POWER season 5 Episode 3 brought the action and gave us one extremely important question. In the 6 biggest takeaways from episode 2, I told y’all exactly what was on the horizon for Ghost, Dre, Rashad Tate, Tommy, and Keisha. Now, we recap episode 3 and look forward to episode 4 with the 6 biggest takeaways from episode 3, ” Are We On The Same Team?”

As usual, here’s the opening song so you can listen while reading.

1. Is Teresi double-crossing the feds or Tommy?

This is by far the most important question of season 5, so far. Considering that Teresi is a career criminal and didn’t snitch on the mafia, why would he double cross Tommy? I must applaud Tommy for being so suspicious of his dad’s motives. His suspicion is a sign of growth because there have been so many times Tommy has missed obvious betrayal right in front of his face. I believe the most likely outcome of Tommy and Teresi is that Teresi gets to see his wife before she dies, and helps Tommy out before he heads back to jail. But, then again, he might die saving Tommy’s life.

2. Dré ain’t a boss.

Everybody wanna be a boss, everybody ain’t a boss. Dre is only 10m into his 15m of power and fame and organization already falling apart. Cristobal got robbed, and Auturo had to kill his own men. They say it takes 10,000 hours to be an expert at things. Dré is trying to skip steps and make it to the top without doing the hard labor. It’s clear Kanan is right. Dré’s own men (2-bit and Spanky) will be his demise. I can’t wait to see how Ghost picks his shady little ass apart.

Dré used to be at the bottom of the totem pole when he was working for Ghost, so it’s unbelievable that he his missing the unhappiness of the people in his organization. But that’s what happens when people let newfound power go to their head.

3. Tasha and Angela step up

In one episode Tasha and Angela had shining moments. When Tasha told Kanan, “If you fuck with me, you better kill me nigga, because I swear to god, you best believe I will get you back.” I damn near fell down. That didn’t feel like a piece of acting, I swear Naturi Naughton has said that to somebody before in real life.

Angela found a new boo, stopped answering Ghost’s calls, shut Blanca’s investigation down, and figured out the Jiminez brother was really a sister in episode 3. I swear she did more positive things in this one episode than she did all of season 4 combined. If you take out the obstruction of justice she batted 1.000 for the episode.

4. Ghost vs Rashad Tate

I told y’all last week Ghost has to stand up for himself. He finally did. Tate is a typical crook politician, so there’s no way he’s gonna just stand by and let Ghost take power back. There’s no way Ghost complies with his outrageous demands and Tate is going to be pissed. I’m willing to bet that by seasons’ end Tate hops on the offensive and ends up trying to send Ghost to jail just to get rid of him.

5. Kanan is real pimpin’

This cat could sell ice in the winter or fire in hell. He is a hustler baby; he can sell water to a whale. Kanan gets in people’s heads and makes them believe whatever he’s selling. He got Dre to introduce him to Tariq. Then got Tariq to become a criminal and get high. Now, he’s turning Dre’s mans against him. Let’s not forget Kanan has done all this without getting killed. He could be a pimp. He’s a master at mind manipulation. The fact that everyone knows Kanan is a crook and he still can convince them he’s their best friend is an incredible skill. 

He’s down with Ghost and Tommy right now, but after Dre gets killed, Tommy and Ghost better watch their back. Kanan wants the money, corners, and power.

6. Hope for Tariq

OMG. Tariq finally did something right. I could not believe my eyes when Tariq finally told Tasha the truth about witnessing Ray Ray murder Raina. He started out the episode with his street smarts rating going from a negative 8 to a negative ten. Why can’t this kid tell the difference between a friend and an enemy? He kept lying to Ghost and Tasha about the circumstances surrounding Raina’s death. His parents are the very people who will do anything in their power to protect him.

This was a legit teachable moment for parents. Lying to your kids is not “protecting” them. It only teaches your kids to lie. We can tell our kids the “right’ things to do, but if we don’t model it, it doesn’t matter.

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