College Football Top 10 Power Rankings Week 3 As it Should Be

The Rules: No Bias, No Bull

There is no more unbiased ranking out there than Unafraid Show’s College Football Top 10 Rankings Week 3. I get criticized from time to time by people who only want to see the college football world through the lens of the AP Poll. These rankings are not going to look like the AP Poll. Open your eyes to see a different view of evaluating the top 10. Most polls including the College Football Playoff Committee give college blueblood teams a massive “benefit of the doubt.” I don’t believe in that. Teams are ranked by the correct criteria: quality wins, schedule played, and dominance. After the preseason rankings, only games played matter. No consideration is given for future games.

I re-rank the top 10 every Sunday from scratch. The previous week’s rankings do not factor into the next week. So, the rankings will change, sometimes drastically every week because we will have new information. So make sure to come back every Sunday.

Week 2 provided a lot more information about teams in the College Football Top 10 Power Rankings Week 3 As it Should Be. However, highly regarded teams like Alabama, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Georgia have yet to face any stiff competition.

For reference you can check College Football Top 10 Power Rankings Week 2

College Football Top 10 Rankings Week 2:

Next Up: Oregon, Michigan, Utah, Florida

10. Michigan Wolverines (2-0)

Last Week: 24-21 OT (W) vs ARMY

Michigan is the Florida of the Big Ten. They should be a top team but have looked sloppy, undisciplined. The only reason the Wolverines are 2-0 is that they played Middle Tennessee State and Army. If Michigan plays like that versus any Big Ten opponents they will get absolutely run out of the building. I’m not sure whether to blame Shea Patterson or Jim Harbaugh for the offensive struggles. Either way, they better get it fixed fast because a game at Wisconsin is next up.

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9. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Last Week: OPEN

Those who watched Notre Dame and Louisville past the 1st quarter got a good feel for how much fun their matchup with Georgia will be. The Fighting Irish defense is talented and disciplined. Ian Book looked about the same as he did last year. His best asset is his running ability, but he can make most of the throws and correct reads to make ND a top tier team.

8. Texas Longhorns (1-1)

Last Week: 38-45 (L) vs LSU

Texas had a shootout against LSU. The Longhorns offense was fantastic. I would have thought 38 points and 500 yards of offense with no turnovers would be enough to beat LSU. It was very clear in the game that we were watching two of 2019’s college football heavyweights. I am left with questions about a defense that gave up 45 points. Big 12 defenses often get a wrap for being swiss cheese with great offenses. But, maybe LSU’s offense is Big 12 worthy.

7. Georgia Bulldogs (2-0)

Last Week: 63-17 (W) vs Murray State

Why is Georgia at #7 despite being one of the most talented teams in the country? They haven’t played anybody. Their dominance gets high points but their schedule and lack of quality wins get them very few points. Next week won’t help much either. However, it’s not where you start, it’s where you finish. The Bulldogs will have plenty of opportunities to land in the coveted #1 spot of the College Football Top 10 Power Rankings.

6. Auburn (2-0)

Last Week: 24-6 (W) vs Tulane

Now that we have more information Auburn is ranked a lot closer to where they should be. Their schedule and quality win last week had them at #4. But, this was not the offensive performance the Tigers wanted to follow up their win against Oregon with. Bo Nix didn’t have a good day passing the ball, but they won. They have a glorified bye week against Kent State next week, but it should provide a confidence boost before they play Texas A&M the following week.

5. Ohio State Buckeyes (2-0)

Last Week: 42-0 (W) vs Cincinnatti

Cincinnati won 11 games last year so this was not a cupcake game for Ohio State. However, they steamrolled from the beginning to the end. The defense didn’t allow a single point. The Buckeyes are a scary team and look better than the team last year that finished the season one for the four best teams despite not making the playoffs. It is clear why they are rising in the College Football Top 10 Week 3 as it should be.

4. Oklahoma Sooners (1-0)

Last Week: 70-14 (W) vs South Dakota

Another week, another 700 yards of offense for Oklahoma. If the Sooners ever get a real defense, they will be unstoppable. Imagine how good life is for Lincon Riley that he gets Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray, and now Jalen Hurts at quarterback over the last three years. The team is fun to watch. They will probably continue to break scoreboards and offensive records all season.

3. Alabama Crimson Tide (2-0)

Last Week: 62-10 (W) vs New Mexico State

I am so frustrated by the Crimson Tide. They are so talented at every single position that I want to see them play quality competition. I feel like that as a college football fan I am being robbed of seeing greatness. I can’t imagine Alabama fans enjoyed watching their team play against one of the worst FBS teams in the country. Bama’s schedule is terrible and they have no quality wins, but damn are they dominant. I’m afraid that their lack of consistent competition will cause them to get knocked off in the SEC championship.

2. LSU (2-0)

Last Week: 45-38 (W) vs Texas

LSU went from unranked in week two to #2 of the College Football Top 10 Power Rankings Week 3. I am completely shocked. The Tigers look completely different offensively than we have seen in the last 20 years. They iced the game against Texas through the air instead of on the ground. Joe Burrow threw for 471 yards and four touchdowns. My only concern is the 530 yards and 38 points they gave up, but Texas is one of the better offenses in the nation. The game against Alabama will be competitive this year.

1. Clemson Tigers (2-0)

Last Week: 24-10 (W) vs Texas A&M

Clemson checked all three boxes this week. They got a quality win, their schedule so far is good, and they were absolutely dominant. The defense was like a boa constrictor wrapped around Texas A&M. Their squeeze just kept getting tighter and tighter with every quarter. Trevor Lawrence aka “Touchdown Jesus” played under control and led his team to a dominant victory. Barring an injury to Lawrence it looks like the Tigers are a shoo-in for the College Football Playoff top 4.

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  1. If Michigan is the Florida of the B1G, then why are they ranked ahead of Florida, if for no other reason than THEY WERE ANNIHILATED BY FLORIDA in a bowl recently?

    Why is Georgia at #7 despite being one of the most talented teams in the country? They haven’t played anybody. Well neither has Alabama! I didn’t see you knock them down to number six.

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