In the June 7, 2021 Episode of Am I Wrighster or Am I Wrong, George Wrighster and Ralph Amsden pledge to go on a weight loss journey together, discuss whether the Los Angeles Clippers are now officially part of Luka Doncic’s origin story, attempt to understand the United States Navy’s denial of Cameron Kinley’s request to delay his military service for a shot at the NFL, debate the fallout of Floyd Mayweather’s money-grab exhibition boxing match against Logan Paul, and discuss whether cancel culture has come for Chrissy Teigen.

Episode Breakdown (68 minutes)

  • George and Ralph start a weight loss challenge- 2:20
  • Are the Los Angeles Clippers Luka Doncic’s origin story?- 11:52
  • The US Navy tells Cameron Kinley his NFL Dream must wait- 25:03
  • Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather, nobody wins, but we all lose- 36:21
  • Cancel or Consequence: Chrissy Teigen Edition- 47:30
  • Best of Social Media (Jeff Bezos goes to Space, Mo Brooks)- 60:23
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