Level playing field

Does anyone but me think that 10 hrs a day of steroid talk on TV is ridiculous? These reporters are trying to get to the “bottom” of who was doing steroids and who wasn’t. It’s completely impossible to know who was doing it and who wasn’t over a course of 15-20 years. And it’s completely unfair to crucify those who you know did it when you cannot possibly find out all the people who were using.

Everyone needs to just chalk it up and let it go. The whole truth will NEVER be found so why search for parts. Only a small percentage of players who used get blamed and kept out of the hall of fame where they belong. The playing field was level. The majority were using so it was fair. Records should stand, memories of greatness will remain, nothing should be erased.
I hope we learn from this that what the Bible says is true…what is done in the dark will come to light. And that a blind eye should never be turned to wrong doing while its going on.