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The fifth major sport is back on MTV. To quote a nervous cast member after TJ Lavin reveals a twist and diabolically laughs, “This changes everything.” Tonight, The Challenge returns for its 35th season titled Double Agents.

If there’s one silver lining in quarantine, it reassured my love for The Challenge. Back in April, there were no professional sports on television. I was miserable. I noticed The Challenge was returning and decided to give it a shot. I used to be a diehard fan for about 10 years, but took a break for a few seasons because the product began to suffer.

Let me be the first to say I’m glad I watched last season because I’m fully back into this crazy world of reality television. The Challenge is the perfect blend of athleticism, drama, and politics.

Double Agents has been described as a “partners game, but the contestants still can’t trust anyone on this spy thriller-inspired showdown.” I can’t wait for TJ Lavin to drop the first twist. I expect a lot of backstabbing this season. Below is the cast of Double Agents.

The Cast

Initial Thoughts

– It’s weird to not see Johnny Bananas on this list. Going into every season, he’s always the favorite since he holds the record for most season wins with seven. He deserves a break and during a pandemic, who could blame him?

– For the veteran guys, Wes and Darrell will be popular picks to win it all with CT and Leroy in the tier below. However, the overall favorite should be Fessy, who was an absolute beast last season. If Fessy spent quarantine on a treadmill to improve his cardio, I don’t see anyone beating him until the final.

– On the ladies’ side, it’s much harder to pick a favorite. Can you believe that Ashley is the only female to have previously won a season? Ashley’s two wins should make her the frontrunner, but her unpredictability makes it hard to trust her longevity. Lolo Jones is a former Olympian so by default, she will be one of the favorites. The most anticipated debut belongs to Natalie Anderson, a legendary winner on Survivor. If I had to pick one favorite, my vote is for two-time finalist Kam Williams, who dons an impressive 7-2 record in eliminations.

Quick Questions

Who Will Give The Toast?

The unofficial start of The Challenge is the famous “Bananas Toast.” As fans, we all look forward to the party on the first night and in particular, the Bananas Toast. Without Johnny B, the toast won’t be the same, but someone has to do it. The logical selection would be CT or Wes. However, CT rarely drinks on the show and many people hate Wes. I’m calling my shot right now and picking Kyle to make the toast.

Will Josh Cry?

Is the Pope catholic?

Will Cory Talk About His Daughter?

Did you guys know that Cory has a daughter?

Who Will Nany Fight?

Nany is going to fight with someone. It’s only a matter of time before Hurricane Nany goes on a rampage. Last season, she went toe-to-toe with Aneesa and some ramen noodles. Looking at the cast, someone will either try to hit on Kaycee or call Nany a liar. My money is on Ashley.

Who Will I Root For?

Back in the day, I had my squad that I rooted for every week. It included Bananas, CT, Alton, Derrick, Paula, Laurel, and Diem. Last year, Jenny West earned a spot on my team. This year, I’m hurting for favorites. I’m very indifferent to this year’s cast. I enjoy the drama and always root for train wrecks, but can’t say I’m going to root for a lot of new people this year. Gabby Allen is the leader in the clubhouse to join my inner circle. She’s a personal trainer from England who made the finals on Love Island U.K. and Celebrity Big Brother U.K. Say no more because I’m in.

My Picks

The smart picks to win it all are Fessy and Kam. I think Kam is the right pick for females. Kam’s one of the strongest girls and finals’ experience narrowly puts her ahead of Lolo and Natalie.

Fessy is the guy to beat, but I’m going to zig with my selection. The man I’m picking to win is…


There will never be another Johnny Bananas, but Devin’s game is as close to Johnny’s strategy as you can get. His political game is elite, which he displayed by taking out multiple vets in Rivals III. His physical game is so-so, but he managed to beat Bananas in an elimination in Vendettas. At times, he’ll bite off more than he can chew, but Devin is sneakily one of the best guys in the house. I’m picking Devin to win in an upset.

Devin and Kam

Enjoy the fifth major sport!

Who do you believe will win it all? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or tweet us, @unafraidshow.

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