We need to talk about the reaction to LeBron James’ comments about Brittney Griner
On a preview for the fifth season of his show, The Shop, which debuts on July 15th, LeBron James can be heard noting that Brittney Griner has been detained by Russia for over 110 days for having hash oil in her luggage.

In the clip he says “How can she feel like America has her back?” 

He also adds that in her situation, he might be questioning whether he even wants to go back to America.

The usual suspects are upset by LeBron’s suggestion that love of country might depend, for some people, on how much your country loves you.

“This country gave LeBron everything,” they say.

“If you hate it so much here, you’re free to leave,” they say.

Well I’m here to ask those same people that are offended every time our generation’s greatest basketball player attempts to use his voice to call for an improved American experience:

If you love America so much, why is the number one rated news show “Tucker Carlson complains about the direction of America?”

If you love America so much, why walk around in a red hat that claims that America is no longer great?

If you love America so much, why give less energy to supporting the release of one of the greatest women’s basketball players of all time than you do supporting the release of idiots that tried to lynch YOUR vice president when he wouldn’t help rig an election?

People that safeguard what “love for America” looks like can do that because at some point in their life, they felt like their country truly loved them back. Newsflash to those people- NOT EVERYBODY IN THIS COUNTRY HAS HAD THE PRIVILEGE OF FEELING THAT LOVE.

And a lot of those people happen to have similar skin tones to Brittney Griner and LeBron James.

They should be allowed to chase that feeling, just like you do. Even if they complain, just like you do.

Let that sink in.

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