Chip Kelly New Eagles Head Coach: Biggest Winners and Losers

This morning it was announced and confirmed the Oregon Ducks head coach Chip Kelly would be the new Philadelphia Eagles head coach. The news was very surprising being that he announced he was staying with the Ducks less than two weeks ago. Kelly is leaving Eugene, Oregon after piling up a very impressive 46-7 record in his 4 seasons as Oregon’s head coach. He also led the Ducks to a record tying 4 consecutive BCS appearances. Kelly now inherits an Eagles team that is low on confidence and hope, but has an abundance of weapons. The Eagles team quit on their 2012 season. Philadelphia fans should be happy with the effort and execution they get from their team in the 2013 season. Expect a new high powered offense and a shift in power in the NFC East. Now to the important part. The biggest winners and losers of the Chip Kelly hire:

Nick Foles: Loser with Winning Potential

This is the obvious choice, but don’t count Foles out just yet. With Vick out this season, Foles proved he can be a quality starting quarterback in the NFL. Chip Kelly is big on competition and playing the best player. So there could be an open quarterback competition, even with Vick’s $15.5 million 2013 salary. If Foles ends up behind center except a Kelly to run a system very similar to that of Bill Belichick in New England. Before you say, “Yea, but Nick Foles is no Tom Brady”, remember nobody could have imagined Brady would be good before Bledsoe got hurt.

Eagles offensive line: Loser… No place to go but up though

This much maligned group was mediocre at best this season. Michael Vick took the lions share of the blame for the Eagles terrible season. But when Foles got in and was running for his life just the same, it was evident the Eagles had a much bigger problem of their hands. Chip Kelly likes to his lineman to do more moving than usual so he needs lineman who are athletic and can run. So guys like King Dunlap, and Dennis Kelly could end up back on the bench or out the door.

Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants: Losers

This season the Giants and Cowboys did not have an answer for RGIII. With the success of the fast break offense in the NFL, it is safe to assume the innovator of the fast break offense will also be successful. Last offseason Bill Belichick spent time learning from Chip Kelly. Now we see a significant difference in the Patriots. When you add Kelly to the Eagles weapons, you end up with a problem for the NFC East. The Giants vaunted pass rush was pedestrian this season, and Eli was back to his mortal self. With the Redskins and Eagles poised to be much better, the immediate future is bleak. “America’s Team” instantly fell to the fighting with the Giants for the 3rd spot in the NFC East. Expect some sort of reaction in free agency by Jerry Jones. Sorry Cowboys fans, but you will not make the playoffs or the Super Bowl next sea on either.

Jeremy Maclin/DeSean Jackson: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

This could be the fastest wide receiver duo in the NFL. In 2010, you saw the Eagles wideouts as the most dynamic and duo in the NFL. The last 2 season these two guys have been like Ferrari’s driving in New York rush hour traffic in winter time, worthless. Expect a resurgence of the big play in Philadelphia in 2013. No team in college football scored more points in less time than Chip Kelly’s Ducks. The majority of the success was due to the ability to run the football. As soon as the Eagles can run the ball effectively again with McCoy, you will see the DeSean Jackson backpedaling into the end zone again.

Michael Vick: Winner… Maybe a loser though

Just when it looked like the Eagles would be giving Michael Vick his walking papers, Chip Kelly walks in the door. The Michael Vick era has been nothing short of a catastrophic disappointment since the ink dried on his $100 million deal. Based on the offense Chip Kelly ran at Oregon it would be very hard to imagine Vick not being an Eagle next season. Kelly’s offense has featured a quarterback who can run the football. Barring a change in philosophy, who would be a better fit for his system than Vick? The biggest question is: Will Kelly be able to turn Vick into the player we expected to see after the 2010 season?

LeSean McCoy: Big Winner

McCoy is a scat back that catches well, but also run between the tackles. He followed up his All-Pro 1,300 yard, 17TD season with an 800 yard, 2TD campaign. Chip Kelly’s running backs at Oregon have averaged over 1,600 yards per season. How big do you think the smile is on McCoy’s face is right now? Expect McCoy to put up some Marshall Faulk like numbers over the next few season.

Oregon Ducks Moral: Loser… Temporarily

The Oregon Ducks Football program should remain intact as a national championship contender every year. However, nobody like uncertainty. Questions are arising amongst the Oregon faithful. Who will be the next head coach? Will the assistant coaches leave? Will our recruits decommit? Will we have a shot at the National Championship in 2013?

Although there is a lot of uncertainty around the Oregon program expect order to be restored pretty quickly. Many people were uncertain about Chip Kelly taking over for a very successful Mike Bellotti, but that worked out very well. The program has enjoyed a continued assent over the last 18 years, there is no reason to think things will change under the new head coach. The new head coach is expected to be offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich, so there won’t be a change in style of play.

Eagles Fans: Biggest Winner

After 2 years of disappointment, Philadelphia fans have hope. The team that was coined the “Dream Team” ended up more like the “Scream Team”. Congratulations Eagles fans. You have a winner and an offensive juggernaut.

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    You have to think the Eagles will be a much better run team next year, and with McCoy, Vick, Brown, and Jackson/Maclin could be crazy good. But I can also see Chip tayloring his offense around Foles if he believes that would work better. CK has made great personnel decisions at Oregon. One thing is for sure, you won't want to miss an Eagles game this year!

    As for Oregon, I think us Ducks will carry on just fine. And maybe, just maybe, it will finally put to rest the annoying complacency and sense of entitlement that seems to be infecting a growing population of my beloved fan base.

    What Chip did is unbelievable and took Oregon to another level. Fans like me grew up wanting this kind of success and national respect for our team and now we have it.

    We need to be proud of the past success but can not lose sight of what got us there: Dedicated coaches, great players, top facilities, and the best and LOUDEST fans in all of college sports! Go Ducks and good luck to Chip!

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