Power Season 5 episode two was short or action but major on the plot set up for the rest of the season. I will always include the opening song, so you can listen while reading. Here are my pre-show thoughts:

  • While I have made my disdain for Dré abundantly clear in the biggest takeaways from episode 1, but I need to mention that I don’t like Terry Silver either. I can’t pinpoint it, but something about his behavior bothers my inner man code fibers.
  • Ghost has to do something to regain his power. He is just getting bullied WAY too much.
  • This four-sided war that is about to break out between the Big 3, Dré +Jiminez, Italians, and Jason M. is going to get UGLY. At some point this season we are going to believe either Ghost, Tommy, or Kanan is going to die.
  • The US attorney’s office seems to be spinning their wheels and is nowhere close to a case against Tommy or Ghost, but this will take a turn soon.
  • Dré is getting too big for his britches. He thinks he’s a boss, but he’s a young Thundercat that isn’t seasoned enough to be a big dog.

Here are the 6 Biggest Takeaways Power Season 5 ep 2:

1. Rashad Tate is a liability

Doomsday is coming from the Rashad Tate and Ghost relationship. I cannot believe another episode goes by that doesn’t involve Ghost, Tate, and a gun. Tate is continuously putting Ghost in some compromising position by putting him front and center with the media. Ghost finally said no to him, and Tate surprises him with a press conference. Now Tasha is pissed at Ghost, and we all know the saying “Happy wife, happy life,” so Ghost ain’t happy. At this point, Tate is a liability to Ghost in every way. He is amplifying the media coverage which means people will be digging for details about Raina’s murder and Ray Ray’s disappearance. That makes Tariq and the entire business at risk of being exposed. Ghost has to be fed up. There’s only so much he’s gonna take from the wannabe governor.

2. SEX is Back

Since Ghost, Tommy, Tasha, and Keisha are all grieving, and in an emotionally dark place after Raina’s murder, I was wondering when and how the writers were going to work in the back breaking sex scenes they are so famous for. We did not see one single ass cheek in episode 1. Enter the Jiminez cartel. Dré was forced to watch him have sex in his apartment (I can only assume what the woman in the back was doing). Then he had to have sex with the party girl. My wife always says, “Why? Why is this necessary, it’s porn”. I’ll admit it is a lot, but it’s part of what makes the show so intense.

3. Ghost + Tommy+ Kanan = Temporary

I hope Ghost and Tommy realize that Kanan is their ally and not their friend. It is always important in life to recognize the difference between friends and allies. Friends always have your back and are there through thick and thin. Allies are temporarily aligned while you have a common goal and enemy. While this issue with the cartel gets worked out, the ‘Big 3’ will stay on the same page, but Kanan let the cat out of the bag that he is coming for Tommy’s business once this whole Dré and Jason M. (connect) thing is dealt with.

4. Tariq’s Promise

Tariq is back to his suburban ‘I’m not really built for this life’ attitude. He is back trying to run from his problems and go to Chote. It was a really touching moment when Tariq opens up to his mom and vows to do better, But as the words ”  ” were coming out of his mouth, I knew those words would fall in the ‘famous last words’ category. It’s kinda like when a beloved character in a movie says, “I’ll be back, I promise”. That person is most assuredly not making it back home. Tariq can’t help himself. He is a saboteur. It is inevitable that he will some kind of way either let Dré ass escape again or get somebody else arrested or killed.

5. Tommy + Keisha within two episodes

Tommy is back to looking at Keisha like a snack, and she is here for it. Keisha doesn’t really want to fall back into bed with Tommy, but I see this as a real relationship budding, that will lead to a major plot twist. She is still being kept in the dark about the inner workings of the “business” and everything surrounding Raina’s murder but will be needed to save the day. This time it won’t just be by lying, Keisha will have to get those pretty little hands dirty. I predict another sex scene that will make Carmelo Anthony (LaLa’s estranged husband) cringe is coming in the next two episodes.

Isn’t it crazy how a traumatic situation and compliments on some banana pancakes made Keisha forget all the bullshit Tommy put her through?

6. Ghost is DEXTER

The real question is, who killed the drunk driver James St. Patrick or is Ghost? I love how the writers have developed Ghost’s character. Most people inherently root for “good people” to win. It had been a long time since Ghost did something where he looks like the hero. We all rooted for him at the beginning of the show because he had roadblocks put up in front of his goal of getting out of the dope game to go legit. But, it had been a while since he did anything “noble.” Now he’s turned into DEXTER (crime scene investigator that kills serial killers). It will be very interesting to see how long this goes on before disaster strikes.

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