The University of Colorado Boulder is going to have in-person classes in the fall. This decision has ramifications for Colorado Buffaloes football. Having students on the CU Boulder campus could make the decision to play football and even possibly have some fans in the stadium easier.

The Decision to Reopen CU Boulder Campus Comes With Risks

CU Boulder has a commitment to the well-being of everyone who may step foot on campus. Students will definitely be nervous about going into an environment where they are at risk of catching the novel coronavirus. Athletes will also be put into special circumstances. The reason that many professional sports leagues will be able to resume is that the athletes are under contract and are receiving a salary. College athletes will not be.

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Does a school want to put their athletes at risk by being immersed within the student population? Will athletes accept these conditions? There are many questions that come with a decision like this one. Athletics are a huge part of a university’s money pool, and it will be interesting to see what CU Boulder and other institutions decide for their athletes. Fans want to know their athletes will be ready to play if there are games in the fall.

CU Boulder Coaches Could Be Forced To Go With Experience Over Talent

In a normal season, many players would have more chances to showcase their abilities to their coaches. Obviously this is not the case this season. Thus, players who have been in the program longer may have an easier time winning starting jobs this season.

At the quarterback position, Tyler Lytle will probably start opening day for the Buffaloes. Brendon Lewis may have a larger skill set, but Lytle’s experience within the system may be the deciding factor. The main issue for head coach Karl Dorrell is that he does not have much in-game film from any of his top three quarterbacks at the college level. Redshirt senior Sam Noyer may also have a better shot at the starting job because of his experience, but remember that he played safety, not quarterback, last season under Mel Tucker.

Who Would Get Tickets If Folsom Field Is Allowed To Fill At Any Capacity?

Many Buffs fans already get season tickets to see their favorite team in action. However, the atmosphere at college football games will be different. It is a safe bet that there will not be full stadiums anywhere this season.

Thus, expect any fans that may be at Buffaloes football games this season to be students or season ticket holders. Alumni and donors may also get priority over other fans. It will be interesting to see how much the Pac-12 Conference themselves oversees this process. Oregon Governor Kate Brown already stated that people in Oregon cannot congregate at sporting events through at least September.

Not having full college football stadiums will be unique. It will suck to not see the pageantry and tradition on full display. Spending a fall Saturday afternoon cheering on the school where you are being educated is a pillar of the college experience, and not having this experience may be tough for students. One area that could be affected because of this could be school spirit. One of the pillars that make people fall in love with the place in which they are receiving their education is the sense of community that is felt at sporting events. Fans feel like they are a part of something.

Speculation Does Not Mean Jumping To Conclusions

CU Boulder made a decision to let students back on campus for the fall. Any motives for making this move are purely speculation, but there are educated guesses from many people as to why they make the decisions the way they do. Anything that people hear about this situation is fluid; in other words, it is not set in stone. At the end of the day, everyone’s well-being should be the university’s number one priority. There should be extra care taken with where athletes go, as everyone’s chances of catching the virus go up by being in the community. It is important that athletes, fans, and students at CU Boulder participate within the community, but do so in a safe manner. Fans want to see their favorite players playing on Saturdays this fall. Hopefully the community does their part to help make this a reality.

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