Part 1 of a mega episode. The Pac-12 season is just around the corner. George and Ralph discuss which is better, 9 am games or 8 pm games?  SEC and Big XII are doing the Pac-12 a favor in terms of making the CFB Playoff with all the upsets. Rich Rodriguez weighs in on the difference between the SEC and Pac-12. Mike Leach is still blaming everyone else except for himself in the SEC. The state of the Stanford Cardinal program is critical due to ridiculous school policies. There are players who have opted back into the season after previously declaring for the NFL draft. The NCAA is adopting a new rule allowing all players 1-time transfers. The Pac-12 Network is in shambles because of mismanagement and the coronavirus. John Canzano has continued to eviscerate Larry Scott. Plus we go over our reviews. All this and more.  

The Pac-12 Apostles is a podcast for fans who love the Pac-12 conference. George Wrighster and Ralph Amsden are committed to the honest and fair conversation about the Pac-12 conference. They talk about the good, bad, and the ugly about the Pac-12. Join them in becoming a Pac-12 Apostle by subscribing and sharing the podcast. Send your thoughts, comments, and :30 ranks to The best comments and rants will be included in the show.

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