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2022 Oscars Discussion, Vol. 1: The Race For Best Picture

Gentlemen, start your engines. We’re on a one-way trip to the 2022 Oscars. Right now, we’re about five months away from the 2022 Oscars, which airs on March 27, 2022. That may seem like a long time away, but the races are starting to take off in each major category. “Oscar movies” will be released […]

Nomadland Oscars

2021 Oscars Discussion, Vol. 8: Who Should Win And Who Will Win?

The long wait is over. We’ve reached the finish line. The 2021 Oscars are finally upon us. It still hasn’t hit me that the 93rd Academy Awards are in late-April this year as opposed to February. The ghost of 2020 is still haunting the world as the film community is rewarding films that came out […]

Promising Young Woman

2021 Oscars Discussion, Vol. 7: Will SAG Awards Alter Oscar Race?

What is “The Big Three?” It’s not LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. The trio I’m referring to is the Golden Globes, SAG Awards, and Oscars. These are the three biggest mainstream awards for films. If a film or actor does well at the Globes and SAGs, then it’s probably going to win an […]

Judas and the black messiah

2021 Oscars Discussion, Vol. 6: Making Sense Of The Golden Globes

The first stop on the road to the Oscars happened last Sunday night at the Golden Globes. Which actors and films picked up crucial victories on the road to the Oscars? How Do The Golden Globes Affect The Oscars? The Golden Globes are so unpredictable that they’ve actually become predictable. What do I mean? Viewers […]

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2021 Oscars Discussion, Vol. 5: The Party Crashers

It’s 2021, which means the eligibility window for the 2021 Oscars closes in less than two months. Both Apple TV+ and Netflix are making late additions to their Oscars’ slate with Cherry and Malcolm & Marie. Cherry And Malcolm & Marie Look To Crash The Party Here come the streaming services. Just when the Oscar […]