We’ve played enough games.

It’s time for me to put together my list of 10 players that have a chance to be your 2023 Heisman Trophy winner.

Let’s get into it. 

10) Washington State Quarterback Cam Ward

The Incarnate Word transfer had a rough first season in Pullman. He was holding the ball too much, his timing with his wideouts was off, and he didn’t always take the easy yards with his legs. This year, he’s fixed all of that, and the result is a mind boggling 13 touchdowns and no interceptions on 75% completions. It’s going to be tough for him to get media attention, but road games at Oregon and Washington will give him every shot he needs.

9) Colorado QB Shedeur Sanders.

Why is Shedeur Sanders on this list after his performance against Oregon?

Two reasons- first, his upcoming schedule is as tough as anyone in the country. If he gets back on track, and a couple other dominoes fall his way, he’ll be undeniable. 

Second, what happened against Oregon revealed the truth that people who know ball have known all along. Shedeur Sanders ***IS*** Colorado’s offense. All these other players on this list have a supporting cast trying to help get them the Oscar. Sanders is basically Tom Hanks in Castaway. 

8) LSU Wide Receiver Malik Nabers

One of my biggest complaints about Jayden Daniels in his five-year college career is that he doesn’t give his future NFL wide receivers opportunities to win one on one matchups. That changed this year, because Daniels is letting Nabers make plays.

Assuming LSU can play in 14 games this year, Nabers is on pace for 1,800 yards and 18 Touchdowns. 

7) Texas Quarterback Quinn Ewers

Quinn Ewers beat Alabama on the road- a thing that has not happened for any out of conference quarterback since Nick Saban’s first year on the job. He’s not having the best statistical season of the quarterback candidates, but the Big 12 sucks enough this year that he should be able to catch up.

6) Florida State Quarterback Jordan Travis

The advantage Travis has, is that Florida State’s most difficult games are behind them. It would even be fair to consider him the frontrunner at this point. He’ll need support from the Seminole’s defense, because as long as they hold up their end, he’ll have a good chance of being able to put his stamp on this season in their 10th game against Miami, and in the season finale against Florida.

5) Notre Dame Running Back Audric Estime

The Golden Domers are going to have to win out, that’s the only way that people will forget that Estime had an average game against Ohio State. But Estime has a real shot to average over 7 yards a carry over the course of the full season. If he does that on 200+ carries, he’s gonna be on that stage.

4) Oregon Quarterback Bo Nix

Bo Nix was a five star recruit coming out of high school. He’s doing exactly what he should be doing in year five. His risks are calculated, and that’s how he’s flirted with an 80% completion percentage while still taking downfield shots. Plus, it’s a priority for Oregon to keep Bo Nix’s name in this conversation, so you know they’re going to run them numbers up.

3) Washington WR Rome Odunze 

Odunze belongs on this list as college football’s best returner and possibly receiver, but you know how this works. It’s a QB award. 

Rome Odunze, so far, has been more of what people thought Marvin Harrison Jr. would be than Marvin Harrison Jr. Don’t shoot the messenger.

2) USC Quarterback Caleb Williams

Caleb Williams “struggled” his way to accounting for five touchdowns against Arizona State. That’s a bad day for him. He’s got the best stable of receivers in the country. He’s possibly the best player there has ever been at making his own pocket while keeping his eyes downfield. And maybe most importantly, he’s college football’s biggest brand. He’s going to be in the conversations even if USC wins less than some of the other quarterbacks in the running.

1) Washington Quarterback Michael Penix Jr.

This man is chasing five thousand yards and 50 touchdowns, and he’s not forcing anything. It’s all happening in the rhythm of the offense. Washington’s defense gets him the ball back, and he just goes to work. It’s the perfect head coach and quarterback combination. But anything worse than 11-1, and voters are going to count him out- even though they shouldn’t.

Let that sink in.

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