USA Soccer is absolutely failing in international competition on the men’s side of things. Some many people have come up with creative excuses for the reason why. The United States is top tier in almost every other sport in the world except the most popular game in the world. The most common excuse is the general lack of interest in the USA in professional soccer compared to the rest of the world. If that were true, the women’s national team (USWNT) wouldn’t be so great.

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People got mad at Hope Solo when she said youth soccer was a ‘rich white kid sport’. One demographic cannot produce most of our talent pool if we want to be great. The top players in the MLB, NFL, and NBA all come from different socio-economic backgrounds. Those leagues invest in inner-city communities where playing sports and getting quality training becomes an economic hardship.

If the US Men’s national team is ever going to have a legit shot at winning a World Cup they must find a way to diversify their “workforce”.

Am I Wrighster or am I Wrong?

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