We need to talk about the Miami Dolphins scoring 70 on the Denver Broncos, and all of the things that scoring 70 in an NFL game means. 

First up- Mike McDaniel is that Dude

That doesn’t mean that what owner Stephen Ross did to try and ruin Brian Flores’ career chasing Joe Burrow, Tom Brady, and the man that just got 70 dropped on his head- Sean Payton, is something we can excuse. 

But McDaniel can coach. 

Just look at the development of Tua Tagovailoa. He took the offense from 25th ranked in 2021, to sixth in 2022. And this year, they’re first by a longshot. And they haven’t really fallen off defensively in yards allowed. 

Mike McDaniel’s credibility is set in stone. You have to score to win in this league, and a game like this on the back of the season he had last year ensures that he’ll be employed in this league for as long as he wants to be. 

At a minimum this man is the next Norv Turner.

Next, Tua is Enough

Tua Tagovailoa can run this offense, and he can run it as well as anyone you might want to be in his position. 

As long as this offensive line can keep him healthy. 

The Miami Dolphins have been desperate for a franchise QB as much as any franchise over the last 30 years outside of the Chicago Bears, and even though Tua has had some good games in his first four seasons, there’s always that little bit of doubt.

70 points, plus the fact that he’s on pace for a 5,800 yard season should put all those doubts to a permanent rest.

Third- Sean Payton Hates Russell Wilson

He has to.

If you have a franchise QB getting franchise money, you protect him. Trotting this man out there in the second half down 50 points is embarrassing. It means you don’t care if you lose him. 

If it’s really like that, then get the Jets on the phone and start the process to move him so you can score some assets and maybe get the Dolphins back for this game by giving their division rival a chance to win this season.

Four- Vance Joseph Has to Go… Again

Sean Payton making the decision to bring one of the least-liked Head Coaches in Denver Broncos history back to be his defensive coordinator was as head-scratching as Vance Joseph’s decision to accept it. 

Denver Broncos Head Coaching history is a long list of extraordinary winners- Red Miller, Dan Reeves, Mike Shanahan, John Fox, and Gary Kubiak kept this franchise relevant for the overwhelming majority of four decades. A lot of Broncos fans believe their downfall started when Vance Joseph was first hired, and having him around again, and in charge of the unit that just gave up a historic number, is a true exercise in hubris for Sean Payton.

And finally, the last thing we learned for this 70-point game is that…

…Mercy is Worse than Death.

Mike McDaniels, a former Denver Broncos ball boy that didn’t even get an interview from his hometown team in 2022, had the ability to break the NFL record of 72, and he decided that didn’t fit with the message he was trying to send his team. 

This man said we have bigger goals than setting records, in the middle of setting a modern record. 

That is a whole different level of viciousness. 

Because the only thing worse than giving up 70, is having to carry the knowledge around that it could have been worse, but the team doing it to you felt sorry for you. 

10 touchdowns with a side of pity. 

Let that sink in.

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