Every Hero Sweats Gillette Deodorant Hydra Gel

Gillette is back at it again. They started so many conversations, and debates about manhood and masculinity with their “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be” campaign. Now they are teaming up with Operation Homefront to do big things to support our servicemembers, veterans, & their families in a campaign called “‘Every Hero Sweats, Some Never Show It.’ Operation Homefront is a non-profit that aims to: “Build strong, stable, and secure military families so they can thrive in the communities that they’ve worked so hard to protect. Operation Homefront provides critical financial assistance, transitional and permanent housing and family support services to prevent short-term needs from turning into chronic, long-term struggles..”

Gillette will be running a “For Every 2 Sold; We Donate 1” program for their new Hydra Gels at select retailers throughout the summer. Visit​ ​www.Gillette.com/MilitaryDonation​ ​to learn more about the campaign.


Their campaign with Operation Homefront won’t be as polarizing as the “toxic masculinity” campaign but it is equally as important. It is crucial we celebrate the everyday heroes who persevere through that transition all while balancing the everyday demands of their job, family life, and any number of additional challenges they face. Their new short film showcases lesser-known challenges that service members face when retiring or separating from the military and re-entering civilian life and finding a job.

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