Football Season x2

Ladies, Gentleman, Boys, and Girls it’s that time of year again, tailgates, face painting, flag flying, chest bumping, and end zone celebrations. Yes, it’s the start of the UFL 2010 season… Wait, what??? You mean the NFL right? No, I mean the UFL (United Football League). No it’s not arena football, no it’s not played in Canada and no you don’t need a passport to go to Europe to see it. It’s played right here in the States, with the same rules as the NFL & most importantly it has NFL caliber players. Many of which have had NFL careers and are trying to restart their career after injury or hoping for a rebirth and a fresh start in the UFL.

You may have heard of Jeff Garcia (4 time pro-bowler), Daunte Culpepper (3 time pro-bowler), or even Head Coaches Jim Fassel & Dennis Green, two coaches that have respectively won 177 NFL games as head coaches in the NFL.

Last year was the inaugural season for the UFL that featured 4 teams. This year the League has added 1 more team. The league consists of the Florida Tuskers, Hartford Colonials, Las Vegas Locos (defending champions), Sacramento Mountain Lions, and the newest kids on the block the Omaha Nighthawks.

The UFL is not just a bunch of ragga-muffin players, has-beens and draft busts. It’s a league that has quality talent. Over 40 UFL players have signed with NFL teams in just one season of play and this year it’s looking like even more will take that leap. The UFL prides itself on putting out a great product for the fans. The teams are becoming heavily involved in local communities and games are a great family atmosphere. So in the words of my boys T.O. & OchoCinco “Get your popcorn ready & Kiss the Baby” this season is going to be great!!

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