2017: Ranking Every NFL Quarterback 1-32

All NFL quarterbacks are not created equal, but we must always determine who is the greatest. All season I kept hearing about this guy and that guy is an elite quarterback. I got so frustrated hearing fans having this discussion without having a clue of what the truth is that I had to provide a definite list for you guys. Since you come to me for truth and honesty, I am obligated to provide an objective and real ranking, free from bias or hate. I broke them down into multiple categories: Elites, Specials, Everybody Else’s, and Young Cats.

The definition of elite: the choice or best of anything considered collectively, as of a group or class of persons, persons of the highest class.
Before you continue, don’t bother getting upset if your quarterback isn’t on the elite list. If he is not on the Elites list, he is NOT elite. Just accept it! There are only 32 starting quarterbacks in the NFL. Even having 5 elites is already 15% of the league. So, if your quarterback is in the 25th percentile, he’s not elite. Elite quarterbacks literally have no holes in their game, and every team without an elite would trade their quarterback for an elite.
*Transparency- I originally put my Elites out on twitter and read as if Rivers and Stafford are elite, they are not.
* I intentionally left Andrew Luck off the NFL QB rankings. He hasn’t played in over a year and only God knows when/if we will see him again.


The Elites are special and usually Hall of Fame caliber quarterbacks. These quarterbacks who give you an opportunity to win no matter how much adversity is thrown their way. They give you a chance to win with a makeshift offensive line, no running back, and no defense. These guys make improbable comebacks look routine. No lead is ever safe when you face one of the Elites. It is no coincidence that the Elites are in the playoffs nearly every year, and are usually preseason Super Bowl contenders.

If you are wondering if your quarterback should be on this list, ask yourself one simple question. Would I trade my quarterback for those guys? The answer is yes you would.
1. Aaron Rodgers– The best quarterback in the NFL. He checks every box. Every team in the NFL would trade their quarterback for him. Even the Patriots. He still has 6+ years of great football left.
2. Tom Brady– At 40, Tom Terrific is still just that, terrific. However, there had been a little decrease in his arm strength and deep play ability lately.
3. Drew Brees– Brees is part of the 70,000 passing yard club, and still lighting it up.
4. Russell Wilson– Russell was in the Specials category until this year. He single-handedly kept Seattle in playoff contention this year without a running back, offensive line, or top-flight defense.
5. Ben Roethlisberger– Just when people start questioning the two-time Super Bowl champion, he reminds doubters he is elite. He threw for 469 yards and 5 TDs in the Steelers playoff loss.


The Specials are the quarterbacks who are significantly above average but don’t quite make the Elite cut. These guys put up big numbers and win a lot of games, but occasionally leave their fan bases wishing for an Elite. They are irreplaceable because the only quarterbacks better than them are elite, and sane people realize Elites just don’t fall out of the sky.
6. Cam Newton– There are only two things keeping Cam out of the Elites category: competition percentage, and 3rd down completion percentage.

7. Phillip Rivers– Rivers is the Karl Malone and Charles Barkley of the NBA. They have no championships because of Michael Jordan.  Rivers has none because of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.
8. Matt Ryan– Matty Ice is a special quarterback. To this point, he has not shown the ability to put the team on his shoulders and carry them to victory. Too often after losses we hear, “he played good enough to win”. Good is not good enough when better is expected.

9. Matthew Stafford– He has been much better since he stopped changing his arm motion on every throw. He simply does not have enough big games to warrant the Elites tag.
10. Kirk Cousins– The future looks very bright for Kirk Cousins. He has all the tools to be an Elite quarterback. He has to get his team into more big games to make the leap into the Elites.

11. Carson Wentz– Wentz is still a young guy and should be in the Young Cats group, but he’s been so phenomenal that he deserves it.

Everybody Else’s

The Everybody Else’s are a very unique category because overall these are solid quarterbacks. Their fan bases have a love/hate relationship with them. They love them but are often frustrated by the peaks and valleys that happen in the NFL. If these guys are surrounded by good defense and a running game they can win it all. Some of the Everybody Else’s are even Super Bowl champions or former Specials. They have fallen down the list because of age, being overrated, or poor play. The rest of them are young guys that no longer fall into the Young Cats category. It is definitely possible and likely that some of these guys may move up to Specials.

12. Alex Smith– Smith will never lose you the game, but he will occasionally win it for you. I always believe he was coached into the “game manager” role.
13. Marcus Mariota– Mariota is too old to be in the Young Cats category. He has definitely shown he has potential to be a Specials or Elites quarterback. If he gets some stability at offensive coordinator he will have an opportunity to show his true potential.

14. Derek Carr- If you owned “Derek Carr is the next best thing” stock, 2017 had to make you consider selling.

15. Joe Flacco– After 10 years in the NFL it is clear, he’s the definition of an average quarterback. I have been screaming since the 2011 season Super Bowl that Flacco wasn’t elite. He has one really good year. He has only thrown over 25 TDs once in his career, and only once under 12 interceptions.

16. Blake Bortles– Blake Bortles and Joe Flacco are the EXACT SAME GUY. The only difference is that Flacco got hot one year and won a Super Bowl. Bortles is younger and definitely has an opportunity to make a run with the Jaguars defense.

17. Jameis Winston– Again… too old to be in the Young Cats category. He has to stop turning the ball over to be a Specials quarterback.
18. Eli Manning– The window is closing on a great career. If he can land with a great defense, he might still have another Super Bowl run left in him.
19. Andy Dalton- The Red Rocket is Alex Smith “lite”.
20. Tyrod Taylor– He is the Black Alex Smith. The best way to describe Taylor is “efficient, not exceptional”. 
21. Case Keenum– Are we supposed to believe 2017 Case Keenum or 2012-16? I know his team is playing in the NFC Championship, but I have 5 seasons that say this season is an outlier.
22. Josh McCown– You have to applaud the job he did with the Jets this year. Everyone expects the Jets to go winless. McCown defied the odds. Can you believe he has been in the NFL for 15 years?

23. Jay Cutler– He was retired…If teams are going to continue to give him $10 million and not care about the results then he should take it.

Young Cats

The Young Cats are just that, Young Cats. There is not a large enough sample size to appropriately rank them with the other guys. The arrow is still up on the majority of these guys, but this is the NFL, inexperience is not a valid excuse for a lack of success for long.
1. Jared Goff– He looked like a bust as a rookie, but he rebounded with a very impressive sophomore campaign.
2. Dak Prescott– He has to be able to win games when Sean Lee and Ezekiel Elliott are out.
3. Deshaun Watson– His last 5 starts were absolutely electric. The arrow is so far up on this guy. I’m scared to put a limit on what category he can ascend to next season. However, he cannot be ranked any higher because the sample size is so small.
4. Jimmy Garoppolo– He’s 5-0 and showed flashes of promise on a bad team. He has a lot of hype surrounding him, can he live up to it.
5. Mitchell Trubisky– He didn’t look terrible. He looked like a rookie on a bad team. Maybe we will see a Jared Goff-like year two.
6. Jacoby Brissett– Talk about a guy in a difficult situation. He showed up in Indianapolis at the start of the season and was thrown to the wolves. I believe he can be a quality player if Luck doesn’t make it back.
7. DeShone Kizer– Just an awful situation. I feel bad for him because the Browns may draft a quarterback in the first round and he may never get a real opportunity to be an NFL starter. 

The Truth and Lies About Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick NFL Truth Lies
By now you’ve probably heard a few lies about why Colin Kaepernick is not on an NFL roster… Good thing you have me to set the record straight!

Lie #1: Kaepernick sucks and can’t play anymore

Whoever says that is either towing the company line or doesn’t look at stats. Either way, they will admit that Kaepernick has not helped his case by not speaking publicly and letting the powers that be control the narrative but facts are facts… Kaepernick is being blackballed. He is not being signed due to cowardice, irrational fear, and hypocrisy. Good thing we have easy access to stats to help figure out which of us is right.
Take a look at his stats… Kaepernick is only 29 years old and ranks 11th in career QB rating among active quarterbacks. He’s ahead of Carson Palmer, Derek Carr, Joe Flacco, Andrew Luck, Eli Manning, Matthew Stafford, Cam Newton, and a bunch of other names you know. He has been to more Super Bowls, NFC championship games than four of the guys I just named.  Coming off injury in 2016, Kaepernick started just 11 games. He threw 16 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions while playing for the 49ers. San Francisco was the team with the least talent in the NFL last season. Kaepernick finished the season with a higher passer rating in 2016 than 13 other starters. If you add in the immense personal and professional pressure he was under, his future looks bright.
Owners, general managers, and coaches regularly tell us they want competition and the best 53 guys on their team. Clearly that’s not true. The numbers speak for themselves. Kaepernick is clearly NFL starter quality, which means he’s absolutely qualified to be a backup. TWENTY-THREE backup quarterbacks have been signed this offseason. NONE of which have the success Kaepernick has. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith, Case Keenum, Matt Schaub, Dan Orlovsky, Blaine Gabbert, Kellen Moore, Matt McGloin… Damn, my fingers are getting tired. Some of these guys have proven to us numerous times they have a hard time throwing more TDs than interceptions, even on good teams. These are the things they usually don’t talk about on TV and radio. General managers have anonymously said he is good enough to be a starter. So why isn’t Kaepernick signed? The same reason they need to be anonymous. FEAR.

Lie #2: Kap is bad guy

Did Colin Kaepernick get a DUI, commit domestic abuse, beat his kid, or violate the league drug policy and I missed it? Nope. Franchises regularly sign domestic abusers, and guys with DUI’s despite the public backlash. What makes Kaepernick so different? His protest made people uncomfortable because it brought up an issue that makes non-brown people uncomfortable: social injustice. The copout is Kaepernick’s protest “disrespected our flag and our military”. I really hope you don’t believe that BS. The United States was founded on protest. The protests against the British government were violent and ultimately caused the American Revolutionary War. Less than 100 years later, the Civil War started over protest of slavery and state’s rights. Our service men and women have fought, sacrificed, and died so we could protest. Kaepernick PEACEFULLY protested yet  – for some reason – is considered un-American. This is hypocritical, cowardly, and rooted in irrational fear.

Lie #3: Our military is offended

Both of my grand fathers served in the military. I have also traveled around the world visiting our servicemen and women. I have a great appreciation for our military. I’ve spoken with numerous servicemen and women who said ‘it doesn’t feel good to see someone kneeling at the National Anthem, but we fight to protect these freedoms for everyone’. If many people in the military can accept Kaepernick standing up for what he feels is right, why can’t you?
It makes me angry when people say Kaepernick “disrespected our flag and our military” because of their hypocrisy. Many of our servicemen and women are homeless, unemployed, and struggling when they retire from active duty. Those same people that condemn Kaepernick for “offending” the military don’t lift a finger to help them. They walk by them daily like trash on the street, but you are worried about Kaepernick’s alleged disrespect. Do something. Call your congressman, volunteer, or raise money before you come at anybody else on your soapbox.

Lie #4: Sports are not for protests

Muhammad Ali and other athletes protested the Vietnam War. In 1968, Tommie Smith and John Carlos protested on the medal stand with a raised fist. In 1980, the U.S. boycotted the Olympics in Moscow in protest of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Billy Jean King and Venus Williams fought for women to get equal pay at Wimbledon… and won. The NBA, MLB, and NFL have all gone on strike. The list goes on and on of successful times, sports has been used for protest.

Lie #5: Kaepernick needs to clean up his image

Maybe if Kaepernick cut his hair he would be signed? What’s wrong with the image of a guy who has never been in trouble, donates millions, does community service, and stands up for the rights of others? His hair?? We appreciate Trump, Hannity, Tapper, and Maddow for standing up for causes they believe in and not wavering through adversity. Why is it such a problem when a black athlete does it, why does he need to be silenced? Shouldn’t we appreciate a person whose opinions can’t be bought, and will stand in the fire and take the bullets for others.
 Ryan Fitzpatrick, Aaron Rodgers, or Andrew Luck hair situation is more palatable for you.
We have to be willing to have these uncomfortable conversations about race and injustice in this country. We know that most police officers are good people trying to do the right thing. We also have to admit that some officers are criminals and they have unjustly murdered American citizens. Those officers/criminals are to blame for dividing our country, not those who stand up and shine a light on the issue.
There’s only ONE reason why Kaepernick is not on an NFL roster: NFL owners are SCARED for ALL of the wrong reasons. I really hope some owner has the balls and courage to do what’s in the best interest of his football team winning games and sign Kaepernick. The owners are terrified that you the fans may get mad about this issue. How about doing something for a change and show them you are pissed Kaepernick hasn’t been signed? Fortune favors the bold.
“The cowards never started and the weak died along the way. That leaves us, ladies and gentlemen. Us.” 

 Phil Knight, Shoe Dog

Start Them or Sit them? Fantasy Football Week 1

Week 1 is the toughest week of Fantasy Football because you never know what type of season guys will have. People would have fought you to draft Chris Johnson last year, but he ended up having a disappointing season. On the other hand Victor Cruz went virtually undrafted but ended up being on of the the league’s top receivers. Good thing you have me to help you out with your Fantasy Football decisions this year. Here are your players to start and sit this week. If you have any pressing questions ask me on twitter.

                  SIT HIM                 
Eli Manning
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Michael Vick
Ben Roethlisberger
Tom Brady
Joe Flacco
Matthew Stafford
Matt Ryan
Cam Newton
Robert Griffin III
Aaron Rodgers
Matt Schaub
Sleeper-Russell Wilson
Chris Johnson
Rashad Jennings
Matt Forte
Cedric Benson
Arian Foster
Rashard Mendenhall
Jamaal Charles
Willis McGahee
Ray Rice
Shonn Greene
Marshawn Lynch
Fred Jackson
Sleeper-Reggie Bush
Calvin Johnson
Mike Wallace
Antonio Brown
Percy Harvin
Wes Welker
Steve Johnson
Jordy Nelson
DeSean Jackson
Torrey Smith
Vincent Jackson
AJ Green
Santonio Holmes
Miles Austin
Brandon Lloyd
Brandon Marshall
Eric Decker
Sleeper-Torrey Smith
Antonio Gates
Jason Witten
Jimmy Graham
Dustin Keller
Rob Gronkowski
Tony Gonzalez
Vernon Davis
Greg Olsen
Fred Davis
Ed Dickson
Aaron Hernandez
Heath Miller
Sleeper- Jared Cook
Stephen Gostkowski
Nick Folk
Jason Hansen
Greg Zuerlien
Matt Prater
Sebastian Janikowski
Robbie Gould
Rian Lindell
Sleeper- Justin Medlock
Sleeper- Vikings

NFL Week 10 WInners/Losers

If you are a fan of the Cowboys, Jaguars, Ravens, Bears, or Jets be prepared to throw your hat on the ground in disgust. Week 10 will be headlined by upsets. Can Ben Roethisberger fend off the young Bengals? You cannot argue against facts, and these are the facts. Leave a comment!

New York Giants vs San Francisco– I am still a huge skeptic of the 49ers. Alex Smith is playing like Trent Dilfer. He is not winning the games, but more importantly, he is not losing it. The 49ers are playing good offense, good defense, and good special teams. When you don’t have an elite QB,you win football games by playing great defense, running the ball, and not turning the ball over. Eli Manning is having what could be his best season. With no Ahmad Bradshaw, the Giants won’t run the ball well against this defense. Eli won’t be able to pass his way out of this pickle. San Francisco is going manage the game to a tee. 49ers

New England vs New York Jets– What is going on with the New England pass defense? They are terrible. What is going on with the Jets run defense? They are terrible? We are so used to seeing Tom Brady playing like there is no defense on the field that we are calling his play bad right now. He is still rated one of the top QBs in the league. He is only a man, he cannot shatter the record books every season. The guy he is facing, Mark Sanchez, is never confused with an elite QB. Even if the Jets allow Sanchez to throw the ball 40 times, he still cannot shred the Patriots defense. The Jets will try to run and control the game, but it won’t happen. The Patriots are going to score early and get a few picks off Sanchez passing to catch up. PATRIOTS

Denver vs Kansas City– The Chiefs pulled to 4-4 and fooled some people with a win over the Chargers. I didn’t fall for it. They only have wins over the Vikings, Colts, Raiders (week after losing Jason Campbell), and Chargers. Last week they showed their true colors against winless Miami. I am rooting for Tim Tebow, but in 3 starts it has been a mixed bag. 2 wins, but less than stellar play at the same time. At the end of the day the NFL is judged in wins. I give you the baby “Tebowing”. BRONCOS

Arizona vs Philadelphia– When this season started, the Cardinals thought the trade for Kevin Kolb would be what they needed to make a playoff run in the NFC West. The Kolb-to-Fitzgerald combo is not producing wins right now. This game will be open season on the Cardinals meager defense. If the Eagles can keep from shooting themselves in the foot with turnovers, they will win going away. The Eagles will still finish 10-6 and make the playoffs. EAGLES

Pittsburgh vs Cincinnati– When the season started no one could have predicted this game would actually have playoff implications. Cincinnati has piled up wins due to a favorable schedule and great play. Now in the home stretch of the season it’s time to play the big boys. It’s put up or shut up time for the Bengals. The AFC North is a tough division headlined by the Ravens and Steelers. Pittsburgh just came off a heartbreaking loss against the Ravens and looks to rebound against the new look Bengals. This game has upset written all over it. I will say, in big games the Steelers have done the exact opposite of my prediction. So… BENGALS

New Orleans vs Atlanta– This is another huge divisional game this week. Barring injury to their quarterback, the winner of this game will win the NFC South. Drew Brees has to stop throwing the other team the ball. Matt Ryan has to win a big game against an elite QB. The Saints have a couple players out on defense so the Falcons should run the ball pretty well. FALCONS

St. Louis vs Cleveland– This is the game we have all been waiting for all season… not so much. This game will come down to playmakers. Cleveland has virtually NO offense playmakers except Joe Thomas. Unfortunately for the Browns he plays left tackle. St. Louis on the other hand has a few at running back and receiver. RAMS

Buffalo vs Dallas– The Bills ruined a golden opportunity last week against against the Jets to prove they were for real. Buffalo still has 9-7 written all over them, but are a good team. Fitzpatrick has to play better for them to continue to win. The Cowboys are schizophrenic. They are good and terrible at the same time. In the first half they look like Super Bowl contenders, but in the second they look like the team that is going to miss the playoffs. The up and down trend will continue this week. BILLS

Jacksonville vs Indianapolis– What a difference Peyton Manning 

makes. 3 years ago, this game was critical in deciding who would win the AFC South. 1 year ago, this game was critical to the Colts getting a first round playoff bye. This year, this game is critical in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. The Colts pass rush is going to give young Blaine Gabbert all he can handle. If the Jaguars can’t get Maurice Jones-Drew going the Colts are actually going to look like a good team and ruin their perfect season. COLTS

Detroit vs Chicago– The Lions march into soldier field to further prove they are ready to take the next step and make the playoffs. Detroit’s offense has been inconsistent all season. To make the playoffs and actually win a game, they have to be consistent. The best thing Chicago has going is their defense. Jay Cutler is inconsistent and erratic. He has played too many good games in a row. A disaster is on its way. LIONS

Tennessee vs Carolina– Cam Cam Cam. Cam Newton has shown up in impressive fashion every week this season. Sunday will be no different. If Chris Johnson gets off the bus with his game face on, this game could be full of big plays and superstars. Matt Hasselbeck is playing at a high level, but without Kenny Britt their passing game has lacked a go-to receiver. If Chris Johnson shows up, Titans win. If not, the Carolina Cams will win. TITANS

Houston vs Tampa Bay– Last year, the Bucs ran the football to a 10-6 record , and Josh Freeman looked like the next best thing. This year Freeman looks like he ate the same thing Phillip Rivers did. He just does not look like the same guy. On the other hand, Matt Shaub looks like Matt Shaub, one of the leagues better quarterbacks. Arian Foster is running wild on the league again. No Andre Johnson, No problem. TEXANS

Baltimore vs Seattle– Good news Ravens fans… You are coming off two consecutive emotional comeback wins. Bad News… This week they face the Seahawks in Seattle. Every time I look at this game I see Baltimore vs Jacksonville on Monday night. Upset. SEAHAWKS

Washington vs Miami– Washington has dropped 4 straight. With no running back or quarterback the Redskins are on a paved road to nowhere. Reggie Bush was a couple yards away from his second consecutive and third career 100 yard game. He should get 100 yards this week and Miami pull out back to back wins. MIAMI

Minnesota vs Green Bay– The best team in the NFC North and best team in the NFL faces the worst team in their division. Guess who is going to win this one? PACKERS

NFL Week 8 Facts

Finally, we are here, at the meat and potatoes of the NFL season. This is the point in the season where the cream rises to the top, and the rest fall by the wayside. In the first few weeks of the season, the standings are muddy. All the teams are separated by only a game or so. Now you will see glaring differences between contenders and pretenders. There is a lot of football left. I will let you in on the key match ups to watch out for, and players who will have a direct impact on the playoff picture. If everything about your team or favorite players is not flattering, don’t be mad at me. Facts are Facts. Leave your comments below.

New England vs Pittsburgh– The game of the day! This game will rest on the shoulders of both teams defense. There have been serious questions raised about both defenses. The much maligned New England run defense will get a test this week when they visit the steel city. Old, long toothed, aging, and gray haired are just a few of the adjectives used to describe the Steelers defense. The Patriots defense showed up tough at the end of the Cowboys game, so I know they can play D when they need to. Since their week 1 shellacking by the Ravens, the Pittsburgh defense has ranked 3rd in the NFL. They are giving up 107 yards per game on the ground which is not typical, but the Patriots are not exactly rushing juggernauts. The Steelers defense is great but the Patriots have the great equalizer… Tom Brady! I’m excited to watch this game, but I think we will see a rematch in the AFC Championship game. PATRIOTS
Dallas vs Philadelphia– Big rivalry games in college football have nicknames. Dallas vs Philly. The Individuals were supposed to become a team and make the playoffs! Asante Samuel is making me doubt everything I said. There is an obvious fracture between him and the front office and coaches. I’m afraid his issues will spill into the locker room and destroy my prediction of the Eagles being the first 1-4 team to make the playoffs. I have Dallas missing the playoffs this year and Eagles making it, but who knows now. I will not pick the winner of this game, but I will say, whoever wins this game will make the playoffs. Since I didn’t pick a winner, I gave you a Cowgirl instead!

New Orleans vs St. Louis– Sean Payton will be coaching from the booth but don’t expect this game to be a repeat to Jaguars/Ravens on Monday Night. The Saints will cruise to victory. Which player playing in this game has 45 rec 674 yards 5 TD? I’ll wait… Tight End Jimmie Graham. SAINTS

Detroit vs Denver– I wish these two teams weren’t playing this week. I have been very vocal on my twitter about being a Tebow supporter. I also said that Detroit Dougies were in for a reality check after all that dancing on Monday Night Football. The Dougies dropped two games in a row, and I think they rebound this week. So if Detroit wins, I’m right, but Tebow loses. Ugh! If Stafford plays… Detroit wins. DETROIT
Minnesota vs Carolina– Cam…Cam…Cam! I did not expect this at all. The Panthers have had an opportunity to win every game this year. In the preseason, it looked like Cam would lean on his tight ends more and his receivers could struggle. Wrong! Newton is throwing for a lot of yards, and Steve Smith is on pace for a career year. Reality is, for now, Cam is a rookie and middle of the road passer.  He has only 8 touchdowns vs 9 ints, but to his credit, he is 2nd in the league in rushing touchdowns. With the exception of Adrian Peterson, where are the running backs who got paid this year (i.e. Chris Johnson, Deangelo Williams)? 
I’m really excited about this game, Christian Ponder vs Cam Cam Cam. Neither team will make the playoffs this year, but there is hope for the future in both places. I will watch this game and won’t care who wins because I know I’m in for some excitement from Cam, Peterson, and Harvin. Superman is in the building! PANTHERS

San Diego vs Kansas City– This a battle between one of the most explosive offenses in the league vs one of the NFL’s worst. The Chiefs had the potential to be a very explosive offense, but the loss of speedy running back Jamaal Charles and tight end Tony Moleaki have put a dent in the Chiefs offense. With wins over the Vikings, Colts, and the blowout of Oakland last week, 3-3 KC is very deceiving. San Diego already beat KC in week 3, but neither team had any outstanding performances. Fantasy owners: Vincent Jackson, Phillip Rivers, and Dwayne Bowe will produce this week. CHARGERS

Indianapolis vs Tennessee– I can only give you one good reason to watch this game: Chris Johnson. He has to get going soon… right? This could be the game. Johnson is on pace to rush for a whopping 716 yards on the ENTIRE season. This is why he is not on the top running back list right now. Back to the game. If tennessee hass any chance to win the division and make the playoffs, this is a must win. The Titans were looking good before Kenny Britt got hurt. They are now playoff pretenders. Indy is in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes vs Miami, but this is a game they could accidentally win. TITANS?

Jacksonville vs Houston– Andre Johnson may play against the Jags. Fantasy owners wait to start him until next week even if he does play. Jacksonville played their best game of the season against the dismal Ravens offense. Even though the Jags have a good defense, expect either Matt Shaub or Arian Foster to have a big game. The Jaguars have a really good defense, but the Texans offense will be too much. The Texans will have the inside track to the playoffs in the AFC South after a win Sunday. TEXANS
Arizona vs Baltimore– This is the perfect game for the Ravens to bring their offense back to life. Expect Ray Rice to have a big game vs the Cardinals 26th ranked defense. Larry Fitzgerald got the QB he wanted, the contract he wanted, but did not get the results he wanted. With no real running game, and no #2 receiver, the Cardinals are not looking good this season. Hopefully they draft well. With all that said, I’m not sold on Joe Flacco as an elite NFL QB. If the Cardinals can get a couple turnovers and Kolb can have a good game vs Haloti Ngata (Go Ducks) and company, this could be another shocker. RAVENS

Good News Seattle, you have one of the toughest stadiums for opposing teams in the league. The 12 man is serious. After a 6-3 “shoot out” loss to the Browns, this seems like exactly what you need to get a win. Bad News, Seattle does not have a quarterback. Last week, your running back Marshawn Lynch didn’t even make it out of warmups. Cincinnati is a young team with a nice schedule that could end up 10-6 with a wildcard spot. Yes I said it… but don’t quote me just yet. Expect AJ Green, Andy Dalton, and Gresham to all have a nice game. CINCINNATI 
Remember planking? New trend! #Tebowing
Miami vs New York Giants– Ill watch the highlights. GIANTS
Washington vs Buffalo– For some reason, I do not believe in the Bills yet (Don’t be mad at me Drayton). Buffalo has 9-7 written all over them. Compared to the recent past, that is a drastic improvement and fans should be proud. The Redskins look a mess. Quarterback issues, runningback issues, and injuries are piling up. BUFFALO
Cleveland vs San Francisco– With the combination of being in the NFC West and a schedule like this, it would take a major meltdown for the 49ers to miss the playoffs. 49ers