POWER Season 5 episode 4: Second Chances

A major explosion is getting ready to happen. We originally thought it would be the apparent Ghost and Dré. But that has been delayed now that Dré is a public figure protected by Rashad Tate. The explosion with center around the biggest question of the season that we talked about in the six biggest takeaways from episode 3. Is Tony Teresi double-crossing the feds or Tommy? I really hope it’s not Tommy because it would suck to have two terrible parents who try and use you. On a side note: Am I the only one who hate’s Terry Silver?

Enjoy the greatest theme song on television right now while you read the six biggest takeaways from episode 4.

1. Kanan Makes a Power Move

Kanan is supposed to be working with Ghost and Tommy on shared goals: kill Dré and pay Jason back. But Kanan only has one true goal in mind, taking over Tommy’s drug empire. He finally found a crack in the armor or Ghost and Tommy’s relationship. The crack is Tony Teresi. Kanan realizes that Tommy is like any kid, he wants the love and approval of his father. Tommy’s loyalty is now divided between Ghost and Teresi. Kanan can now whisper in both their ears separately. Anybody that lets Kanan get in their ear and mind is destined to make bad moves. Ghost and Tommy will surely be back at odds very soon. If you have friends or people in your circle like Kanan, who needs enemies?

2. Ghost and Angela are the Anti-Power Couple!

Jay-Z and Beyoncé are a power couple. Ghost and Angela are the complete opposite. Yea it’s cool and all that they are reunited but they are both at ROCK BOTTOM. Ghost has lost control over every single aspect of his life. His family is in shambles, he’s on the hook with Tommy with Jason, and Dré just keeps spitting in his face. At this point, there is nothing he can do about any of it that won’t land him in jail or the grave. But at least he has Angela, right? Angela just hooked up with a random DEA guy and got played for the biggest case of her entire life. Everybody loves the love story with the happy ending, but nothing ever goes right for these two. Every time they hook up situations get worse. Moral of the story: There’s no right way to do the wrong thing!

3. Rashad Tate: Point of No Return

Rashad Tate unwittingly crossed the wrong line with Ghost by bringing Dré into the Queen’s project. Tate is a big dummy. He either forgets what Ghost REALLY does for a living, or he believes he is untouchable because he is a politician. The reality is that every man has his limits. Ghost is being pushed to his by having the man that is partially responsible for his daughter’s death paraded around in front of him. There is no way Tate dodges the future crossfire between Dré and Ghost.

4. Dré Will Be King

I hate to admit it, but Dré weak ass is going to be King. He may not hold the throne very long, but it is evident he is here to stay and run things. Dré has the protection of the Jiminéz cartel, but when he thought that could be in jeopardy after the arrest, he doubled down and ran to Rashad Tate. Dré doesn’t even realize that Alicia Jiminéz values him more than her liability of a brother Diego. This will ensure that Dré continues to rise in power and will be increasingly insulated from a bullet from Ghost. I’m not sure if Ghost will ever get to kill Dré. He may have to go tactical to pick him apart and let Angela slaps the cuffs on him.

5. Tasha and Terry Silver SUCK

I hate this entire relationship between Terry Silver and Tasha. He is supposed to be her knight in shining armor who shows up to save the day, but he just looks like a sucka. Tasha is no innocent victim, so her damsel in distress act. She has been a part of the drug game since the beginning. And when Ghost tried to get out of the game and go legit, she was one of the main people blocking him. So I have ZERO sympathies for her outside of the fact that Raina died. I’m so over the captain save-a-hoe routine. They make me so sick with the drama!

6. Proctor Needs a Win

The only person who needs a win more than Ghost is Proctor. He has been the definition of a good and loyal soldier. He has fallen on every sword and grenade but has nothing to show for it. Proctor is on the verge of losing everything that matters to him in life: his daughter, his freedom, and his law license. I’m not sure what purpose he serves Ghost and Tommy without his law license, so I have to believe he will be made whole in short order. Ghost may need him to do some finessing to turn the tables on Dré. Is it too much to ask that Proctor finds a way to take Terry Silver’s disloyal ass down?

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