sister like a snack you and your boy are going to have some problems.


I’m a 25 guy and my 23 girlfriend wants to go naked with some female friends on a nudist beach; Is this a red flag?

She did ask me if I wanted to join, but it’s not something I’m comfortable doing. However, I feel like this is something you just don’t do when you’re in a relationship. She said she’s there to hang out with her friends and avoid any men that might hit on her (at least she has the insight to know this will happen), and I have no reason to think she’ll cheat. But I dunno. I can’t quite pinpoint why, but this feels very wrong.

This is absolutely NOT a red flag.

I’d bet at least 1-2 of her friends either have really nice bodies or bad bodies. The reason you did not get an invite is because your girlfriend doesn’t want you looking at her friends butt naked; either because they look good, or because they don’t and she doesn’t want to embarrass her friends. Either way, there’s no room for you! It’s literally that simple.

It’s clear what the core reason is she want to go to the nude beach what. Your girl probably has some exhibitionist tendencies and wants to walk around in her birthday suit not surrounded by people she knows. If I were you, I’d be asking questions about her exhibitionist desires, so you can make sure she’s satisfied. And you might get some fun out of it too.

It feels wrong to you because you wanted an invite. It sounds like you have never been to a nude beach and want to know what’s going on at the nude beach.

I’ve been to a nude beach, and most of the visuals at the nude beach you would much rather forget than remember.


We live in a well to do neighborhood. Known this neighbor and neighbor’s family for over 10 years. Not super well, but our families are friendly toward each other. Their family is college-educated, has a stable income and live comfortably. There was a period about several years ago when our family had to be out of town for months at a time to care for an ill family member. We asked this neighbor to keep an eye on the house. Everything went well, the house was looked after and nothing went missing. While we were away the neighbor messaged saying they are holding an event at their house, could they use one of our religious statues/sculpture for decoration. We agreed. When we returned we asked for the statue back. The neighbor said they like it so much they’d like to borrow it. We thought it was a little odd but we said that is fine. Our thinking was that the neighbor had been kind to us by watching over the house for several months.

A year or so later, we did a big reorganization/redecoration and figured it was time to get the sculpture back to its original location. Our polite request to the neighbor was answered initially with ” yes yes I will return it”. Over the succeeding months, the answer became more of something along the lines of “the sculpture fits so well with my home and ambiance that I cannot part with it. It has become very important to me.” We told the neighbor repeatedly that the statue is of important religious value to us. Again the neighbor agreed to return the item but never followed through.

We have always been courteous to the neighbor. We even offered to buy them a replacement statue; it was refused!

Now, the statue itself is not worth a tremendous amount –perhaps a few hundred $ at most. It is valuable to our family due to our personal connection with it over the generations.

We reached out to the local police who said they cannot help unless we formally allege a crime. Were we to do this, we do not know if/what sort of retaliation there may be. Through our interaction with this neighbor, we believe there is a strong possibility that this neighbor may have a mental health condition of some sort.

We believe our statue remains in the neighbor’s house although we have not seen it. Over the years the neighbor has purchased similar statues to decorate their property.

Any advice on how our family might move toward in retrieving this item? Thank you.

This is hilarious. They hit you with the line from the movie FRIDAY, “It’s like both of ours, we will just keep it at my house”. You really only have two choices in this situation. Just chalk it up as a loss, or escalate the situation. The problem with chalking it up as a loss is that every time you see your neighbor, you will secretly have anger and resentment over just stealing something that belonged to you. The resentment will change your relationship with them, so you might as well escalate the situation.

In all likelihood, this can all be resolved with a serious conversation. You can’t approach them (as my father would say) “pussyfooting around”. They need to know you mean business. Your neighbors clearly think this is no big deal to just assume ownership over something you let them borrow. If that doesn’t work it’s time to call Judge Judy. I’d love to see her berate your neighbors.

Ironically, they will be mad at you for escalating things. Isn’t it interesting how people love to do messed up stuff, get mad when you don’t just accept it. But, oh well, they should have returned your stuff.


I really don’t know what to do. I’ve had a friend for 3 years. My girlfriend doesn’t like him much because he’s a tool. I have been distancing myself from him for the same reason. But he reached out to me because he was going through a tough time with his grandmother dying. I knew he would do the same for me if I reached out to him. So I talked to my girlfriend and asked her if she would be ok if I went to his grandma’s funeral. She said, “do whatever you want that’s fine.” At that point, I knew she didn’t want me to go. I figured it’s only 1 day how bad could it be. Well now she won’t reply to me. She’s leaving my texts on “read” and won’t reply. She is clearly upset. I have no idea how to fix this, she’s very passive-aggressive. Should I confront her and tell her how I feel or will that just backfire on me? Should I leave it until I see her in person tomorrow to talk to her about it? I just feel horrible because I made her upset with me.

You are at a crossroads my friend. If you make the wrong moves here, I feel sorry for your future. We all train people how to treat us, and how you respond to this will have a lasting impact on your relationship. If you just beg and plead until she decides she has punished you enough, guess what will happen next time you make a decision she doesn’t agree with.

You have done all that you can do in the situation. Your friend’s grandmother died and you were gone for a day. She’s gonna have to get over it. If you continue to grovel like you are in the wrong, her passive-aggressive behavior will only escalate. I have been in a relationship with an emotional terrorist. At the time I thought it was all her, but now I realize, I fed the beast.

It’s not like you missed her graduation or went with an ex-girlfriend. I hope you didn’t do that. If you did disregard all this advice, beg her back, buy a nice gift, and don’t do dumb shit.


Is having sex with a very drunk *conscious* woman while you’re sober considered rape? If not then is it immoral in any way?

You know the answer to this question! If you think something is a bad or sketchy idea, don’t do it!

What planet are you living on? This is a horrendous idea, even if you had her sign a waiver. Real talk, if she really wanted to have sex with you, she will still be down in the morning or at a later date. You can’t be so thirsty for sex that you find yourself in a twist.

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