The NBA has Lebron James…The NFL has Tom Brady, but what about the MLB? Think for a second… When was the last time the MLB had what would be considered a superstar? My closest consideration would be someone like Bryce Harper. However, if I walked up to someone on the street and showed them a picture of Harper, would they know who he is? Chances are slim if you ask me.

Now begs the question of why.

  1. Let’s be real, the majority of baseball fans are older:

The average baseball fan is 53. For the most part, people at this age don’t pay attention to things like social media and advertising featuring professional athletes. People my dad’s age aren’t going to give a shit if Steph Curry designed these sneakers. He just cares that they’re comfortable and looks decent.

2. Baseball fans are INCREDIBLY traditional: 

Baseball fans are not big on change. Anything that would make you a “showoff” is frowned up. I mean for the love of all that is Holy people complain about the way baseball players WEAR THEIR PANTS! ” I think this contributes to the problem. If a player tries to show off, he’s told to tone it down.

3. They have to apologize for things like bat flips:

Now to be fair, we don’t know what they’re thinking, but when a player hits a grand slam and says he “meant no offense” that’s a problem. There are so many old men that sit there and judge someone for celebrating that players are afraid to take their moments. That’s gotta contribute to a player’s popularity. For goodness sakes, if the dude isn’t hurting anyone let him have his moment.

4. The Umpires

If you’re going to throw out an up and coming “superstar” player because he’s speaking his mind and thinks you got a call wrong, you’re going to lose viewers. Especially when to the majority of people you did get it wrong. Also when a player purposely hits another player who has superstar potential and you don’t eject him that’s a problem. How do you expect to have superstars when they’re getting hurt by other players, and nothing is done about it.

Let me make something clear; I’m not saying the MLB doesn’t have superstars. I mean look at guys like Aaron Judge, I’m just saying I think they could have a lot more.

Have your reasons the MLB lacks a superstar? Think baseball is fine and nothing needs to change and they do have a superstar? Voice off in the comments below!

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