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You know what’s coming in this NBA Bubble recap. Did somebody say Tyler Tuesday?

Top Story: Tyler Herro’s Coming Out Party

For some players, the lights are a little too bright for them on the biggest stage. For Tyler Herro, the lights aren’t bright enough. The 20-year old rookie sensation saved his best performance for the biggest game of the season as the Miami Heat defeated the Boston Celtics, 112-109, to take a commanding 3-1 series lead. The eclectic Herro led the Heat with 37 points on 14-21 shooting including 5-10 from behind the arc. Herro also tallied 6 boards and 6 assists. Simply put, Herro was sensational.

I’ve been on the Herro bandwagon for a few months, but even I will admit that I never expected this star trajectory in such a short amount of time. It’s not that Herro is scoring the ball, but it’s how he’s creating offensive opportunities for him and his teammates. If you’re slow to close out, he’ll hit the 3. If you’re too aggressive, Herro will take you off the dribble and finish with either hand at the rim. I’m most impressed with his ability to attack off the pick-and-roll. Herro does this hesitation move where he has his defender on his back, which freezes the help man. He’s in full control of the moment and in a split second, makes a decision to shoot, drive, or pass. It’s so impressive to watch this level of offensive creativity from a 20-year-old kid.

I mentioned it before, but Herro shines when the lights are brightest. He has no fear in his eyes. This confidence in oneself is something that cannot be taught. Herro is the type of guy to bring a knife to a gunfight and still think he’ll win easily. Now, we’re all left to imagine Herro’s ceiling as a player. If last night was a preview of the future, Herro will be an all-star sooner rather than later.

Should The Lakers Be Worried?

No… at least, not yet.

Jamal Murray isn’t wrong. First of all, the Nuggets should not be overlooked. Rightfully so, Denver earned America’s respect after overcoming 3-1 series deficits to both the Jazz and Clippers. Secondly, the Nuggets should be up 2-1 They couldn’t grab a rebound at the end of Game 2, allowing the Lakers to extend the game and eventually hit a game-winning shot. Plus, if Plumlee follows Anthony Davis instead of trapping LeBron, the Lakers probably have to take a tougher shot instead of the three that Davis made to win the game. Also, the Nuggets outplayed the Lakers for three and half quarters in Game 3 in their 114-106 win.

With all that being said, the Lakers are still the best team standing inside the NBA Bubble. As long as LeBron James stays healthy, the Lakers should win the NBA Finals. Even in Game 3, where the Lakers were outplayed for most of the game, LeBron still accumulated a triple-double with 30 points, 10 rebounds, and 11 assists. I also wouldn’t expect AD to only grab 2 rebounds in the next game. The Lakers are going to be fine in the long run if they’re healthy, but that doesn’t mean the road to a championship will be bumpy. Do not be surprised if the Nuggets win another game to force the series to a sixth, or even seventh game.

Week 8 MVP: Miami’s Zone Defense


We’ve all heard the stereotypes about zone defense. They include “Zones are lazy defenders,” “Zone defense is a cop-out,” and “Zones will never work at a professional level.” Erik Spoelstra and his zone defense are putting those stereotypes to rest because the Celtics have few answers for Miami’s zone. According to Miami Herald, the Celtics scored just 41 points in 48 total possessions against the Heat’s zone in the first two games. Although the Celtics figured the zone out in Game 3 thanks to the return of Gordon Hayward, the Heat played zone for most of the Game 4, stifling the Boston offense and in particular, Jayson Tatum, who had zero points in the first half. The zone may not be the future of the NBA, but for now, it’s working as Miami is one game away from the NBA Finals.

Week 8 LVP: The Nuggets Strategy At The End Of Game 2

For the Nuggets, I truly don’t know what happened on this play. Was it miscommunication or a missed assignment? Whatever the case may be, it was a gigantic mistake, plain and simple. I hate to blame one play for the reason why a team lost, but this play makes a strong argument for blaming one specific play that led to a loss.

Storyline For Week 9: Will The Heat And Lakers Put Away Their Respective Opponents Sooner Rather Than Later?

The worst thing a team can do is to give their opponent hope. Both the Heat and Lakers are in the driver’s seat in their respective series. Put away the Celtics and Nuggets early because the longer they hang around, the more dangerous they become. My advice is to do the exact opposite of what the Jazz and Clippers did.

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