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Spring Ball has started for four Pac-12 teams, Arizona State, Arizona, Stanford, and Cal. Which teams can make the biggest strides to win their division in 2020? Was Arizona defensive coach Demetrice Martin’s move to Colorado a lateral move? What does that say about the state of both programs?

In light of USC AD Mike Bohn’s comments about all possibilities being open for USC becoming an independent, we ask, which Pac-12 teams could survive as an independent?

Larry Scott’s new media rights plan is idiocy. His plan is to wait until the NFL’s rights are divided to see where the Pac-12 conference should go.

The Pac-12 basketball tournament and NCAA tournament are upcoming and may be played with no fans.

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George Wrighster is a former Pac-12 and long-time NFL tight end. As a television/radio host, opinionist, and analyst, he is UNAFRAID to speak the truth. Contrary to industry norms he uses, facts, stats, and common sense to win an argument. He has covered college football, basketball, NFL, NBA, MLB since 2014. Through years of playing college football, covering bowl games, coaching changes, and scandals, he has a great pulse for the conference and national perspective.

Ralph Amsden is a Wyoming-born sportswriter and podcaster who spends his days tweeting through the misadventures that come with shuttling four kids around the Arizona desert. Ralph is the publisher of Rivals’, the founder of, and was previously the managing editor of the Arizona State Rivals affiliate, He is also a professional hater of all things pineapple. Whether you’re talking food, movies, music, parenting, politics, sports, television, religion, or zoological factoids, Ralph has questions for you. He might be sub-.500 in spousal disputes and schoolyard fights, but he’s always UNAFRAID to square up.

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