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On Monday, Colorado Buffaloes head coach Karl Dorrell addressed the media via a Zoom conference. The Buffaloes are looking to start voluntary workouts on June 15.

Dorrell Acknowledges Following Safety Precautions Will Increase Likelihood of 2020 College Football for Colorado Buffaloes

The Coronavirus Pandemic has provided unique challenges for sports teams across the globe. However, Dorrell hopes that these challenges will be met so fans can at least watch the Buffaloes on television in the fall.

“We all want football to be here this fall, and we have to do what is in our best interest and the best we can to adhere to the policies that are going to give us the best chance for that to happen,” Dorrell said.

Dorrell is not exactly the biggest fan of having to wear a mask on campus but understands why that policy exists.

“It is a pain in the you know what wearing a mask outside,” Dorrell said. “But you know that is the policy they want you to have on campus. We kept them on all the way across campus and back.”

Dorrell Believes College Football Can Take the Lead on Global Issue of Pandemic

The feeling at college campuses across the nation will be vastly different this fall. The classroom setting will look like a waiting room at the doctor’s office in a way, as everyone will be wearing a mask.

Even though football and sports in general are not at the core of the pandemic, Dorrell believes that football can take the lead in showing how to deal with different aspects of the pandemic.

“This is a global issue, but for the nation, we’re all dealing with this and they are looking at the NFL or College Football to kind of be the lead as to how to handle this thing,” Dorrell said.

Despite Different Offseason, Dorrell Sees Level Playing Field In 2020 College Football

Karl Dorrell will not be taking excuses as the Colorado Buffaloes prepare for the season. Even though the offseason was different to begin with, Dorrell believes the team will be prepared.

“We feel we should have had just as good a chance of being successful as anybody, regardless of our start,” Dorrell said.

All of college football had a different start. Because of this, Dorrell does not see a disparity in the amount of preparation teams were able to get.

“I think because of this pandemic everybody is in the same boat, so it actually puts us on a level playing field, in my opinion,” Dorrell said.

Protests Could Bring 2020 Colorado Buffaloes Football Team Even More Together With Community

In Boulder, there are expectations in Karl Dorrell’s first year. Still, outside of the Boulder and Denver Metro Areas, no one is expecting much in Dorrell’s first year as the Buffaloes’ head coach.

However, it seems like Dorrell is planting the seeds for success possibly in the short term and the long term. He seems to be direct and to the point and is clear about how he wants his team to act. Dorrell does not want any excuses but has praised the team’s togetherness and willingness to adjust to the times.

The team seems to be together as one cohesive unit. Wide Receiver K.D. Nixon led the Boulder community as they peacefully protested police brutality in wake of George Floyd’s death on June 5. Colorado Buffaloes football is a huge pillar of the Boulder community, and the team taking this stand could help in uniting themselves with the community.

Karl Dorrell stated that the team will have a community-based event to address the many subjects that have been talked about in wake of George Floyd’s death at least one a month. Dorrell acknowledged that certain important discussions may wane over time. Still, he wants to make sure that the team continues to empower the community to have these tough but necessary conversations in the months to come.

“I think it is important for our country to step up like this and empower our young people to be a big part of the process,” Dorrell said.

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