Palm Springs

In the film Palm Springs, Andy Samberg’s character, Nyles, says, “This is today. Today is yesterday. And tomorrow is also today. Today, yesterday, tomorrow — they’re all the same.” Had you not watched Palm Springs, you would think that Samberg’s quote was used in reference to the quarantine and living situation in the United States.

That being said, Palm Springs may end up being one of the best movies of summer. Samberg plays Nyles, a laid-back slacker who gets stuck in a time loop at a Palm Springs wedding. When Nyles accidentally brings Sarah, played by Cristin Milioti, into the time loop, the two must learn to embrace the harsh reality that they’re stuck in the same day forever. When Sarah decides she wants to try and leave the loop, both Sarah and Nyles must face their worst fears and decide if they want to return to a world full of imperfections and responsibilities.

In a year where movies continue to be pushed back and delayed indefinitely, Palm Springs could not have premiered at a better time. It’s a fresh, fun rom-com with two likable stars in Samberg and Milioti. It’s the perfect 90-minute movie to fire up on Hulu this weekend while you’re stuck inside.

Here are the five best things from Palm Springs.

5. Pool Beers

Cristin Milioti and Andy Samberg in Palm Springs / Hulu

It’s a known fact that beers taste better in certain situations. The Friday after-work beer, the golf course beer, the stadium beer, and the tailgate beer are all in the upper echelon of beers. However, Samberg made a strong case for the pool beer in Palm Springs. There’s nothing better than cracking open a nice cold one while lounging in the pool. It’s beyond relaxing. As someone who has been doing a lot of floating in the pool this summer, a beer only elevates the overall experience. Plus, if you have a float with a cup holder, you don’t have to worry about holding onto your beer the entire time. Pool beers for the win.

4. Andy Samberg Dancing In A Hawaiian Shirt

Honestly, I could see myself wearing this shirt and dancing exactly like Samberg.

3. Andy Samberg

Speak of the devil, Samberg is great, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Samberg is an insanely talented actor, writer, and producer. He’s always great in roles where he’s the most likable guy in the room. Samberg’s comedic wit, natural charisma, and charming personality make him the perfect leading man in a rom-com. Not every leading man has to look like Tom Cruise or Leonardo DiCaprio. Some can be sarcastic, hilarious, and have great taste when it comes to Hawaiin shirts. I look forward to Samberg headlining more movies in the future.

2. The Time Loop

Are we in the Golden Age of time loops? Obviously, the most famous time loop movie is Groundhog Day, which is a genius work of comedy. Within the last three years, The Happy Death Day franchise, Before I Fall, and Russian Doll all carved out their version of Groundhog Day and found some success. Now, add Palm Springs to the list, which carved out its own niche in the genre by perfectly balancing romantic, comedic humor with dark, depressing realizations. Everything is great when Nyles and Sarah can share a few beers, dance at the wedding, and not suffer from daily responsibilities or consequences. However, Palm Springs also examines the darker side of the time loop. No matter how many times you die, you can’t escape the time loop. In Sarah’s case, relieving the worst mistake of her life is her version of hell. Nyles has lost his sense of reality and his carefree lifestyle is incapable of feeling emotions, which turns out to be a major problem in his relationship with Sarah. Palm Springs is a film about two people falling in love just as much as it is about two people suffering from an existential crisis.

1. Cristin Milioti 

Palm Springs / Hulu

Samberg may have top billing, but Palm Springs is Milioti’s movie to shine. She ends up stealing the show as Sarah. Milioti will make you laugh when she shows up to the wedding with an eyepatch, pirate’s hook, and wacky accent as well as her choreographed dance routine with Samberg in the bar. However, she’ll make you cry when she comes to the devastating realization that she’s an emotional wreck who can’t put her past mistakes behind her in order to move on. Milioti is probably best known for her role as The Mother in How I Met Your Mother. For all of the problems that the final season had including its ending, Milioti was so likable and soothing that her presence was one of the lone bright spots of Barney’s and Robin’s wedding. I’m excited to see Milioti in more roles where she can balance comedy with being a badass who studies quantum physics.

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